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Monday, October 31, 2005

I cry...

It has been said by someone in my life that I cry at things that are not normal. As a psychology student I rationalize that there is no set criteria for normalcy when it comes to crying. My tears come from the very core of my heart. What may move me to tears may not move you and that’s okay.

I cry when I am angry, frustrated beyond all reason at the pain in this world. I cry when I can not swallow my anger or bear the sorrow any longer. I cry because of everyone's need to be right, never being able to admit defeat gracefully and let shit go. Despite what you may think I'm not crying for me. I'm crying for you. For those who sit in judgement of me. I cry because I realize you are a product of your upbringing, just as I am a product of mine.

The reason I can cry is because I have known nothing but love, good fortune and security in my life. I can cry because as a child I was allowed to grow, to learn, to express myself freely and to have respect for all that is different from what I know. To respect even you. I can cry because my life has not allowed my soul to become desensitized to the injustices of the world. I do not mask my hate behind the word of God. I can cry because I realize that my world extends beyond my mirror and my personal problems, I am part of a greater universe, a diverse universe, a universe you refuse to see, you refuse to accept.

I cry because of atrocities committed in the name of religion. I cry for a jihad on teenage girls I cry for the loss of their young lives. For loves that will never be, all because of hate and ignorance. I cry because just when I am about to lose my faith in humanity something like The Basilica Church Vigil in Egypt causes me to regain my faith and realize that there is still hope for us all.

Mostly I cry because your psyche and heart have been hardened and you view crying as a weakness,I cry because you can’t.

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