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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dareem and the tighty whities display

We were shopping when my 4 yr old cousin Dareem stopped in front of a Calvin Klein underwear display. She seemed hypnotized by the male model in the display picture. She kept staring at his tighty whities. Other than her father she's never seen a man in his drawers so this was kind of facinating to her.

Nora called out to Dareem several times to get away from the display but she ignored her mother. People were walking by and laughing at the little girls obsessive staring at the semi-naked male model. “Nora your kid is a perv she won’t stop staring!” I teased… “Yeah what the hell is up with this child? All of a sudden she can’t stop staring at the guy’s crotch. Stop staring at the man’s under wear you damn freak!” Nora playfully yelled out to her kid.

I whipped out my cell phone and shot a picture of her being mesmerized by the undies….finally she points to the model but because she is so small she it looks as if she is pointing at his crotch and says, "Look Bubba (daddy)” I’ve seen my Uncle Hassan in his tighty whities and it hasn’t been by choice either. I looked at the bulge in the model’s underwear and without missing a beat said out loud “You’re mama can only wish honey, she can only wish.” and promptly got smacked across my head by Nora.

Bonus: Dareem singing her favorite song

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Purge

I attract people with issues. Like moths to the light they are drawn to me and will go miles out of their way to seek me out. As the end of 2006 approached I came to the realization that it was time for a change. Before I go on about the purge I’d like to write about the people that made me want to smack fire out of them during 2006….the people that inspired the purge…I guess in a way this is the final purge…

For an entire year I dated a guy with anger and trust issues. The final straw for me was when I found out that he’d been spying on me. That just blew me away because I’d never done anything to make him distrust me in the first place. I hold a BA in Forensic Psychology and was actually paying attention in all of my psychology classes. I know a potentially abusive relationship when I see one. I decided right then and there that there was no reason for us to remain together. I was not going to be the one to pay for all the crap that had gone wrong in his childhood.

Then there was the matter of my best friend Reina. We’d been inseparable since high school. Last year she started seeing a married man, after a pregnancy scare he ran for the hills and their affair ended. Months later she starts it up again. I have never been anything but cold to the guy but despite that the guy likes me. He told me that he knew he had alot to prove to me. Now what on earth does a cheating bastard need to prove to me? That he's a bigger bastard than I thought? I can foresee the game he's going to be playing with her and I am not about to give him my blessing. My response to his plea for my friendship was, "Go suck a dick." Of course deep in the throes of love the chick chose the guy over our friendship. She has this fear of ending up alone and it makes her latch onto the most unworthy guys. She's done this 3 times before ditching me whenever a guy comes into the picture, re- emerging only when the guy has dumped her. Then I’m the one who has to glue the pieces of her back together, only this time I'm done I won't be around when it happens again. I’m not mad at her just disappointed.

Then there was my other friend a sweet, kind, and generous chick. When I started talking to a new guy got a little insecure on me; she feared I’d do a “Reina” and put our friendship on hold over him. I assured her that I’d never do that. I’m able to balance and integrate both. I decided to keep my new relationship a secret for the greater good. I figured I’d take the time to see where the relationship with him was headed before introducing her to him and having her insecurities rear their ugly head.

Several weeks later she met a guy she was nuts about. Care to take a guess at who pulled a “Reina”? I’ll give you a hint it was not the 4ft 11 Puerto Rican chick by the name of Mia. One day towards the end of the semester we spoke in depth about the change in our relationship since she had started dating. She told me she knew she was being a bad friend, neglectful etc. and then asked, “Who else have you told about this?” My initial reaction the her question was WTF?! Then I found it funny because she was actually more concerned about her image rather than the fact that she had turned out to be a hypocrite. “No one” I replied. Honestly the change in her wasn't unexpected it was just surprising considering the amount of time she had spent talking shit about Reina’s actions when she was no better.

Not knowing I had plans with my BF and the girls who were sitting with us she then asked me to chill, the tone in her voice was magnanimous as if she were doing me a favor. She had sensed the a change in me and had mentioned it. I was more introspective and sad,I missed Reina. I really didnt have much to say but rather than take the time to find out what was going on with me she centered our conversations on her and her new boyfriend. “How about we go out tomorrow night?” she asked. “I can’t, I've got plans” “Mia are you making yourself purposely busy because of me?" Implying that I was cutting off my nose to spite my face. I felt the thought bubble pop up over my head WTF?! Chill with the ego trip it's not all about you girl. instead I replied, “No” and bit my tongue to keep myself from telling her what I thought of that stupid remark. I informed her that the plans had been made several weeks in advance, tickets had been purchased. She he looked at me as if I were lying. “Yeah she’s going out with us tomorrow to the bowling party,” interjected one of the girls who had been walking with us. My friend looked less than thrilled.

Then there’s the issue of her using my blog as a scape goat. She tells people that the reason she and a couple of friends of hers are no longer talking to each other is because of a post I wrote.That’s a load of bull.

The post was about her becoming more assertive and me being the better person after her friend had talked crap about me. The reality is that the first girl stopped talking to her because she felt betrayed. It had nothing to do with my post and everything to do with me confronting her. I approached her because I hate hypocrisy. The girl that I confronted and I made our peace. I had nothing against her personally and whatever she felt about me I really didn’t care because we were never tight like that. I encouraged my friend to make peace with the chick but she wasn't able to. The fact that they didn't had nothing to do with my blog.

Now as for her other friend, initially she did get angry over the post because of the way in which I described their friendship. I tell no lies, what I wrote was the truth. However the that is not what broke up their friendship, there were mitigating factors. The fact of the matter is that these girls had been having problems for awhile. At one point they had stopped talking for a year. Everyday I heard the latest installment in their saga from my friend... this chick hasn’t called me, or they didn’t invite me to chill with them. This one or that one said this to me she’d complain angrily. It was petty stuff but I guess if you dwell on it too much and don’t talk about it the petty stuff it wears you down. My post seemed to be catalyst for airing out their grievances. The argument between them escalated to include other things that went down with them in their past. Things they’d been holding onto.

Now months later the chick is claiming that she told me and I love the fact that she said this to my face with delusional conviction…that I shouldn’t have written that. In reponse to that I just gotta say this WTF?! chick is crazy! She must have had that conversation inside of her head because lord knows she sure as hell didn’t tellme anything along those lines. Rather than argue with her I let her continue telling me about the imaginary conversation she had with me in reference to the post. I didn’t interrupt to remind her everyone present at my aunt’s house heard her yelling into the phone at her friend that everything I'd written echoed the way she felt. I know what was said and if she chooses to believe a lie she concocted in order to make herself feel better so be it. I don’t need to assemble the witnesses present at the time just to prove to her she’s tripping. The fact that I know what went down and what she actually said is enough for me.

Still as sad as their break up it was based on the truth on actual events nothing like the drama she initiated between a friend and I which was based on a lie. I had hooked her up with a former boyfriend, a long time friend. After a few weeks he ended it with her. Afterwards she called me to tell me that he had said some less than complementary things about me and my mother while they were dating. My mom didn’t believe it, she even told me “Mia if he had really said those things why didn’t she tell you when he said it instead of now? Let’s say he did say them where was her loyalty to you then? As long as she was swinging off his dick she didn’t feel the need to tell you about this and now because he dumped her she tells you?! Na uh baby something is up there, leave it alone. She’s just hurt over the way it ended between them. You know despite the shit she is talking now she was really into him."

It was one of those rare times when I let my temper get the best of me.
I didn’t give a crap what she claimed he’d said about me it was what she claimed he said about my mama that had my bra all twisted up. No one messes with my mama. I called the guy up and got into it with him. He denied everything she said. He repeated my mother’s theory to me. Sadly I was too mad to think straight I let him have it and hung up on him.

See the thing that irks me the most is that I took her at her word only to have her tell me months later that that he had never said what she told me, that it was her interpertation. Which in my ‘hood is double speak for “Oops my bad I was lying.” I let it go and told her not to worry about it. I mean what could I do knock her teeth out for lying? Even before she told me it had been a lie I tried to reach out to him but he’s not ready to accept my apology. I know I hurt him but I know that one day we will lay eyes on each other again and when we do it will all be forgotten. We’ll even laugh about it. After her "confession" I couldn’t be mad at her because I know it took a lot of courage to ‘fess up to the truth. Yet somehow when she is going around telling people that I caused the end of a couple of friendships I doubt she is repeating the story of how she caused drama between my friend and me with a lie.

So there I was this past New Years Eve standing at my window after several weeks of taking stock of my life filled with the optimism that an approaching New Year sends ahead of its’ arrival and decided that a purging was in order. Every now and then one needs to clean out their emotional “closets” redefine things and get rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit. A week or so later on the spur of the moment I changed my cell phone number. Those who called the house got the new number. Those who didn't got zip. I figure if the need to holla at me they can leave me a message online or at home. The friend who was so worried about me ditching her for a guy? I didn’t hear from her for a couple of days until she saw me on line. The purge was complete.

I wish both of my girls only the best and hope that their new relationships are everything that they’ve dreamed of and more, that they are, “twirling on a mountain top singing The Hills are Alive with The Sound of Music “ type of happy. I think they are both wonderful ladies and don’t regret the time spent with them. I'm not ashamed to say that I miss Reina madly and that the end of our friendship broke my heart. There are times when something crazy happens and my first impulse is to call her. She was after all like a sister to me and even though she drove me crazy at times with her bossy ways I loved her. I've come to terms with the break up and can even understand the reason behind the choice she made. I'd always been her mirror the measure of her conscience and in the end she couldn't stand to deal with my disappointment over the direction she had chosen. She needed to ditch me in order to be able to believe in the lie she'd chosen for herself.

As for the ex bf with the anger and trust issues I wish him inner peace and serenity. Hopefully one day he will be able to over come his issues and find happiness. From each of these people I learned something valuable and will carry it with me for the rest of my life. I'll never forget them. It's just that in order to fully appreciate the good in them I first had to purge the bitter taste they’d left within me. Now that that is done and over with I can look back at our time together with fondness and smile. I wish them all luck on their journey through life. In the meantime life goes and what a wonderful life it is and of course You Live You Learn

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Igno’ant Lady

For the past four months we’ve had a school friend of my brother and sister’s staying with us. The girl and her mom moved to NY from Florida after losing their home. Essentially homeless they were staying with relatives until they were able to get their stuff together here in New York. Then the girl’s mom got sick and she's been in the hospital for the past four months. As of yet no one in her family has offered to take her daughter in so she remains with us. The woman calls everyday to check up on her daughter and yesterday morning she called with some good news….

Igno’ant Lady: Oh Miss Maggie I have great news they are going to send me home! They are going to pay for our tickets back to Florida! I can have Jazzy stay with her brothers and they’ll make arrangements for me to be put into the physical rehab center out there!

Mom : That’s fantastic! It looks like 2007 is going to be a lucky year for you.

Igno’ant Lady: They called me in to a meeting this morning and the social worker told me they were going to discharge me and my doctor asked me what I wanted to do, that they were there to help me. I thought about what you said and told them I wanted to go back home. The Jew doctor told me he would pay for my tickets back home rather than wait for HRA to approve the money for them. That way I wouldn’t have to stay in a shelter for lord knows how long.

Mom : Well look at that what a kind hearted gentleman to do that for you.

Igno’ant Lady: I knew the minute I saw that Jew with the beanie on his head he had good news for me.

Mom : Beanie?

Igno’ant Lady: Yeah he's a Jew, beanie, curls and everything.

Mom : It’s a yarmulke not a beanie. At any rate that was really nice of him to dig into his pocket like that when he didn't have to.

Igno’ant Lady: Well of course you know those Jews with the beanies…

Mom : Yarmulke.

Igno’ant Lady: Hanukah

Mom : Whatever (sigh) … please go on.

Igno’ant Lady: Like I was saying those Jews with the Hanukah’s are rich they have mad money but they are all stingy.

Mom : Really all the Jews with the yarmulkes are rich?

Igno’ant Lady: Oh lord yes! They all have money but they are really cheap. Once you see them wearing the Hanukah on with the Jew curls you know they have money.

Mom : Uh huh. You know that’s just a stereo-type. Every race and ethnic background has a stereo-type assigned to them. For Jews it’s that they are cheap and if that were really the case this man wouldn't be paying for your tickets. It's just a stereo-type.

Igno’ant Lady: No. That’s the God’s honest truth not a stereo-type. Jews are cheap. You know sometimes stereo-types are truthful.

Mom : Ahhh I see so that stereo-type of African-Americans involving the projects, fried chicken and watermelons is true too?

Igno’ant lady did not appreciate what my mother had just said. She was not amused. She said nothing.

Mom : Yeah that’s what I thought. You might want to re-think that whole stereo-type thing over. I’ll tell you daughter to call you when she gets home from school. Bye.

I saw the look on my mother's face as she hung up the phone," Ma you alright?". I asked.

Mom: No. She irks the crap outta me ugh!

Mia: Well you know ma some people are just like that they buy into stereo-types except when it comes to their own.

My mom then looked at me arched her eyebrow and launched into her grandmother's thick spanish accent...

Mom: Bueno mija I guessing ju is right. It no paying to get the mad at deese peoples day don't know no beeter verdad? Okay then I'm going to cleaning the hoose now and then i'se got to go downing town and buy some tight clothes.

Mia: Okay woman no more coffee for you.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jaclyn & Carl: It Had To Be You

My best friend Jackie aka My Gentle Giant and the amore of her life Carl just celebrated their first anniversary as a couple. They also recently got engaged so of course I had to create one of my videos in their honor. I love you my gentle giant. Be good to each other.


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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

He Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned

Just as summer began I broke up with a guy I had been seeing for a year. My mother was ecstatic! He hated my mom and my mom despised him as well for too many reasons to be listed here. The people closest to me weren't too crazy about him either. Still when I came to mom and asked her if she wanted me to break up with him she told me no. She wanted me to break up with him for my own reasons not hers and she didn’t want me to always think back on my relationship with him and have any “what if’s” in the back of my head. She had no doubt the veil would be lifted from my eyes and he'd be history. She also added that she would no longer speak ill of him to me because it just prolonged the agony. That instead of alerting me to his flaws everyone's displeasure with him only served to make me feel sorry for him and act protective towards him because I've always rooted for the under dog.

In order to keep her word my mom needed a place to vent.She set up her own blog entitled, “ My Daughter Is Dating an Idiot and I hope I Survive It.” The blog gave her and my friends a place to vent. She posted a photo of him as part of her logo that ran on an interactive java script and allowed visitors to draw on the picture. Many times readers would blacken his eyes, his teeth, add horns to his head and those were the nice things! My friends were merciless! The blog was hysterical I can’t front my heffa Jackie loved it. Once I broke up with the guy my mom took it down.

Now here’s the thing I have a habit of remaining on good terms with all my entire ex’s we’re cool like that and most importantly they are cool with my family like that. However this one guy was different. Just the mere mention of his name pisses my mom off. So when he called my house yesterday to talk about something that was going on in his life she wasn’t too thrilled. …

Mom: Hello-oh

Ex BF: Mia?

My mom and I sound identical on the phone to the point where even my father can’t tell our voices apart. Mom thought she recognized the voice and looked at the caller ID and saw my ex’s name but she still wasn’t sure if it was him or his dad because his dad would often call my house when he needed to get in touch with his son.

Mom: No. This is not Mia. To whom am I speaking to?

Ex BF: Jason

Mom: What can I do for you?

Ex BF: Can I speak to Mia?

mom paused and thought about it for a second

Mom: No

Ex BF: Oh okay

Mom: Good-bye

After a couple of minutes she started feeling bad and called out to me.

Mom: Mia, He Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned just called.

Mia: Who Jason? Jason called?

Mom: Shhhh dammit child didn’t I just say He Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned? Well yeah the thing that came to dinner called. He wanted to speak to you and I told him no.

I had to laugh because my mom has never done something like that no matter how much she has disliked someone.

Mia: Are you serious you told him no?

Mom: Yup. I feel bad now call the bastard back if you want. His number is on the caller ID.

after speaking to him a for a few minutes I returned to the living room

Mia: Mom Jason just proposed to me. I told him yes.

As soon as the words left my mouth I started laughing.

Mom: You think that’s funny? Come here I’ll show you something real funny. only by the time I am done I’m going to be the only one laughing. I’m not so sure you will.

Mia: Damn ma you dislike Jason that much?

Mom: Nena what have I told you? Don’t say his name he’s like Bloody Mary if you say his name 3 times he’ll appear! Hence his title “He Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned !”

Granted I now see what it was she disliked about him and I am grateful to her for letting me discover it on my own. However I still get a kick out of teasing her by mentioning his name every now and then.


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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Because I can

A great big Bronx shout out to Emory I got this video off of his blog.

My time at home is dwindling by this time next year I’ll be off in another country as part of the Peace Corp. People often ask me why…why the Peace Corp? Why do I mentor? Why do I volunteer? So much curiosity when there really is no need to ask the questions. I serve because I can …I serve for all the reasons shown in this video.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Martin Luther King Jr.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Today we as a people honor the birth of this martyr. Who without resorting to terrorism he managed to change this country for the better. Listening to his speeches has made me realize how far we as people have come in this country and how far we still have to go. I see too many of my generation walking around degrading Dr. King’s vision and dream. Too many happily and willingly live up to the stereo-types society has imposed on them. It’s time for my generation of Americans period to live up to Dr.King’s perception and hope for us as a nation. It’s time to live up to his dream.

In his mountain top speech he talks about our ills as a nation and the promise that lays ahead and how people will make a change. This speech was his last, given the night before he was murdered in 1968. Delivered decades before my life began it is still relevant and true today. His words inspire me and move me to be a better person. I hope they will have the same effect on you. I too have a dream and that is that one day religion, race, creed will not matter in this world. Jew, Christian, and Muslim will live together without hate that we will all remember we are brothers and sisters in the eyes of our creator…that we will be able to live in peace, live in harmony and turn hatred into love.

Link: The King Center

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nothing like a good laugh to start out the new year.

I was walking down the street in between a young woman and a really distinguished looking upper class lady in her 70’s when the young woman tripped on the side walk head over heels. As she sailed past me she looked as if she were superman about to take off in flight. Luckily for her she had the reflexes of a cat that day managing to keep her balance and not fall. As she “flew” by me I yelled out,”Oh damn that’s going down bad and it’s gonna leave a mark!”

The old lady looked at me then at the young woman and just started laughing hysterically. I guess because of her age and what appeared to be her station in life I was surprised at her reaction to the situation. “Oh snap!” I told I said out loud as I attempted to stifle my laughter. Meanwhile the lady had turned beet red from her laugher and showed no signs of stopping. “Damn woman that lady has no shame! She just laughed in your face!” and as the young woman stood there totally unappreciative of the comedic moment I proceeded to wheeze and gasp my way into my own hysterical fit of laughter. The old lady and I ended up practically hugging each other. Nothing like a good laugh to start out the new year. Amen.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Chicken Feet

My mom and I arrived home to the sight of my little sister in the kitchen furiously working the stove like a DJ spinning records at a party. The child was fierce! The aroma wafting out of the kitchen was mouth watering. It was her first attempt at cooking a meal for the entire household. Not an easy endeavor when you take into consideration that there’s eleven of us here and we’re all fussy eaters. I am happy to report that the kid can actually cook! Long after dinner was over we continued to complement her cooking skills. Caity was beaming, she was so proud of herself.

Grateful that dinner was delicious we felt safe in reminiscing about bad meals. My favorite bad meal story was my mom’s encounter with chicken feet. When she was a kid her parents had been invited over to someone’s home for dinner. The main course was asopao de pollo which can best be described in English as a chicken gumbo. According to Latino legend a good asopao de pollo has miraculous healing properties supposedly it can cure everything from the flu to cancer. Rumor has it the apostles were ladling out the stuff when Jesus cured the sick, the lame, the blind and when he brought back Lazarus back from the dead. If you look closely at the painting of the last supper there’s a bowl of asopao de pollo on the table.

Imagine the look on my 9 year old mom’s face when the hostess served her a bowl of soup containing a pair of chicken feet with claws attached. When my mom attempted to push away the bowl without eating her soup my grandma nudged her leg with her foot underneath the table. All throughout dinner it went the same way mom pushed the chicken feet around her huge bowl refusing to eat the soup filling herself up on the bread instead while my grandma furiously nudged away with her foot. The hostess seemed oblivious to the fact that my mother wasn’t enjoying her soup. When the hostess left the room for a minute grandma leaned over to my mom and said, “Magda don’t be rude eat the fucking soup!” “Mami there’s feet with nails! Mami nails! The chicken feet have nails! Chicken feet ma! There's chicken feet in my soup!” Nena eat the soup just push the feet away.” “No mami it’s disgusting the feet are swimming in it, you eat it!” “Magda I am eating the soup. Now you eat the soup!” “No mami no way!”

My grandfather was no help because he kept telling my mother that chicken had stepped all over feces just before ending up at the vivero's (halal butcher). My grandmother kept kicking my grandfather under the table to get him to stop. When it became evident that there was no way in hell my mother was going to eat the soup despite my grandma trying to bribe her with the promise of pizza later on my grandfather intervened on his daughter’s behalf. Reaching over and scooping out the offending feet he was about to place the feet on the side of his plate when the hostess walked in on him holding the chicken feet. “Magda doesn’t like hen?” asked the hostess. “Oh no it’s not that it’s just she prefers hens with manicures.” My grandmother promptly kicked my grandfather underneath the table. To this day my mother refuses to eat asopao de pollo and every time my grandfather is served a bowl of the stuff he says it makes his shins hurt.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007


Just a reminder: Have you danced today? If not get moving!
I'm such a sucker for dancing animals...enjoy!

What you're still not dancing?!

What are you waiting for yullah!

Here's another one for you...

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Papillona Sky's Tag: January

I’ve finally recovered from the holidays… and it’s time for Papillona Sky’s monthly Post. A. No. Secret. Tag.
Here’s the run down:
1. Post it on your blog or just Email it to Papillona Sky.

2. Link it to POST.A.NO.SECRET blog.

3. Revealing your identity is optional

Be careful not to share any information you wouldn't want the world to see.

This is my POST.A.NO.SECRET contribution for January.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Pat Robertson has spoken!

Ahhh yes Virginia there really is a Santa Claus. I looked under my tree yesterday and wayyyy behind the Teddy Ruxpin look- a-like bear reading the nativity story was a box and within that box was a story. Oh ho ho ho ho praise be to bejeezus my friends not just any story ‘twas a Pat Robertson story! I felt oh so loved! Anyone who knows me knows that Pat Robertson aka the soothiest soothsayer that ever lived is my man! Throught out the years he has been responsible for a great share of my belly laughs. Let’s re-cap shall we? Here are some of my personal favorites from the man who once declared that Scotland was a "dark land overrun by homosexuals."

  • 1985: Pat claims that he used his powers of prayer to steer Hurricane Gloria away from Virginia Beach, Virginia and his company's headquarters.

  • 1998: Pat stated that allowing "Gay Days" to occur at Disney World could result in variety of natural disasters to strike Orlando, Florida, including the possibility of a meteor strike.

  • 2005: Dover, Pennsylvania residents were informed by Robertson "if there is a disaster in your area, don’t turn to god." This was due to the fact that the school board in the town had rejected the idea of teaching the intelligent design theory in its public schools. 2005 was a banner year for him he also called for the United States to assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. A statement he later denied making.

  • Ahh but enough of the past let's see what good ol' Pat is up to now! Well it seems that God’s offical spokesman Pat Robertson took time off from his power weight lifting to get some 411 straight from the Lords mouth as to what we could expect in the new year. As y’all know God and Pat arethisclose they were frat brothers way back in college. So ummm naturally anytime God has something he wants to announce to the world he contacts Pat they light up a fat blunt and in between the smoking and the munchies God fills Pat in on his plans. The thing that gets me is that for some reason God never has nothing nice to report to Pat; you know like ummm in 2007 there will be peace in the Middle East, enough food to feed the masses and hollywood celebs will finally wear panties. Nada like that instead God always paints pictures involving doom and gloom. If you ask me God and Pat could use some little happy pills.

    Anywho according to Sooth Sayer Pat God told him in that in September that there’s going to be a terrortist attack on the US resulting in a mass killing . I guess much like June is the time for weddinggs and graduations September has been designated by terrorists world wide as the official month for attacks, Okay maybe it’s just me but WTF?!!! September, terrorist attack? Didn’t we do this already? It’s like dejavu all over again. Me thinks Pat has been watching re-runs. He also believes that the attack will be nuclear eventhough God didn’t make any mention of that. So consider yourselves warned people. Pat Roberston has spoken!

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    Wednesday, January 03, 2007

    6 Things

    I saw this on 6 weird things about me thingy on Aisha’s blog and had been meaning to do it for awhile b/c lord knows you guys don’t know enough about me…lol

    1.I wear colorful socks with everything. It doesn’t matter how casual or how dressy the outfit is. Lift up my pants leg and you will find a pair of psychedelic funky socks underneath.

    2.I don’t like store bought birthday cakes I prefer my mom’s home made cakes. Every other item in the bakery I am cool with it’s just the birthday cakes don’t thrill me. I prefer home made cake it doesn’t have to be from scratch, a cake mix will do I guess it’s there’s just something special about all those mysterious and hard to pronounce artificial flavorings, colors, and preservatives that adds a little kick to the cake.

    3.I laugh in my sleep. People have always told me that I must dream some pretty hysterical stuff from the quality of my laughter.

    4.I can’t fall asleep unless there is music playing. I keep it at a respectable volume but if you walk by my room late at night you’ll be serenaded by my current favorites.

    5. I don’t need an alarm clock to tell me it’s time to wake up. No matter how late I go to bed my body’s natural alarm clock wakes me up at 6 every morning whether I need to be up that early or not.

    6.I love to dance. I often break out and dance regardless of my surroundings or who is watching.


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    Tuesday, January 02, 2007

    My apologies to little people

    Sometimes when you’re a tad cranky you should just avoid text messages. Case in point... I had arrived early at school in order to get in some studying before my final. I text messaged my friend to find out what time she’d be arriving at school because we met every day at different times and I wanted to know more or less what time I should be heading out of the library on that day in order to meet her on time.

    My friend has a habit that whenever she is asked something instead of just giving you a straight answer she wants to know the reason you’re asking the question. Usually it doesn’t bother me but I wasn’t Little Miss Mary Sunshine on this day and the smart ass side of me took hold of my fingers and typed back… “ Because I fear for your safety. A band of crazed not so merry midgets has taken over the campus and I just wanted to warn you those tiny bastards are murder on the knee caps.” My apologies to little people every where.

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    Monday, January 01, 2007

    Favorite Songs of 2006

    Anyone who knows me knows music is my passion. It’s the one thing in this world I can not be without on a daily basis. These are the songs in no particular order that got the most play from me in 2006. If you’re not familiar with them give them a listen…you’ve got nada to lose.

    Title: All That I'm Living For
    Artist: Evanescence
    Album: The Open Door

    Title: Anna Molly
    Artist: Incubus
    Album:Light Grenades

    Title: Bailia Reggaeton
    Artist: Tego Calderon ft. Yandel

    Title:Beast and the Harlot
    Artist:Avenged Sevenfold
    Album: City of Evil

    Title: Believe Me
    Artist: Bobo
    Album: The Rising Tied

    Title: Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
    Artist: KT Tunstall
    Album:Eye to the Telescope

    Artist: Tito el Bambino
    Album: Top of the Line

    Title:Call Me When You're Sober
    Album: The Open Door

    My Chemical Romance
    Album: The Black Parade

    Title:Catch My Disease
    Artist:Ben Lee
    Album: Awake Is the New Sleep

    Title: Chasing Cars
    Artist: Snow Patrol
    Album: Eyes Open

    Title:City of Delusion
    Artist: Muse
    Album: Black Holes and Revelations

    Title: Coming Undone
    Artist: Korn
    Album: See You on the Other Side

    Artist:Gnarls Barkley
    Album: St. Elsewhere

    Title: Dani California
    Artist:Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Album: Stadium Arcadium Disc 1

    Title:Dejale Caer te Peso
    Artist: Yomo
    Album: Sangre Nueva

    Album:Light Grenades

    Artist: My Chemical Romance
    Album:The Black Parade

    Title: Do It for Me Now
    Artist: Angels and Airwaves
    Album: We Don't Need to Whisper

    Title:Don't Wait
    Artist: Dashboard Confessional
    Album: Dusk and Summer

    Artist: Ken-Y
    Album: Masterpiece

    Title:Endlessly, She Said
    Artist: AFI
    Album: Decemberunderground

    Title:Enjoy the Silence
    Artist: Lacuna Coil
    Album: Karmacode

    Title: This Aint A Scene, Its An Arms Race
    Artist: Fall Out Boy
    Album:Infinity on High

    Title: Famous Last Words
    Artist: My Chemical Romance
    Album:The Black Parade

    Title:Famous Last Words
    Artist: My Chemical Romance
    Album: The Black Parade

    Title:Faster Kill Pussycat
    Artist: Brittany Murphy
    Album: A Lively Mind

    Title: Fergalicious
    Artist: Fergie
    Album:The Dutchess

    Title:From Yesterday
    Artist: 30 Seconds to Mars
    Album: A Beautiful Lie

    Title: Fully Alive
    Artist: Flyleaf

    Title:Get Together
    Artist: Madonna
    Album: Confessions on a Dance Floor

    Title:Going in Blind
    Artist: P.O.D.
    Album:Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years

    Title:Gold Lion
    Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Album: Show Your Bones

    Title:Goodbye for Now
    Artist: P.O.D.
    Album: Testify

    Title: Cupids Chokehold
    Artist: Gym Class Heroes
    Album: As Cruel As School Children

    Title:Hands Down
    Artist: Dashboard Confessional
    Album:A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar

    Artist:James Blunt
    Album: Back to Bedlam

    Title: Hold Me Down
    Artist: Motion City Soundtrack
    Album: Commit This to Memory

    Title:Hole in the Earth
    Album:Saturday Night Wrist

    Artist: Christina Aguilera
    Album:Back To Basics Disc 2

    Title: I Don't Love You
    Artist: My Chemical Romance
    Album: The Black Parade

    Title: I Will Follow You into the Dark
    Artist: Death Cab for Cutie
    Album: Plans

    Title:Into the Ocean
    Artist: Blue October
    Album: Foiled

    Title:Is It Any Wonder?
    Artist: Keane
    Album:Under the Iron Sea

    Title:It Ends Tonight
    Artist: The All-American Rejects
    Album: Move Along

    Title: It's Not Your Fault
    Artist: New Found Glory
    Album: Coming Home

    Title: Lacrymosa
    Artist: Evanescence
    Album: The Open Door

    Title:Land of Confusion
    Artist: Disturbed
    Album: Ten Thousand Fists

    Artist: The Raconteurs
    Album: Broken Boy Soldiers

    Title: Liar (It Takes One to Know One)
    Artist: Taking Back Sunday
    Album: Louder Now

    Title:Like You
    Artist: Evanescence
    Album: The Open Door

    Title:Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
    Artist: Panic! at the Disco
    Album:A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

    Artist:Daddy Yankee
    Album:Barrio Fino en Directo

    Artist: Taking Back Sunday
    Album: Louder Now

    Artist: My Chemical Romance
    Album:The Black Parade

    Title: Maneater
    Artist:Nelly Furtado

    Title:Me & U
    Artist: Cassie
    Album: Cassie

    Title:Miss Murder
    Artist: AFI

    Title:Move Along
    Artist: The All-American Rejects
    Album: Move Along

    Title: E7sas Gedeed
    Artist: Nancy Agram

    Title: No Hay Igual
    Artist: Nelly Furtado
    Album: Loose

    Title:Not Ready to Make Nice
    Artist: Dixie Chicks
    Album: Taking the Long Way

    Title:Nothing in My Way
    Artist: Keane
    Album:Under the Iron Sea

    Title: Now That You Got It
    Artist: Gwen Stefani
    Album:The Sweet Escape

    Title:Out of Control
    Artist: She Wants Revenge
    Album:She Wants Revenge

    Artist: Three Days Grace

    Title:Pam Pam
    Artist: Wisin & Yandel
    Album:Pa'l Mundo [Deluxe Edition] Disc 2

    Artist: Nickelback
    Album: All the Right Reasons

    Title:Prelude 12/21
    Artist: AFI
    Album: Decemberunderground

    Title: Right Where You Want Me
    Artist: Jesse McCartney
    Album:Right Where You Want Me

    Title: Salio el Sol
    Artist:Don Omar
    Album: King of Kings

    Title:Save Room
    Artist:John Legend
    Album:Misc. Tracks

    Title:Say It Right
    Artist: Nelly Furtado
    Album: Loose

    Title: Seize the Day
    Artist: Avenged Sevenfold
    Album: City of Evil

    Title: Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)
    Artist: Cobra Starship
    Album:Snakes on a Plane

    Title: Steady, As She Goes
    Artist: The Raconteurs
    Album:Broken Boy Soldiers

    Title: Stolen
    Artist:Dashboard Confessional Album:Dusk and Summer

    Title:Suddenly I See
    Artist: KT Tunstall
    Album: Eye to the Telescope

    Title: Sweet Sacrifice
    Album: The Open Door

    Artist: Coldplay
    Album: X&Y

    Title:Tear You Apart
    Artist: She Wants Revenge
    Album: She Wants Revenge

    Artist: My Chemical Romance
    Album: The Black Parade

    Title:The Adventure
    Artist: Angels & Airwaves
    Album:We Don't Need To Whisper

    Title:The Ghost of You
    Artist: My Chemical Romance
    Album: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

    Title:The Kill
    Artist: 30 Seconds to Mars
    Album:A Beautiful Lie

    Title:The Missing Frame
    Artist: AFI

    Title:The Queen and I
    Artist: Gym Class Heroes
    Album: As Cruel as School Children

    Title:Through Glass
    Artist: Stone Sour
    Album: Come What(ever) May

    Album:A Girl Like Me

    Title: Welcome to the Black Parade
    Artist: My Chemical Romance
    Album: The Black Parade

    Title: When You Were Young
    Artist: The Killers
    Album:Sam's Town

    Title: Where'd You Go
    Artist: Fort Minor
    Album:The Rising Tied

    Title:White And Nerdy
    Artist: "Weird Al" Yankovic
    Album:Straight Outta Lynwood

    Title: Who Let You Go?
    Artist:The Killers
    Album:Sam's Town

    Title:Wind It Up
    Artist:Gwen Stefani
    Album:The Sweet Escape

    Title:Wings of Butterfly
    Artist: Him
    Album: Village fm Summer Hits 2006

    Title: With You
    Artist: The Subways
    Album: Young For Eternity

    Title:You Are the One
    Artist: Shiny Toy Guns
    Album:We Are Pilots

    Title:You Only Live Once
    Artist:The Strokes
    Album:First Impressions Of Earth

    Title:You're Beautiful
    Artist: James Blunt
    Album:Back To Bedlam


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