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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

In dreams i'm a math whiz!

I failed math , passed everything else so now I’m taking retaking the math class during the summer term so that I won’t be behind. Okay here’s the thing when it comes to math it’s like I have a brick wall painted with industrial strength water repellent. When it comes to learning math it won’t penetrate, the information may stay skimming the surface of my brain but it wont go in…lol

I’ve been reviewing my notes on a daily basis and am going to start going to the math lab for tutoring. A few days ago we had a quiz, I’m not to sure how I did but I’m sure there’s no need to break out the Doritos and celebrate yet. The funny thing I was stuck on this one problem, I just couldn’t figure it out. A couple of nights later I’m sleeping and I dreamt about the problem and the answer came to me in the dream!!!I saw what I had done wrong!... Hmmm it seems i'm a math whiz in dreams.I wonder if I can convince the professor to let me take my exams as I sleep??? lol

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