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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat...feel free to email me some candy

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I cry...

It has been said by someone in my life that I cry at things that are not normal. As a psychology student I rationalize that there is no set criteria for normalcy when it comes to crying. My tears come from the very core of my heart. What may move me to tears may not move you and that’s okay.

I cry when I am angry, frustrated beyond all reason at the pain in this world. I cry when I can not swallow my anger or bear the sorrow any longer. I cry because of everyone's need to be right, never being able to admit defeat gracefully and let shit go. Despite what you may think I'm not crying for me. I'm crying for you. For those who sit in judgement of me. I cry because I realize you are a product of your upbringing, just as I am a product of mine.

The reason I can cry is because I have known nothing but love, good fortune and security in my life. I can cry because as a child I was allowed to grow, to learn, to express myself freely and to have respect for all that is different from what I know. To respect even you. I can cry because my life has not allowed my soul to become desensitized to the injustices of the world. I do not mask my hate behind the word of God. I can cry because I realize that my world extends beyond my mirror and my personal problems, I am part of a greater universe, a diverse universe, a universe you refuse to see, you refuse to accept.

I cry because of atrocities committed in the name of religion. I cry for a jihad on teenage girls I cry for the loss of their young lives. For loves that will never be, all because of hate and ignorance. I cry because just when I am about to lose my faith in humanity something like The Basilica Church Vigil in Egypt causes me to regain my faith and realize that there is still hope for us all.

Mostly I cry because your psyche and heart have been hardened and you view crying as a weakness,I cry because you can’t.

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    An unwanted pregnancy in the family...

    Something strange is going on in my house. The animals are taking that “be fruitful and multiply” crap to heart. Kane’s been in heat all week long. My dad was supposed to get him fixed during the Thanksgiving holiday but for now he is on full bellaco (horny) mode. It’s a struggle keeping him away from Cleo. My brother’s iguana Yoshi looks like it’s getting ready to lay some eggs, and in what has proven to be the shocker of the year we’re the beneficiaries of Immaculate Conception!

    Na not really…. A few months back with her mother’s consent I bought a guinea pig as a gift for my cousin. I was told by the clerk at Pet Co that it was a girl. My little cousin didn’t take care of it so Nora left him at my house while she was in Egypt and never came back for him. The problem was that while Nora was in Egypt a friend of mine gave me a female guinea pig, we named it Gizmo. I took it as a pet for my dog because Cleo was getting really attached to Stripe and I thought aunt Nora was going to take him back home when she returned from her trip. The guinea pig fulfills some maternal instinct in Cleo she treats it as if it were her baby, she’s never had puppies.

    Last night I was cleaning out the guinea pig cage and noticed that Gizmo had put on some serious weight. I showed her to my mom and my mom says, “I think Cleo’s going to be a grandma. That guinea pig looks like it’s knocked up. Either that or it’s having some thyroid problems.”

    What?!!! Gizmo knocked up? How the hell? They’re both females! The guy at Pet Co told me that Stripe is a girl!! She can’t be pregnant! The last time something like this happened in history; three wise men came from the east bearing gifts for a babe wrapped in swaddling clothing lying in a manger. I start to suspect the guy at Pet Co was full of hamster pellets. I mean I thought those people at Pet Co knew what they were talking about. I’ve seen the commercial of the guy rolling around Pet Co inside a giant hamster ball. I thought these guys were educated!!!

    Not believing what I am seeing I flip Gizmo over and then rush over to the cage and take Stripe out. I flip him over too…I am now staring at guinea pig genitalia. Oh my God this is what my life has been reduced to …I’m actually staring at guinea pig genitals and making comparisons. Wait a minute, WTF is that?! Gizmo doesn’t have that…oh my freaking frankincense and myrrh they’ve got different hoo hoo’s ! Their genitalia is interlockable! Stripe is a dude!!

    So now I’m left to do research on guinea pigs birthing habits cause like Prissy in Gone With the Wind, “I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' babies.”


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    Sunday, October 30, 2005

    Why: an editorial cartoon by Mike Luckovich

    Click on photo to see cartoon full size

    On Wednesday October 26th Mike Luckovich published a heart wrenching, conscious tugging editorial cartoon, In it he hand wrote the name of every American soldier killed in Iraq. Together, the 2,000 names spell out the question: WHY?

    When asked to explain his drawing Luckovich said, "I was trying to think of a way to make the point that this whole war is such a waste. But I also wanted to honor the troops I believe our government wrongly sent to Iraq."

    I think that’s the majority of the sentiment among the American people well at least those that I know. We honor our troops yet despise the war they were sent to fight, unlike the 60’s when people didn’t differentiate between soldiers doing their jobs and the war.


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    Staff Sgt. George T. Alexander Jr. is the name of the 2000th

    Staff Sgt. George T. Alexander Jr. is the name of the 2000th American soldier to die as a result of the was in Iraq. He was 34 years old and the father of 2 children. Alexander's wife, Fina, said in a story in Wednesday's Killeen Daily Herald that an Army official praised her husband's efforts to save others when the bomb went off, saying that he attempted to remove all of his soldiers from the vehicle and secured the site - "saving a number of his soldiers' lives in exchange of his own." Even as chemical burns from the explosive device peeled away his skin he thought to save others. Amazing the selflessness of some people.

    His mother Annie Mae Spence was at his side as he shed his mortal coil. The doctors had placed him on his stomach because sixty five percent of his body was covered with third degree burns. “I was rubbing his back, and I was singing," Spence recalled. At the bedside of her dying son, she sang him his favorite gospel hymn, "The Battle is Not Yours, It's the Lord's." she sensed the ending of his life was near and leaned in close to him. “George, if you are tired, you can close your eyes. I'm here for you." "He took his last breath," she said softly, closing her own eyes. "It was peaceful."

    She was asked for her reaction to President Bush's comments that the best way to honor the war dead is to complete the mission. "I think it was a useless war. It's a waste of taxpayer money," she said. "They didn't find any weapons of mass destruction." Polls indicate that the majority of Americans feel the same way she does. I know I do. As of yet, the American public hasn't been given a clear and compelling reason for the US attack and occupation of Iraq. So far we’ve been given something like 9 reasons the latest one coming last week on NBC’s Meet the Press. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice claimed that rebuilding the entire Middle East has been the Bush Administration's mission ever since 9/11.

    I thought it was about weapons of mass destruction then it was about fighting terrorism even though Hussein had nothing to do with the attacks on my city. WTF? Which one is it… please pick a reason and stick to it.
    I know I am politically naïve I rarely write about politics because so many other blogs do it so much better it’s their thing. But if I recall correctly “rebuilding the entire Middle East post 9 /11” wasn’t what Congress voted for in the resolutions authorizing the use of force in Afghanistan or Iraq. “rebuilding the entire Middle East post 9 /11” is not what the American people were led to belive was our goal. Bush the Younger’s Administration is doing yet another 'bait and switch,' because Congress and the American people would never have supported an open-ended mission to remake the entire Middle East if Bush The Younger had said this was his goal from the beginning.

    Bush the Younger and his funky fresh crew want to rebuild the Middle East… hello Mr., President, how about we rebuild over here first. We had this little ol’ hurricane called Katrina basically destroy NOLA not to mention the ones that followed her …we’re up to a record breaking 13 now… can we worry about our own first?
    Oh yeah and while we’re at it. I don’t appreciate the amount of military recruiters parking their butts in my little brother’s high school all day. Handing out freebies, and trying to entice the seniors into joining the military. My message to Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice is this : If you won't send your daughters or nieces and nephews to Iraq, then leave my brother and his friends alone!! If you have so much confidence in this war send one of the twins in they’re not really doing anything special at the moment. Tomorrow yet another one of my cousins leaves for Iraq. Right now I have 5 relatives out there and Bush has none. My family was never in favor of this war yet they are out there under Bush the Younger orders…when is he going to send one of his relatives?


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    Saturday, October 29, 2005

    Daylight savings time...explain it to me please

    Per annual tradition my dad will run around the house tonight before he goes to bed and set all the clocks back an hour. Per annual tradition thanks to this little gimmick of Daylight savings time one the kids in the house will violate their curfew and using the excuse of Daylight savings time will get away with it! They will also stop by my room and thank me for teaching them that little trick; and in what has become another annual tradition I will make up tomorrow confused as all hell.

    It’s that time of year again the last Sunday in October the time of year when we change our clocks back an hour. Let’s see if I got this right fall..back…spring..forward… yeah I think I’ve got it right. Ever since I was a kid this whole daylight savings time crap has confused the heck out of me. Every now and then someone tries to explain it to me and it comes out one ear and out the other.
    They point out the following about daylight savings time:
    •It saves energy. When we're awake, we're more likely to use more electricity etc. By shifting the hours we're likely to be awake to correspond with the daylight outside, we're less likely to have the lights on, so we use less electricity.

    •It saves lives. When people's waking hours correspond with daylight hours, they're safer. Traffic accidents are less likely to happen when you’re supposed to be sleeping.

    •It cuts down on crime. Crime tends to happen after dark. As is the case with accidents, people are less likely to fall victim to crime when their waking hours are synched up with the sun.

    Even after all of this is explained to me when my eyes are still glazed over they hit me with the ultimate logic! “Hey you’re getting an hour extra of sleep!” I do? I am ? How you figure? There’s still only 24 hrs per day unless the government has an extra hour it keeps on the downlow and the public doesn’t know anything about it. According to my body I’m still sleeping the same amount ,no difference to me… It’s not that I’m dumb. I mean I do understand what’s being explained to me… but that side of me that still likes to sleep with my nightlight on and my stuffed pink elephant at the foot of my bed goes," eh?!" at the mention of daylight savings time. It makes no sense to me.

    I’m with Canadian novelist Robertson Davies, “I don't really care how time is reckoned so long as there is some agreement about it, but I object to being told that I am saving daylight when my reason tells me that I am doing nothing of the kind.... At the back of the Daylight Saving scheme I detect the bony, blue-fingered hand of Puritanism, eager to push people into bed earlier, and get them up earlier, to make them healthy, wealthy and wise in spite of themselves.”
    The thing is that most of the United States and many other countries take part in the twice-yearly clock-adjusting ritual, notice I said most not all. I wonder if those countries and states that don’t participate in daylight savings are less safer, and do they use more energy than those of us who do take part in daylight savings? This enquiring mind wants to know. So if anyone out there in bloglandia would care to explain it to me please do. Oh and when it comes to something like this visual aids would be helpful.. I suggest sock puppets they’ve always been my favorites.


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    Friday, October 28, 2005

    Rosa Parks to lay in state at Capitol...

    On Sunday, October 30th Rosa Parks becomes the first woman to lie in honor in the vast circular room under the Capitol dome. She is joining the ranks of a select few that have included Henry Clay in 1852. Those honored include Abraham Lincoln, Gen. John Pershing, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey and unknown soldiers from the world wars, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The most recent was President Reagan in June last year.
    The House agreed by voice vote Friday that the body of Parks will lie in honor in the Rotunda on Sunday and Monday "so that the citizens of the United States may pay their last respects to this great American." The Senate approved the resolution Thursday night.
    Congress has authorized this rite only 29 times. Today I am at peace with my government they did the honorable thing.


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    God's making pancakes...

    New York’s been smelling kind of sweet since yesterday. There’s an aroma enveloping all of Manhattan and parts of The Bronx. It’s described it as smelling like maple syrup. The NYPD, the City Office of Emergency Management, the City Department of Environmental Protection, even the Coast Guard investigated. The air was tested, but nothing sinster was found and the search for the source continues.

    Wanna know my theory? God’s been making pancakes. Surely the angels in heaven must appreciate a nice stack of fluffy pancakes with a pat of butter and some maple syrup poured over them now and then.

    Story Link:
    Maple Syrup anyone?


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    Out the closet...

    In the past two days two famous people have come out the closet one is the dude who played Mr.Sulu on Star Trek, and the other is woman’s basketball player and Olympic champion Sheryl Swoopes. I’m happy for them, may they live their lives in peace and happiness.I can’t even imagine having to live my life in such secrecy afraid of being discovered or shouted out.

    I’ve got a lot of gay friends that I’ve know since HS, a couple of them lived in the closet. I remember how miserable they were. One of them a girl finally came out last year and all hell has busted loose. Her family (they are devout Christians) is up in arms. Her aunt keeps text messaging her on her cell phone and leaving her religious messages. She seems to think if my friend comes back to the church she can be purged of her “gayness”.

    Until recently my friend attended church several times a week. Once she let on to a few of her church buddies that she was gay things started changing. She was relieved of her drummer’s position in the church band. The pastor started preaching against homosexuality at least once a week looking dead at my friend. She finally broke with the church and came out to her family, we her friends had known she was gay in HS but she came out to us in college. Now she‘s out to everyone. I see the difference in her life, now she seems at peace and confident. Not like before when all she did was sit home and contemplate suicide. She is free now and she is happy her family just has to learn to deal with it. The problem is that now I can’t get the Diana Ross song out of my head, “ I ‘m coming out I want the world to know… got to let it show.. I’m cominggggg”

    I dedicate the following song to all of those taking their first steps out of the closet…baby steps, my friends’, baby steps…

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    Story Links: George Takei aka Mr. Sulu comes out the closet
    Sheryl Swoopes comes out the closet


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    Thursday, October 27, 2005

    Old School is new school...

    My little bro kills me. At the age of 16 he is now discovering “old school” music and tries to share it with me. For him old school is new school and right now he's just discovering the music I grew up with. The look on his face when ever I tell him that I know the song is priceless. He’s beginning to think of me as a musical encyclopedia. Right now this is the tune he’s been running, “Pump up the Volume” by Eric B. and Rakim. It took me back to being a little Mia when my parents would have parties and my mom would take over the turn tables. He saw a picture recently of mom at her tables surrounded by all her equipment and he was totally amazed. He never knew about her past life. I’d thought I’d share the song with you…maybe it will bring back some memories or be a new jam for those who never heard it before… either way it’s a good thing… Enjoy!

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    Bratty kids...

    I was watching TV the other night and I saw a blurb about a show involving some nanny. She goes into peoples homes and like Mary Poppins tames their little spawns of Satan.
    Here’s the thing though in this blurb I saw; the little girl is yelling, hitting and spitting at the nanny. At one point the little hellion climbs over a table to rake her little demonic claws across the nanny’s forearm. Maybe it was me but at that point I’m thinking this kid is beyond the help of the nanny she needs a young priest, an old priest, and a gallon of holy water.

    I’m a very patient person when it comes to kids but even I at the point would have told the camera man to stop the cameras so I could’ve flucked that kid up. Maybe even taken her to the park and stuck my foot out a few times as she ran by me causing her to bust her ass.

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve noticed that the new generations of kids are off the hook.  They get away with things that if I had even attempted as a child I wouldn’t be alive to write this blog today. For example when I was a kid and my mom would take our tribe out we knew how to behave. If we went to a person’s home, we sat down and didn’t move from our spots unless my mom gave permission.  We could be thirsty and hungry as all hell but when offered something to drink or eat we’d say no unless my mom said it was okay.  If we ate dinner at someone’s house after dinner we’d help clear the table and wash the dishes.   We may have not done that at home unless it was our dish night; but we weren’t at home were we? If we went shopping we didn’t stray from my mother’s side, acting like inmates let out of an asylum. We knew how to act in public.  This all came to mind the other day when my mom nipped what look like was going to be a routine of our neighbor’s in the bud.

    We have a new family on our floor, well they’ve been in our complex for over 30 years but they’ve just been transferred to our floor. This family has always been known for their terrible kids. The thing is now the terrible kids have spawned a new generation of kids that make the parents look like angels. The other day said anti-Christ’s are running up and down the hallways bouncing basketballs against the neighbors’ doors, screaming like banshees.  They kept running by my door hitting it with the ball and sometimes kicking it, this would make my dog go crazy. My mom opens the door…. She sees the hallway strewn with toys and an open toy chest. Our neighbor‘s door is open a whole bunch of little kids spilling out of it. Christian rock music blasting, and a few of the kids jumping up and down as if they were in a Jesus mosh pit.

    Mom: Yo, yo! What the heck are you doing?

    Kid : We’re playing!

    Mom: Who keeps hitting my door? You know there’s a playground downstairs. Where’s your mother?

    Kid: Inside, she’s talking to her friends.

    Mom: Please ask her to come outside sweetie.

    The kid’s mother heard my mom and stepped out of her apartment.

    Kids Mom: What is it?

    Mom: Look your kids keep hitting my door bouncing the ball off the wall and it’s driving my dog nuts.

    Kid’s mom: And how is that my problem? I pay rent here my kids can play. I got a lease.

    Mom:  Oh crud we’re going to have to do this the hard way aren’t we? Well ummm as far as I know you pay rent for your apartment you’re not actually renting the hallway.  This has always been a quiet and clean floor until you moved up here. Last month I had to talk to you about your kids eating and throwing their chicken bones on the floor out here. About you  putting out your garbage in front of the door when the compactor is a few feet away from your door. Then I had to talk to you about actually throwing the garbage down the compactor and not leaving it on the floor of the compactor room. We don’t need this crap. Come on man we all live here together we should be able to respect some rules.  We have a playground downstairs for a reason.

    Kid’s mom: Yeah whatever Maggie. Okay kids don’t bounce the ball near her door stay here in this section in front of my door. Shit this is my apartment I pay rent here.  Look Maggie I can keep my door open if I want and if the kids want to play here they can.

    Mom: Don’t whatever me!  I’m speaking to you in a respectful manner, don’t try to cross the line with me girl. It is not going to go down good for you if you try to play yourself again, and actually your kids can not play in the hallway. Read the rider on your lease.

    The kid’s mom just stared at my mother as if she were speaking a foreign language.

    Mom:  You know what? Forget it, you’re absolutely right. You do pay rent and if you want to keep your door open and let your kids play in the hallway it’s your right. But that means I have the same right, correct? Never mind that it’s disturbing to the neighbors.

    Kid’s mom: You can do whatever you want I don’t give a fuck

    Mom: Hmmm okay cool. I got ya.  Do me a favor and tell your kids to stop hitting my door with their ball and to stop using my door as base in their tag game.

    Mom closes our door and waits… she knows that in a few minutes it’s all going to start up again.  I should mention at this point that we have a dog. He is a red nosed pit bull who standing on his hind legs is about 4ft 9; tall. He also weighs in at over 100 lbs. he’s a gentle giant he loves kids.  When people first meet him they are intimidated by his size and breed but once they get to know him they realize how gentle he is and lose their fear of him. When my cousin was younger he’d climb on Kane’s back like horse and Kane would ride him all over the house. The thing with Kane is he doesn’t own a mirror so he has no idea how big he is. In his mind he is a tea cup yorkie.  So keep that in mind he’s an intimidating dog but he’s really a gentle mush.

    The kids start up again once again our door is being used as base. A few times they slam their little bodies into our door.  All of a sudden my mom opens the door holding on to Kane’s   harness so he won’t get out. She calls out to the kids’ mother, she comes out looking annoyed.

    Kid’s mom: What is it now?

    Mom: Your kids… you need to do something with them. They’re doing it again.

    Kid’s mom: What you want me to do? Like I said they’re playing, get over it.

    The kids continue to bounce their ball against the walls. Walls which my father wipes down on a regular basis to keep them clean.  The kids’ mom says nothing. Kane is going crazy he wants the ball.

    Mom: Well I figure since you can leave your door open and let your kids out to play so can I, and since your kids hyped the dog up he needs to go out and play.

    And with that my mom lets Kane loose. Kane immediately jumps in the air trying to catch the ball. Kids are screaming running all over the place like scattering roaches when the lights are turned on.

    Kids’ mom: MAGGIE!!

    Mom: What?  I pay rent; he’s just playing in front of my door. What you want me to do? Get over it. From now on when if they get to play in the hallway so does he. Call management if you have a problem with it.

    The kid’s mom rolled her eyes and told her kids to pick up their toys and get inside. They haven’t played in the hallways since.


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    Tuesday, October 25, 2005

    A sad milestone...

    WASHINGTON - The U.S. military announced the death of a U.S. soldier wounded in Iraq on Tuesday, bringing to 2,000 the number of American service members killed since the war started in 2003.

    Article Link:
  • A sad milestone
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    My fat ass cat "Elvis" she sits like this all day...lol Posted by Picasa


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    Human Trafficking...

    Here in the U.S. we’re taught in school that slavery ended in 1865. However this is not true. The fact of the matter is that modern day slavery is one of the great human rights challenges of our time. Modern day slavery is now known as Human Trafficking, different singer same song. Slavery today covers a variety of human rights violations. These abuses include the sale of children, child prostitution, child pornography, the exploitation of children for labor, the use of children in armed conflicts, debt bondage, the traffic in persons and in the sale of human organs, and prostitution. Last night I watched as Life Time cable movie “Human Trafficking” that left me saddened and wanting to learn more.

    In a 2003 report Colin Powell said, “It’s estimated that 800,000 – 900,000 people per year are trafficked per year. Nearly 20,000 of those are sent here to the United States.” However the CIA’s figures differ; they believe that fifty thousand women and children are being trafficked into the United States annually.

    Like the slave traders of centuries past human traffickers use what ever means possible to obtain their “merchandise”. The recruitment, clandestine transport and exploitation of women as prostitutes, and the organized prostitution of children of both sexes in a number of countries is well documented. A link has been established in some countries between prostitution and pornography. Especially involving children, and the promotion and growth of tourism. Visit the sites below to learn more about the problem and what is being done about it and of course how you can be part of the solution…

    Learn More:
  • Human Trafficking

  • Free The Slaves

  • God Spy
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    I've been tagged by OG

  • OG did me the great honor of tagging me ! Thanks girl it was fun!
    Favorite Color: Red
    Favorite Food: Cuban-Chinese
    Favorite Month: December
    Favorite Song: currently: Precious ( Depeche Mode) all time fav: Travelin Man (Ricky Nelson)
    Favorite Movie: Amadeus
    Favorite Sport: Foot Ball
    Favorite Season: Spring
    Favorite Day Of the week: Sunday
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Truffle
    Favorite Time of Day: Sun rise

    Current Mood: Relaxed
    Current Taste: Peppermint
    Current Clothes: Black PJ bottoms, Elmo t-shirt
    Current Desktop: Dhalias
    Current Toenail Color: None
    Current Time: 1:30 am
    Current Surroundings: Softly lit dining room with view of NYC skyline, sheets of rain cascading against windows.
    Current Thoughts: Relieved I finally finished my paper on Borderline Personality Disorder for Deviant Psychology .

    8 FIRSTS
    First Best Friend: Jessica Santiago
    First Kiss: Patrick White
    First Screen Name: Mia18
    First Pet:: Siamese cat named Ashely
    First Piercing: My ears, when I was 3 mos old
    First Crush: Reiner, we were in 1st grade and he told my dad he loved me and was going to marry me when he grew up.
    First Album: Muppet Babies/ first one I bought on my own No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom. I played it until it wore out and then got another one.

    7 LASTS
    Last Cigarette: I don’t smoke cigarettes.
    Last Drink: Water
    Last Car Ride: Cab ride home on Saturday night/ Sunday morning
    Last Kiss: last night
    Last Movie Seen: Human Trafficking
    Last Phone Call: My classmate Angela
    Last CD Played: My Chemical Romance

    Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends: Yes, for 5 yrs.
    Have You Ever Broken the Law: broken it? Yes.
    Have You Ever Been Arrested: No
    Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Not yet but the day is still young and so am I.
    Have You Ever Been on TV: Yes
    Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: No

    5 THINGS
    Thing You're Wearing: Other than clothes? Headphones
    Thing You've Done Today: Research for a paper
    Thing You Can Hear Right Now: Rain
    Thing You Can't Live Without: Music
    Thing You Do When You're Bored: Write

    1. School
    2. Best Buy
    3. Southern Blvd (shopping area)
    4. Nextel Phone Store

    1. Mom
    2. Jackie
    3. Reina

    1. Black or White: Black
    2. Hot or Cold: Cold

    Sky dive

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    Mother of Civil Rights Movement: Rosa Parks Passes On...

    DETROIT - Rosa Lee Parks, whose refusal to give up her bus seat to a white man sparked the modern civil rights movement, died Monday evening. She was 92.

    I can only hope that I make 1/10th of the difference in this world that Ms.Parks did. May she rest in peace and be welcomed into heaven with open arms.

    Article Link: Rosa Parks Dead at 92


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    Sunday, October 23, 2005

    A Tree grows in The Bronx...

    I live in a tree lined neighborhood; it’s a cornucopia of greenery and flowers. There’s one tree in particular that has always held my attention. The grand lady grows three blocks from my home; she is majestic, and she is beautiful.
    She is more than a tree she is my barometer for the seasons. Never mind the calendar nor what the weatherman says. I can tell if we’re going to have an early spring or cold autumn by when she commences her blooming and molting. When I gaze on her I focus on her colors. On the varying shades that make up her leaves and how she contrasts with the colors of the houses surrounding her.

    For thirteen years I’ve watched her from my seventh floor window. I watch her come to life in the spring and watch her drift off into hibernation as summer slips into autumn, and autumn into winter. As if by magic her green leaves are transformed into brilliant hues of yellow, orange, and red before falling to the ground creating a lovely multicolored carpet.

    On winter mornings when the grand lady's wig has been put into storage I can see the starlings flying in and out of her branches where they make their home. During the spring and summer I can only see them for a fraction of a second as they approach the tree disappearing into her lush foliage. I can hear them when they sing from the tree but can never spot them in the tree. During the holiday season she looks beautiful draped in white lights, a beacon of holiday cheer welcoming revelers to her block. Somehow the tree soothes my spirit and has a tranquil effect on me. I look at her and I feel connected to nature, connected to the spiritual side of me. Nothing man made could ever be as beautiful as this tree that grows in The Bronx. I thank Mother Nature for the gift of beauty in the trees, and the heavens, I thank the heavens for the gift of life.

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    Saturday, October 22, 2005

    Time to face my fears...

    It’s that time of year again. I must deal with my fears. I must head out into the world. In the end my ego will be battered and bruised. I shall face uncertainty. I will hate my body and develop new insecurities but will have a short time to over come them. I will be frustrated and exhausted to the point of tears. I must screw up my courage handle it all with aplomb. The time has come for me to go jean shopping! It’s always the same…

    Like a cat on the prowl I hunt for my prey, the ever elusive perfect pair of jeans. Well in this case it’s at least 7 pairs of jeans. This is going to be traumatic however with my two favorite trusty shopping sidekicks by my side I shall not only survive this but I will live to write about it as well! I would never shop without Reina and mom by my side they give me strength!

    Shopping for jeans is harder than writing a dissertation. First I’ll try brand X, a little too baggy in the front… Brand Y, oomph! Too tight around the waist, I have this thing about breathing: I enjoy it. Finally brand Z just right! No camel toe, nice fit on the waist, and thighs, not too tight on the money maker. I get down on my knees and thank the almighty lord for this gift from heaven. One pair down, six more to go; I move onto another style of jeans same size, same brand… it’s too big around the waist…here we go again… UGHHHH!!!

    I move onto another store; I find some jeans I like and they are within my price range. I don’t wear ten dollar store knockoffs but I am unwilling to spend more on a pair of jeans than what I spend on one of my text books. It’s the principle of the thing. I’m not independently wealthy and Puff Daddy ain’t mailing me no monthly check. Plus it’s not like I see Kimora Simmons sporting a Mia logo on her ass. Oh crap they are low waist! I don’t do the ass crack, thong showing jeans… my butt sits high up on my frame….nope no need to go there with the low waist jeans, after all I am not a plumber. I check out the next store. I love their shirts and shoes! The jeans are something else! They are clubbing/ ghettofabulous, perfect for when you’re shopping for a sugar daddy or auditioning to be a video vixen. I don’t need to call that much attention to myself. All I want is a simple pair of jeans, no baubles, no lace, no pre-made rips, no netting running down the length of the jeans exposing my thighs. On this trip I need something I can wear with anyone of my jackets/blazers and not look like a hooker in training.

    I see some bell bottomed jeans with cuffs that are fantastic… I love them, they look great on me but they need to be altered for my height the cuff and bell will be lost by the time they are done hemming it changing the whole look of the jeans, bleech! I’m 4ft 11; I have yet to find one pair of pants that are my length. The closest I’ve come to it are Capri’s; they fit me like jeans on average sized women. Jackets and tops that would fit an average height woman on her waist or just below fit me way longer. I have a butt… things that are meant to be cropped fit me longer and therefore won’t close around my hips due to my ass. Skirts meant to be on the calf come down past my ankles… I look like a kid playing dress up in mommy’s clothes unless I get them altered.

    Time to move onto another store… no fitting room; I don’t bother to check out the selection. I don’t bother because I don’t have the time to take back jeans that don’t fit. I’ll leave them in my closet and give them away to either my little sister or my cousin so at least they don’t go to waste.

    We will go up and down my borough hunting for stores with changing rooms like a crack head in need of a hit. At least we enjoy each other’s company and will crack jokes, stop for lunch and bond tighter with each other. Sneaker, bags, and jewelry will be brought in addition to other stuff not on my list. Eventually I will come to the successful end of my journey. Pray for me fellow female bloggers, pray. For only another woman can understand the reality show drama that jean shopping can be.

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    Friday, October 21, 2005

    Monkey Love...

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    Thursday, October 20, 2005

    A dog, a duck and a Chinese menu...

    That’s it I’m going to hell and I know it and right now don’t care. Yesterday I was maudlin over the impending death of my father’s hamster. Today I read 2 animal related stories that made me laugh hysterically and left me searching for a Chinese menu.

    1)Daphne the duck is the star of a West end comedy in the UK. With just 2 days til opening the duck has been duck napped. The funny thing is that the theatre is in walking distance of Chinatown which is famed for its Peking Duck. I don’t want to point fingers or nada but maybe Daphne’s trainer should be looking in that direction. The police seems to be taking the case very seriously. Daphne’s owner ain’t no dummy, he knows the deal. In a side splitting quote (to me) he said , I am distraught , I found it too upsetting to walk through Chinatown afterwards in case there is any recognition.”, “It’s not often you have a west end star stolen.” Yeah right he’s just afraid he’ll find Daphne hanging in a restaurants window.

    Story Link:Fowl play suspected in theatre abduction This particular story made me hungry and in deep need of some takeout from my local Chinese restaurant. I wonder if they have any duck today?

    The second story was about Skeeter the Narcoleptic toy poodle. Just typing that out cracks me up. I know, I know I’m messed up but I cant help it I have a twisted sense of humor. It seems Skeeter's owners have to take him out for walks in a stroller because he falls asleep mid walk. On top of that he has to be hand fed and massaged while being fed in order to keep him awake while he’s eating and prevent him from choking. I dunno it seems to me that Skeeter is playing his owners. But never fear fellow bloggers now a days there’s a pill for everything. Skeeter is being treated with Ritalin and a anti-depressant, hopefully he’ll return to normal.

    I found this story particularly funny because the president of our tenant association has Narcolepsy. Outside of the movies I had never seen this condition. One day there was a tenant meeting in her house and she was going off, I mean she was so angry at management. One minute she’s sitting at the table pounding her fist and the next thing she’s out like a light. With a bunch of zzzzzzzzz’s coming out of her mouth. Everyone just looked at each other, they all knew she was Narcoleptic but for the majority it was their first time seeing it in action. No one knew what to do so my mom walked over to her, rolled up her sweater and placed it under her head so she’d be comfortable. Then my mom took over and continued with the meeting. Narcolepsy is triggered by strong emotions and I guess she was emoting that day.

    Story Link: Dog diagnosed with Narcolepsy

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    Death Watch...

    BHOPAL, India (Reuters) - Hundreds of Indians flocked to a village in the central state of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday to see if an astrologer who forecast his own death would die as predicted. Kunjilal Malviya, 75, who lives in Sehara village, about 125 miles south of state capital Bhopal, was meditating in his house after announcing he would die on Thursday between 3-5pm.

    Hello the man is 75 of course he's going to die... eventually. When I read the story a few hours ago he was still alive and kicking, not even a death prattle was being heard. So i'm wondering if he doesn't die will the people be happy or disappointed? He's 75 yrs old, if you ask me much like my father's hamster he's living on borrowed time.

    UPDATE: I just read he didn't die and that his family says that
    the prediction failed because of the prayers of those who prayed for him to live. I bet you now that if they'd known their prayers would have been answered today they would have been praying for some winning lottery numbers.

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    Coming to New York...

    A dear friend from Egypt is coming to New York, he's moving here. I worry that he may not like it here and I'm determined that he fall in love with the city the way he made me fall in love with Egypt. Mahmoud is my uncle Hassan's younger brother and he's moving out here to make his fortune. When I was in Egypt Mahmoud and I basically spent our time messing with Hassan. You see Mahmoud some ways is the male version of me. Uncle Hassan has a hard enough time dealing with us seperately but whoa hoa stick us in a room at the same time and we pretty much drive Hassan nuts. My Aunt Nora, Hassan's wife loves this.

    I have lots of stuff planned for my boy, but I figure between all the relatives that are going to be swarming the house I won't get custody of Mahmoud for a couple of weeks. I see him as family and have so many hopes for him out here. I hope that he enjoys his life here and not just make it about work the way I see so many others doing. I want him to explore the city and learn about it not just to stick to his 'hood because it's an Arab 'hood and familiar. Hopefully he'll be willing to take the leap and become part of the city. I've already introduced him to the slang, and the urban music which he is really digging. It's a trip to hear him whip out the slang in his thick Egyptian accent...lol

    As part of his induction into city life I plan on taking him to the Halloween parade in the village. He doesn't know my friends and I go in costume and i'm not telling him , he'll find out when I pick him up. Hmmm maybe I can get him to wear a wig or something. Stay tuned for our adventures...lol

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    Wednesday, October 19, 2005

    First song I ever heard...

    Powered by Castpost::Bach Cello Sonata in G Minor

    I was wrote about my love for music yesterday and today I’d like to share with you the first song I ever heard as I made my entrance into this world . My mom had a cassette player, (remember those?) in the room with her throughout the entire delivery. She swears to this day that the reason I’m such a easy going person is because of her choice of music in the delivery room. I guess I’m lucky because on the flip side of the tape she had a selection of Alice Cooper and Frank Zappa.

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    Stuart Little II dad's hamster...

    We have a hamster; well actually he’s my dad’s hamster one of my brothers gave it to him as a birthday gift three years ago. His name is Stuart Little II. The average life span of a hamster according to our vet  is 2 yrs and since Stuey is 3 you can see he’s living on borrowed time.  His fur has started falling out I am told it’s due to old age, but other than that he seems fine he’s just moving slower that he used to. He still comes out to greet me whenever I approach his tank and call his name.  I was cleaning him up the other day and suddenly it hit me he may not be around much longer and I felt like I wanted to cry.

    Can you imagine that a 22 yr old woman getting teary eyed over a hamster? With all the things going on in the world the imminent death of this tiny rodent moved me to tears.

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    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    10 Simple Questions...

    I saw this on
  • raf bey...the levantese and thought it was kind of cool. Give it a try ….it’s just 10 questions .

    01. What is your favorite word?
    -- Peace

    02. What is your least favorite word?
    -- Cunt.

    03. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
    -- Music.

    04. What turns you off?
    -- Apathy.

    05. What is your favorite curse word?
    -- Bitchass nigga.

    06. What sound or noise do you love?
    -- The sound of babies laughing .

    07. What sound or noise do you hate?
    -- Gangsta rap / reggaeton blasting from my brother’s / sister’s room when I’m trying to watch tv in the living room. Makes me want to do evil things to those hard of hearing children.

    08. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
    -- Police officer, ‘cause I get to carry a gun and I have a Napoleon complex!

    09. What profession would you not like to do?
    Prostitute . I hear the union sucks. Plus those heels are killers .

    10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
    -- " Mia’s here hit the music and hand her a jello shot!!”

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    If music be the food...

    If music be the food of life then bring on the all you can eat buffet 'cause I wanna be obese! Music at least within my life is extremely important. I can’t last more than a few hours without it. If I’m not listening to it I’m singing or humming it. It can make me laugh; cry etc you know the rest.

    I’ve always said that my life has a soundtrack. All I have to do is hear a certain song or CD and I can tell you who was in my life, what drama was going on and what I was doing the year that song came out. I swear I can even recall a perfume or cologne if the first time I smelled it there was music playing. I will forever associate that song with the smell.  I know I’m odd but what can I say it works for me ya know?

    This morning I heard a piece from Swan lake and it took me back to the days when my little cousin was 3 or 4 years old and he'd love to pretend he was a professional ice skater. He’d put on a pair of socks and come sliding out onto our waxed floor and do a whole routine. He’d pretend to leap in the air and so double axels and all the stuff he’d see on tv.

    We’d all sit on the living room sofa and my mom would have to introduce him. She’d say something like, “Ladies and Gentlemen direct from NYC it is our pleasure to present the world’s greatest professional toddler ice skater Pico!! Then we’d all clap like crazy and my mom would hum the score from Swan Lake…lol as Pico would skate around the living room. He’d end his routine with a big finish and we’d give him a standing ovation and yell “Bravo, Bravisimo!” and “Encore, Encore!!” My mom would always rise from her spot and present him with these artificial flowers she had in a vase and he’d take a great big deep bow !

    The other day I read a post by The Don that had a really old song on it and it moved me to tears. It was my grandmother’s favorite song and one of the first songs we were ever taught in Spanish. Funny how music’s always held that power over me. It can evoke memories so powerful that’s it as if an IFC flick were playing in my head. The song was about a man grieving the loss of his loved one and how he dies of grief only to come back to their home every morning and sing to their empty house waiting for the return of his loved one. Powerful stuff , eh? Never mind that the song is older than Jesus’ tennis shoes. It’s still a powerful song.

    It’s like every time I hear the song “Don’t Fear The Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult I envision Christopher Walken and “ more cowbell!” because the first time I ever heard that song it was on SNL and Walken was doing The More Cow Bell sketch "The song is great, but it could use more cowbell". Guess what... I got a fever. And the only prescription, is more cowbell.” I love that sketch…lol

    The thing with me is if you judge me by my age, or ethnic background you’d be twisted out in terms of what stimulates me musically.  Although I am an urban youth hip hop and gangsta rap are not my particular thing. I like some of it but it’s not like I’m downloading the stuff. I like classical, opera, oldies, Latin, Arabic, bolero, tango, salsa, merengue, techno, freestyle, old school,trance, techno, heavy metal, alternative, show tunes, Cole Porter, swing music,there’s not enough space on this blog to list the stuff that appeals to me. It all depends on my mood. As I get older my tastes in music continues to expand however the one thing that never changes is music’s ability to affect me.

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    Monday, October 17, 2005

    Google must be Democrats...

    Jane would love this! If you go to google.com, type in the word Failure using only the Google search engine a link to the biography of George W. Bush is the first thing that comes up as a result. I swear to jiffy pop I thought that was the funniest thing!

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    Feathered Friend Vacations At Club Casa Mia

    (My New room mate)

    (Last year's vacationer:Max)

    Somewhere out in New York there must be a rumor being circulated amongst the bird population that I have an unlimited amount of free bird seed in my house. In what seems to be becoming an annual ritual  birds fly into my house and set up their winter digs.

    Last year around this same time I had a dove that I named Max adopt me.
    (Max getting ready to leave for the day)

    He flew into my room one day and made himself at home. Every midmorning he would leave but by dusk he would be back inside of my room.
    (Max decides to stay in on a rainy day )

    On really cold or wet winter days he wouldn’t even bother to go out he’d stay in my room all day. Eventually he got bold enough to start sleeping on my bed sometimes I’d find him perch on my footboard a few times I even found awoke to find him perched on my shoulder or hip. Max finally left the “nest” during the beginning of summer but he’d still come home to eat then one day he never came back and I haven’t seen him in the neighborhood since.

    Last night I was writing a story on my computer when something flew right by me. I looked up and saw this little itty bitty bird perched on my living room curtain rod. I have no idea where he came from or even which window he flew in through. At first I thought it might have been a butterfly we’ve been known to get some beautiful ones fly into my house on the way to who knows where.  I thought maybe it was someone’s bird that had gotten away because he seemed okay with my mother. She approached it and began talking softly to it and it just stood still it seemed to have no fear .  the bird seemed to have no interest in leaving my house but my cats were very interested in it if you get my drift. My mom decided it would be safer for the bird to be in a cage since he made no attempt to fly out the windows.  Jason was dispatched to  fetch the bird and for the next several minutes he and the bird had a work out. Every time he would approach it the bird would fly away.  The bird is now safely tucked away from Elvis the cats claws in a bird cage. He seems to be doing fine. My mom wants to find out what type of bird it is. If it’s a “wild” bird we’ll set it free because it will be able to fend for itself if it’s a “domesticated” bird then we’ll keep it because my mom doesn’t want to send it out into the cold cruel city if it’s used to people feeding it.

    So if any of you guys know what type of bird this is let me know…In the meantime my unnamed feathered friend will be vacationing at Club Casa Mia .

    Spot my new birdy tenant amongst the fauna of my window: he's on top in the middle

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    Friday, October 14, 2005

    Dijonaise the child not the condiment...

    My cousin Heavenly Angel

    Several blocks away from my house near the projects there was this beautiful little girl running away from her mom. Dijonaise! Dijonaise get ova here right now! However the woman wasn’t yelling for the condiment, Dijonaise was her daughter’s name. The current generation of ghetto fabulous  project chicks are very unique when it comes to naming their children. A lot of thought goes into the naming of their children. They want it to be as unique as possible. They don’t want to find at least four other kids in their child’s daycare center with the same name.

    My parents’ generation of ghetto fabulous project chicks turned to African and Swahili names for their children to signify their ethnic pride. Or they’d take an ordinary name and make it extraordinary by dividing it, adding an accent mark or changing its spelling. For example Janet became Ja’net, and John became Jhan.

    My generation has trumped the generation before us. We’ve climbed much higher on the evolutionary naming ladder. We’re just been naming our kids after hip hop artists, luxury items, booze and crap we don’t have. Hence the kids I’ve seen kids that are named Porsche, Lexus, Hennessy, Alize, Chardonnay, Merlot, Gucci, Fendi and Versace.  I’m anxiously waiting the day when I come across a kid named College.

    I’m telling you project chicks in my generation are no joke, especially in the naming department.   My cousin Christina and yeah she’s a hard core ghetto fabulous project chick in every sense of the word, named her baby Heavenly Angel. Sound like a porn star or a stripper doesn’t it?  See a name like that is tempting the hand of fate. I can only pray to god that she grows up to be drop dead gorgeous because anything less is going to cause some smart ass kid to crack jokes. Then I’m going to have to roll up my sleeves and snuff a kid.  So far so good she’s still adorable looking at the age of 2, hopefully she’ll take after her mother.

    My sister goes to school with group of siblings named after precious stones. There’s Diamond, Emerald, Topaz and Zirconia the boy is named Onyx.  I often wondered if Zirconia felt less loved or if she was an unwanted pregnancy seeing that she was named for a synthetic stone.  The way things are going in terms of naming babies I fully expect to be coming across a few kids named Flonaise, Claritin, Zyprexia,  and Ambien in another 5 years.

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    Concerned expectant mother....

    In what's got to be one of the most WTF moments ever; 35 yr old Mellisa Williamson takes a cigarette break outside her house while worrying about the effects on her unborn child from the sound of nearby jack hammers.

    Ohhh man some people are just too much! By all means she should be worried about the jack hammers...I mean they've been proven to cause low birth weight and birth defects among unborn children. Not like cigarettes which have been proven to be a good source of calcium and vitamins for developing fetuses. Docotors recommend smoking at least half a pack per day for the good of the baby and once the baby is born they recommend blowing the second hand smoke in their little faces for continued good health and mixing a little booze in their baby formula.

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    Thursday, October 13, 2005

    Just say NO!

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Oct. 13) - Michelle Duggar just delivered her 16th child, and she's already thinking about doing it again. Johannah Faith Duggar was born at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday and weighed 7 pounds, 6.5 ounces. Arkansas Mother Gives Birth to 16th Child
    For the love of Kannaki, Goddess of Fertility, why????!!!   At this point Mrs. Duggar's not even given birth anymore they’re just falling out of her. All of her children have names that begin with the letter “J” which is cool because this way anything that is monogrammed can be handed down to each new arrival. However I noticed she’s running out of “J” names one of her kids is named “Jinger” I may not be the world’s greatest speller but even I know that Jinger begins with a G. I know this because I double checked it by looking at mom’s spice rack and even Microsoft Word keeps correcting me when I type in "Jinger". Pretty soon she's going to have to start making up names!

    I like kids, love them, in fact  hope to have a few myself one day, but 16 crumb crushers and she’s only 39? What is this the old country?? Back in the day when dinosaurs roamed the earth and booze was illegal my great grandma Rosa had 15 kids. But that’s because birth control implied a chastity belt and a whip and she was raised a strict Roman Catholic.I’m sure Rosa trembled in fear every time my great grandfather Gilo had an erection. Even though she loved all of her children I‘m sure my Rosa had a party, piñatas and all the day that grand dame called Menopause knocked on her uterus’s door.

    So back to the Duggar’s, I remember watching a documentary on these people last year. Very nice people and they have the money to support their kids which is fantastic! My question however is : what the hell is wrong with this woman? She just gave birth to her 16th child and is already talking about her next one. For the love of God woman do you start eating lunch while you're finishing your morning coffee? When my mom had me the doctors asked her jokingly about having another one. My mom shot back, “Shit once those labor pains hit I wasn’t too sure I wanted this one. The hell with another one, I want my tubes tied!”

    For the first 6 years of my life I was an only child. When I was 6 my parents wanted to enroll me in communion classes and went to our local church. The priest asked if I had any siblings and my mom told him I was an only child. He assumed my mother was using birth control because I was an only child and admonished her about it. He told her, “You know Maggie that using birth control is against the church’s teachings” and went on to quote scriptures and all that good stuff. My mom’s hackles were raised and she told him. “father no disrespect intended but I’d rather have one child and be able to provide well for her than have a whole bunch of kids and struggle to clothe and feed them.” The priest continued lecturing my mother. Unfortunately for him he had no clue as to whom he was dealing with, “Father let me ask you this. If I were to have 7 or 8 kids right now and my kids were hungry and needed clothes would you dig into the collection plate and give me money? If I came to you every month do you think the church would support my kids?” He then told my mother that it was her responsibility to provide for her children. And my mom said, “my point exactly, my children,and it’s my responsibility to provide for them you’re telling me I cant count on the church to help me out if I have a passle of kids. So if it’s like that then what gives the church the right to dictate to my womb? Why all the kids so that the church can have more little Catholics running around to support the church and be available to the pedophile priests?  When the pope has a womb and a uterus then he can tell me what to do with mine.” I love that woman….lol

    The Duggars see children as God's blessing and I agree children are a blessing, unless they’re neighbor’s kids. Those children are the spawn of Satan. Heaven won’t take them and the minions of hell have been warned about letting them in. The devil cowers in fear at the mention of their names. I can tell whenever they’re around the temperature shoots up at least 10 degrees when they walk by. Personally I think Mr. Duggar should just say NO when it comes to a 17th kid and wrap his sucker up next time he's in the need of some lovin'.


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    Wednesday, October 12, 2005

    I love the rain...

    It’s been raining for a week here in NYC, it’s as if God’s turned on the faucet and NYC is taking a shower. All of the soot, dirt, and grime of this unbelievably long hot summer being washed away. All of the problems and drama that came along with the summer are being rinsed off and pouring themselves down the drain.

    I love walking in the rain without an umbrella feeling the water on my face. I love the smell of the rain mingling with the scent of fabric softener on my jacket. I love sitting on the bus on the way home watching the rain wash over the windows, puddles of water forming in the streets perfect for jumping in or walking through. The streets are empty of people hanging out cluttering the sidewalks. When it rains like this you don’t even see people, all you see are umbrellas with feet hurrying to their destinations trying to get out of the rain. I never understand what the hurry is, slow down enjoy the rain. It’s nature’s way of cleansing the city. Smell the air notice how different it is I inevitably think to myself when I see people rushing to get out of the way upset that it’s raining yet again.

    When it rains in the fall the air smells different, it smells clean. When it rains on a hot day during the summer when you can smell the sidewalks and streets in the air; and it becomes uncomfortable all the heat rising from the rain. In the fall the air smells crisp. You can smell the wet leaves that have fallen from the trees, the wet grass that soon will be gone; it’s a familiar and comforting smell. I love the rain, it makes me feel alive, renewed.


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    Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    We're in deep bird poo...

    For the past year we’ve been hearing a lot in the media about the Bird Flu and the possibility of a pandemic. I really haven’t been focusing on it too much but tonight as I watched the evening news it just hit me… “damn we’re in some deep bird poo.” Health experts are afraid that the H5N1 strain of bird flu, which has already killed at least 65 people, could develop into a deadly pandemic and kill millions  of people worldwide. I was watching Robert Bazell interview Dr. Rob Webster of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Dr. Webster first discovered that human flu is related to bird flu in 1957, but no one paid him any mind.

    From The NBC interview: Webster's ideas got a lot of attention when bird flu first infected humans in Hong Kong in 1997. On his advice, the government there killed all the chickens and stopped the outbreak.  But since then, Webster has identified the virus in migrating birds."And the virus that's in the migrating birds has got a characteristic that we associate with the ability to transfer and kill humans," says Webster. "So far, we have been fortunate. The virus hasn't got the characteristic of transmitting from me to you.
    Could that be happening right now?" It could happen," he insists. "It could be one mutation."
    "This virus spreads outside the lungs to the central nervous system," he says. "The animal gets hind-leg paralysis and dies. This is the first influenza virus we've seen that does this in a mammal."

    A vaccine developed in Webster's lab is undergoing initial tests in people today, but difficulties in manufacturing flu vaccine means it is still years away.It's a crying shame," admits Webster.

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    Hobbits once walked the earth...

    A skull from the original find, left, sits next to a normal human skull for comparison. The Homo floresiensis had a chimpanzee-sized brain.

    Hobbit's once walked the earth, next we'll be discovering that leprachuans and fairies were real too. I joke but the the truth is I've been following this story since last year and am still just as excited about it as when I first heard about it! Anthropologists Uncover Hobbit-Like Jawbone Scientists digging in a remote Indonesian cave have uncovered a jaw bone that they say adds more evidence that a tiny prehistoric Hobbit-like species once existed.

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    Pop my cherry...

    I was riding the subway home and there were a couple of teenaged girls talking about sex and babies. One girl in particular was talking really loud. I think she wanted the entire number 2 train to know she had lost her virginity. I guess someone was giving out prizes for announcing the loss of ones virginity. I remember once upon a time not too long ago when talking about the loss of your virginity was done over a bag of Cheetos and a cold Pepsi in your friend’s room. I guess they missed the memo on that one because this chick made it a point that everyone including the deaf guy standing by the door heard her.

    The girls couldn’t have been older than 15 years old and because they were really loud everyone within ear shot of our section could hear them and were making the most uncomfortable facial expressions. Kind of like when someone farts really loud in a crowded place and people pretend not to notice. It was a priceless moment.

    Girl A: He didn’t pop my cherry the first time I had sex. He didn’t pop it right.
    Girl B: You gotta remember it’s just a muscle and will close again.

    Girl A was Hispanic and her bf was African -American and she went on and on about what beautiful babies they would have. Girl B was African American and she expressed her desire in finding herself a “fine Puerto Rican papi” so she could have babies. Ahhhh to be young and stupid again…lol


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    I was klukked by Jane and loved it....

    I was klukked (tagged) by Jane and love it! The task it to list 5 random things about moi. I think I can do this…

    (1)Hi my name is Mia and I am a Ketchupholic: With the exception of Pizza and cereal I eat it on EVERYTHING. The only time I refrain from using the good stuff is if someone cooks for me b/c then it’s kind of rude . My mother says when I die Heinz’s will probably go into bankruptcy. I’m going to stipulate in my will that upon my death my children are to erect a ketchup bottle shaped tombstone on my grave with the inscription “ Here lies Oreida fries and Mom.”

    (2)I know at least 2 songs from every movie musical ever made. The King and I remains my favorite and I’ve been known to drive people crazy singing “ Shall we dance”.. Ahem... "We've just been introduced, I do not know you well,But when the music started Something drew me to your side. So many men and girls, Are in each others arms.It made me think we might be Similarly occupied. Shall we dance?
    On a bright cloud of music shall we fly? Shall we dance?"

    (3)The American Museum of History is my favorite place in the world. I love spending hours there looking at the exhibits.

    (4)I love photography and prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front of it. I shot this photo in Cairo.
    (5))I have really twisted and sarcastic sense of humor. I’ve been known to crack jokes at funerals, laugh at old ladies slipping in the snow, and have been known to mock religious,political and authority figures. Yes, I know I am going to hell.

    Now if I believe i'm supposed to klukk a few more people...so HEY YOU! Yeah you reading this blog you know what you're name is consider yourself tagged. Your it!

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    Friday, October 07, 2005

    God is that you?

    God is that you?
    I don’t know if this has anything to do with his alleged drinking or if he’s supposed to be taking Zyprexa. But if I read Jane’s blog Lost In America correctly Bush hears voices. Specifically he hears the voice of God and God’s been helping him decide wars and make promises in regards to the Middle East. I guess Cheney was out sick that week. Too bad God didn’t speak to Bush about getting on NOLA’s goverment's ass about evacuating NOLA before Katrina hit.

    Bush’s claim that like Abraham, Moses, Noah, and Joan of Arc before him God has spoken to him came to light in a BBC documentary set to debut in the UK Oct. 10th. So far no one has come forward to substantiate Bush’s claim. I would have thought the lord would have appeared in a vision to Bush. Maybe the lord had second thoughts out of fear of finally giving Cheney a fatal heart attack or being tackled by the secret service.

    Needless to say Bush is disputing that he ever made those claims attibuted to him by by Palestinian negotiator Nabil Shaath. Mr Shaath said that in a 2003 meeting with Mr Bush, the US president said he was "driven with a mission from God".
    When reached for comment, White House spokesperson Scott McClellan said,“ He's never made such comments."


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