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Monday, July 25, 2011

Top 30 Songs of 1998

I came across this (see below) link of the top 30 songs of ’98 recently and the songs brought back a lot of memories. In 1998 I was 16 and a junior in high school, music and photography were my passions then. Heck, it seems not much has changed since I was 16 along those lines. These are my memories about these songs what if any are yours?

30. Uninvited-Alanis Morissette: Absolute favorite song during 1998. I Remember listening to the radio and waiting for this song to come on so I could record it and put it on my mix tapes. Way before iTunes kiddies!

29. Pretty Fly for A White Guy- Off Spring : Absolutely hated this song but I couldn’t escape it. Pretty much like “Don’t Stop Believing” it followed me everywhere I went. Eventually it grew on me to the point where I sang it as karaoke on a senior trip.

28. You get what you get- New Radicals: VH1 use to run this song like crazy making me cringe and rush to change the channel. I see this vid as the start of the hipster fashion movement. Everytime I was approached by a dude rocking one of those hipster hats I’d tell him, “Back off dude you look like you got the dreamer’s disease.” It’s a line from the song.

27. Save tonight- Eagle Eye Cherry : No Buffalo guy was he. Hated this song with a passion.

26. What's This Life For- Creed : AHHH Hated it, but then again I wasn’t much of a Creed fan.

25. Tearing up my heart-N'Sync : I owned the CD and the cassette of this damn album and used to listen to the song over and over again. In fact, it’s tearing up my heart right now not to be listening to it. Good thing I have it on iTunes huh?

24. Are you Jimmy Ray? - Jimmy Ray: One of my favorite songs in 98' to parody. I would just make up lyrics to go along with the chorus and sing it along with my friends in the school cafeteria.

23. Wishing I was there- Natalie Imbruglia: I LOVED pretty much anything by Natalie Imbruglia I worshipped her. I don't know maybe it was a girl crush after all I was an impressionable teenager at that time.

22. Show me love-Robyn : This little Swede captured my heart with this song. I even went out to the Virgin Megastore on 42nd street (R.I.P) with my hard earned baby sitting money and purchased the CD single for $3!!! Hey compared to iTunes now that was pretty expensive!

21. My favorite Mistake-Sheryl Crow: VH1 killed this song for me by constantly running it as if it were the only song on planet earth.

20. Too much-Spice Girls: My guilty pleasure, I never publicly admitted to liking them hell if you ask me to this day I’ll deny it. Fact is I LOVED them, loved their stupid movie even their damn candy line.

19. Sonnet-the verve- LOVEEEEEEE their Urban Hymns so pretty much any song off this album I still listen to and enjoy. They were way ahead of their time!

18. Brick-Ben folds five- Oh lord. I knew the entire song yet hated it. There were times I was tempted to throw a brick at my radio when it came on.

17. Push it-Garbage - I was (still am) a huge Garbage fan. So when this album came out after 3 years of nothing I was ecstatic. I even trooped it down to the Virgin Mega store during a storm when the album dropped.

16. Frozen-Madonna- Loved, loved, loved this entire album but this was my favorite song of them all in ’98.

15. My All- Mariah Carey: It was a nice boo hoo hoo song…what was it with depressing ballads back in ‘98?

14. Getting Jiggy with it- Will Smith -Words can't express the hatred I had for this song…and still do… To this day if you want to piss me off sing this song. After this song dropped whenever I saw Will Smith on TV or in a flick I wanted to punch him in the face. In fact I will kick you in the shins if you sing this around me now.

13. Everybody- Backstreet Boys- I remember walking around my high school halls doing my best impersonations of both AJ and Nick in this song. I was an odd teen what can I say?

12. Paranoid-Garbage- See #17

11. Spice Up Your Life-Spice girls : See #20

10. Cruel Summer- Ace of Base- I was a huge Ace of base fan. Wasn't too crazy about this song but in 1998 I was still rocking out to their earlier albums. Their song " Ravine" was the staple song in all of my mix tapes til 1998.

09. Thank you- Alanis Morissette : I loved this song! My pervy guy friends loved the video they loved the illusion of nudity. Hey don’t judge they were horny teens and college freshmen you know how they are.

08. Ray of Light- Madonna: While I totally loved the song the video used to give me motion sickness. I also parodied this song a lot.

07. Bitter Sweet Symphony: I still love this song and I’ll say it again in case you missed it they were ahead of their time.

06. Don't Want To Miss a Thing- Aerosmith: The moment I hear the opening of this damn song I think back to my late teen years especially 1998 the year I had a stalker. My stalker dedicated this song to me via e-mail. He had followed me to the public library and stole my book bag from the back of my chair. I still don’t know how he managed that without being seen. My bag contained my address book and later on that evening he sent out a mass email to all my contacts professing his love for me. You know it still pisses me off to this day; I had $10 in quarters I never got back!

05. My Heart Will Go On- Celine Dion: Really? It’s a miracle of God this woman is still alive. I mean really how safe was it for this mega thin petite chick to go around pounding her chest like King Kong when she sang this song? The question for this song should be-WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER ABOUT YOURSELF IN 1998? This song was all over the place, damn that movie…damn that movie!

04. Truly Madly Deeply- Savage Garden: I was a long time fan before they broke out here in the US totally loved this album, it was so romantic.

03. The Way- Fastball: Loved this song Z100 would always play this song when I was in the car so it became my traveling song. I remember riding down the West Side Highway dancing in the backseat on my way grandmothers house singing it at the top of my lungs. Hmmm I think I’m going to re-adopt this as my traveling song.

02. Torn- Natalie Imbruglia - Please see #23

01. You're Still the One - Shania Twain: I still get a warm feeling when I hear this song. I remember a boyfriend of mine dedicating this song to me. He wasn’t known as the romantic type so it really was a special song for me.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award !

Back in June my favorite free lance editor /cover artist Victoria aka Dimplelicious gave me the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. Naturally between getting ready to go to NOLA and wrapping up some projects my procrastinating self ( like my mom says I put the PRO in procrastination) neglected to post it. Thanks Vic!

The Rules of this award are pretty simple:
1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.

2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3. Pass the Award on to 10 deserving blog buddies.

4. Contact those buddies and let them know.

Seven Random Facts about me

1. Corn makes me angry. No, seriously it does. I hate the stuff.
2. Until the age of 20 my fav food had been shrimp then I developed an allergy.
3. I make it a point to visit at least one cemetary and one church in every city I visit.
4. My heart stopped 3 times in one week as a child and I had to be "brought" back.
5. I love camping and hiking.
6. I rarely leave my house without my camera.
7. I don't gamble but seem the be a good luck charm for those who play roulette.

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I guess I’ll run away tomorrow

The Yeti’s five year old nephew Robert was having a really crappy day. Despite his protests his pediatrician had given him a couple of shots earlier in the day. Even though it was now evening his arms were still sore from and he was really irked about it.

Robert paced up and down the living room muttering and very deep in thought. He finally threw his arms up in exasperation and winced. “THAT’S IT! That is it! I am running away! ” His grandmother looked up from what she was doing and simply said, “Okay.”

About twenty minutes later Robert stood barefoot at the door struggling under the weight of his back pack. The kid did not pack lightly. “Where are you running away to?” His grandfather asked as he settled into his chair. “My uncle’s house.” His grandfather looked down at Robert’s feet and quickly pointed out his lack of footwear.
“I can’t find my shoes. Can you help me find them?”
His grandpa shook his head, “Nope, if you’re running away you have to leave as you are.” Robert looked down at his feet again and sighed.

He was about to step out onto the porch when he realized it was dark outside. Pitch dark, in fact it was so dark even nocturnal animals were in need of a maglite. My boyfriend’s parents live out in the boon docks on the edge of the woods. Other than the occasional porch light there are no external lights until you hit the main road which is a considerable distance from the house. Robert’s eyes opened wide as he tried to adjust to the darkness. Unable to see anything he sighed again and contemplated his next move. He slowly turned his head and looked back at his grandfather who was now standing behind him holding his coffee mug. “Can you drive me to my uncle’s house?”

His grandfather leaned over Robert and glanced outside, took a sip of coffee and seemed to consider Robert’s request for a brief second. “Nope.” Robert slumped a bit and let out a deep sigh as he walked back to the living room, “Fine, I guess I’ll run away tomorrow then.”


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Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July in New Orleans

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