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Thursday, March 31, 2005

I thought they were rather lovely...what about you? Posted by Hello

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It was hot at the restaurant where i worked at so i took off my sweater.
I had on a short sleeved shirt but the sleeve had ridden up my arm a bit exposing a silver of my periot fairy tattoo... The cashier noticed it and made a comment about my boss disliking tattoos in the work place. I assured her that unlike my eyebrow ring the tattoo was not removable and i adjusted my sleeve to make sure it was covered. This was the 2nd time she commented about my tats. The previous week i was wearing a tank top underneath an opened button down shirt and while i was adjusting the the tak top to make sure no cleavage showed she saw the top of a tattoo i have above my breast. My tattoos are situated so that unless i want you to see them you wont....well unless my sleeves ride up or i'm wearing a wife beater with no shirt over it.
Okay back to the story.... I was waiting for a table to free up when I saw the cashier talking to my boss and i could tell i was the topic because: 1) they were looking at me in that " look but dont look over there " way...2) she was touching her arm in the spot where she had seen my tat.

Immeadiately after their convo my boss aka "the little man"walked over to me and was looking at my arms as if he were looking for something, but he was trying to play it off. He stood by my left side. I could feel him sweeping my arm with his eyes. He didn't see anything so he moved over to my right. Now my other arm was being inspected. I knew what he was looking for but ignored his x-ray eyes. Again he couldn't find what he was looking for. He looked to the cashier for help, she touched the bottom of her sleeve with her finger, signaling him where to look.
He looked at the bottom of my sleeve, aha! Jackpot! He saw a speck of ink showing. He touched my arm and asked, "Maria what's this?" "A tattoo", I replied.
He told me from now on to keep it covered because "this is not a bar, it's a family restaurant" Meanwhile the cashier is flashing porn star cleavage...and one of the waitresses is wearing jeans so tight that she's gotta be risking a SERIOUS yeast infection. She is beyond camel toe i'm pretty sure it's her uterus that's being outlined in them jeans.

I've got four more tattoos he doesn't know about it..and I'll be getting another one in several weeks... I guess he'll discover them as the cashier play spot "Mia's tattoos" with me ... the only way she'll see them is if she sees me off the job during the summer, when I'm wearing skimpier tops and my hair is up ( yoga fairy back of neck).Now I ask you dear people what the hell can be so offensive about a fairy tattoo???
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Monday, March 28, 2005

It's a rainy day there's even a flood watch, but somehow I look at these flowers and forget all about it. Posted by Hello

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Gotta change my number...

I was getting ready to go out last night with friends when the ex called.
He wanted to see me.. I told him I had plans.. he asks me to change my plans, I told him I couldn’t… that they had just been made a few minutes earlier and I couldn’t let my friend down. He says he needs to talk to me. Go ahead I’m listening he says he cant do it over the phone needs to see me in person… A light bulb goes off over my head.. hold up haven’t I seen this in a movie?? And don’t it end with the rejected ex pistol whipping the chic? Again I tell him just tell me what ever it is over the phone.. he cant he needs to see me in person.. I reply well I guess it’s not that serious then and I’m not curious like that so I guess it will go with you to your grave unless you wanna email me whatever it was. Finally he gives a dramatic sigh I don’t know what you’ve done to me… I dumped your immature, game playing ass I think to myself… I cant live without you he says… sure you can, you managed nicely before you met me…I think to myself… Theme music to psycho plays in my head…I love you he says…I need you… No you're just spoiled and used to getting your way and it's not happening with me... I think to myself... he tells me he’s going to call me right back…..I’m thinking I should change my number…. 30 mins later phone rings I ignore it.. it keeps on.. I pick it up.. crap it’s him the ex again… he tells me to listen to the phone.. a mariachi band comes on… I cant understand a word the lead singer is singing.. but the song sounds familiar... Oh yeah Keanu Reeves serenaded his love interest in " A Walk in The Clouds" with the song.. nice song...But you're not Keanu Reeves buddy...I lower my head and rub my forehead in frustration...the phone reception is crappy … the connection is lost… Whew thank God! … He calls back.. Hark the hearald! Dammit to hell! He says he had them sing that song just for me… I thank him and tell him to have a good evening and becareful.. I gotta go now.. As I hang up I tell my mom I may have to change my number.

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

I don't know how it happened. It was gradual. I have become Dr. Doolittle.
Sometime last fall we were adopted by a white dove, which we named "Maxie".
Maxie stayed indoors with us for several months until it was time for him to leave the nest.
Now he comes to my window everyday and taps on the window to get fed. I think he must have spread the word around the 'hood that I have an endless supply of birdseed. Several weeks ago there was a sparrow inside my room checking me out from inside the windowsill. Today I had 2 of the biggest, fattest pigeons on my window. They reminded me of that cartoon "The Good Feathers".Unfortunately I couldn't get to my camera fast enough to photograph them. I'm hoping they'll come back. They look like goons for the pigeon mob. Like if they were on steroids.
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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Suavecito and spring...

It’s the first day of spring and my mom seems a little sad. She’s been thinking about her mom today. It was brought on by a song playing on the radio,that made her stop in her tracks. The song called Suavecito by Malo
I can't seem to get the link to work here.. but copy and paste it into your browser..
This song takes mom back to her childhood. Give it a listen...
Funny the power music has over us….

When ever she hears this song it brings back a specific memory of her parents and spring in Harlem. My mom was 10 yrs old, her parents were in their 20's (they had her in their teens) living in King Towers on 112th street in Harlem, having moved to the projects during the winter from Park Slope Brooklyn... My mom wasn't used to being indoors on a Saturday.In Brooklyn she'd be outside in her grandma's yard, or around the corner playing with some of her cousins or she'd be in her aunts dress shop several blocks away sewing on her play machine. Her old Park Slope neighborhood was one where everyone knew each other. They watched over each others kids. Almost all of her playmates were related to her, since she had 13 cousins that lived on the same block.In Harlem it was different. She wasn't allowed outside without her parents and didn’t know anyone. On this particular day grandma seemed to sense my mom was homesick for Brooklyn and tried to cheer her up. She promised to take mom bike riding through Central Park and to pick up Cuban Chinese food for dinner once she was done cleaning. At the time my mom felt that Central Park, The Museum of Natural History and Cuban Chinese food were the only good things about Manhattan.

On this warm spring day her mother was blasting "Suavecito" on the stereo as she cleaned her house with all the windows wide open. Suavecito a new song by a band called Malo, was getting alot of air play especially within the latino community.

The house smelled of King Pine and Windex, white lace curtains billowing in the breeze... grandma barefoot dressed in shorts and grandpa's shirt.Her long auburn hair tied in a ponytail.
Grandpa came in through the door early from work and without missing a beat scooped grandma into his arms as the song played. Slow dancing with her in the living room. Looking down at her like as if she were the finest woman in the world. My grandma returning the gaze,smiling at him her deep dimples in full effect. My mother remembers being mesmerized unable to move as she stared at them; watching her father run his fingers along my grandma's high cheekbones and singing with the song as he kissed her on the forehead. She remembers my grandma running her fingers through his curly hair, staring into his eyes and singing back to him. It gave my mom goose bumps. As the song ended they saw my mom standing there and grandma pulled my mom towards them and all three began dancing letting the song play a second time.
As the song ended my grandma singing to my mom, "suavecito mi linda" as she danced out of the room. When she came back she was dressed and all three of them left the house having decided to visit Brooklyn.

Mom spent the rest of the day playing with her cousins and enjoying her grandmas’ attention. At the end of the evening after all the cousins had gone home she was sitting in her grandma's lap when someone turned on the radio and "Suavecito" came on. My mom listened to the song watching her parents playing dominoes with her uncles and wished she never had to leave Brooklyn again... She remembers the smell of gardenia perfume coming from her grandma as she drifted off to sleep as her grandma stroked her hair. The next day she awoke in her bed in the projects never recalling the long ride home from Park Slope. Her parents broke up a year later.

When my mom was 21 they found their way back to each other. It had started the year before right after I was born. The daily phone calls,both of them coming over to see me at the same time on weekends. This went on for awhile and then one day they announced to my parents that they were getting back together. Oddly enough it was during the spring at my mom’s house and Suavecito was playing on the radio, on WCBS FM an oldies station. Once again like so many years before they were in the living room , a warm breeze making the curtains billow. Once again they slow danced looking at each other with so much love. During the years they were seperated from each other they never denied that they were in love with each other, they just said they couldnt live together. Now it was different, they were both in their 30's and grandparents.They were tired of being apart and wanted the same thing now that they had wanted when they were teenagers, they wanted each other and to grow old together.

As the music played my mom watched them dance from the doorway,recalling that spring day 11 years earlier. Only this time it wasn’t my mom that got pulled into the circle to dance with them it was me. I was in my walker trying to catch the curtain that kept flying into my face when my grandma took me out of the walker and she and my grandpa sang to me as they danced holding me in their arms. My grandmother passed away shortly afterwards at the age of 37.

This was one of my moms' favorite memories of her parents. She still gets goose bumps whenever she hears this song. Isn't it amazing the power music has in our lives?

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Missing my heffa Jackie...

I’m missing my giant heffa Jackie…I love that girl more than ketchup..more than pickles dipped in soda…more than my aunt Nora’s meat pies and rice with milk (Egyptian food)… She’s got this great new apartment sharing it with her girl Ali, who by the way is more ghettofab than kids from the ‘hood. Unfortunately for me it takes me longer to get there from my house and fate has conspired against me this month from spending time with my Jackie. I decided today to make it a point to spend Wednesdays with her that’s her day off and the day my shortest day at school. Jackie is that one friend everyone should have.. okay so she doesn’t like my other friends she has her reasons… Jackie is the type of chic who’ll put out a hit on anyone that messes with me.. gotta love her just for that. I met Jackie when we were teenagers we had this thing called Web-TV , I think it’s called MSN now. Back then we were regulars in a chat room called NYC-Peeps, and that’s how our friendship was born. Anyyyyyyyyywho she’s fantastic. I’ve been worried about her lately ‘cuz she’s been getting sick a lot lately. Now she’s allergic to this damn quilt she bought. Funny thing how people come into your lives and it’s forever changed. I can’t remember my life without Jackie and have definitely been blessed with her friendship. Pretty soon she’ll be starting college! Man I am so proud of her this from a HS drop out! She sets goals and goes for them..I admire that about her. I hope everyone out there gets to meet a Jackie.. she’s one of a kind not to mention a really tall chic !

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Friday, March 18, 2005

New job and too much studying....

Started a new job today. It’s a departure for me from photography. I am now a hostess at Jimmy’s Restaurant . (Weekend shift) the money is good for a student living at home with no real expenses ( 8 per hr) …and the hours don’t interfere with school.. It’s within walking distance from my house and I get to meet all types of people. Wooo hooo it’s a win- win. The owner however does not approve of my eyebrow ring which I’ve had since I was 16 and I have to remove it during work … thank god he hasn’t seen my tattoos.. lol

Dendrite: A branched protoplasmic extension of a nerve cell that conducts impulses from adjacent cells inward toward the cell body. A single nerve may possess many dendrites. Also called dendron.

Axon: The usually long process of a nerve fiber that generally conducts impulses away from the body of the nerve cell.

It’s been a hectic week studying for mid-terms and battling the NYC subway system.
I didn’t realize how hard I was hitting the books until the other day I awoke in the morning from the weirdest dream….. I dreamt someone called my little sister a dendrite and that she replied, “I thought I was an axon. “ wtf??!! lol
I don't know about you but i'm thinking I need to lay off the books just a bit.

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

My friggin' eye!

5:00 am phone rings..all I hear is a drunken “I love youuuuuuu !” It’s my ex, he wants me back. After a really brief convo in which I tell him it’s not happening he hangs up after making me promise to call him later on in the day… I wake up a few hours later to a swollen eye.. looks like I’ve been in a boxing match… I’ve got a stye in my upper eye lid.. it’s painful, and irritating… and it’s forcing me to cancel my weekend plans with my friend Jackie… woe is me… ouch it hurts ! My eye, my friggin' eyeeeeee....

I just spoke with the ex, he can’t seem to accept that there’s not gonna be a sequel between him and me… I explain why.. he says he’s changed . that he knows he messed up etc.. but to tell ya the truth unless he’s had a personality transplant I know it’s not gonna happen.. I left him for a reason…hope he learned via his mistakes and I wish him well with his next relationship…he tells me he’s gonna call me later…

After hanging up with him I wonder whyyyyyyyyy why does he need to call me later…I sense he’s trying to break down my resistance which only goes to prove how little he knows me… I’m like a pitbull once I’ve made up my mind.. grrrrrr grrrrrr…

Got a nice email from Egypt the other day..it seems I am missed so very much.. (smile) I can't front I miss them all very much too. It's funny how you can meet someone or in my case a group of people and become so attached to them... feels like i've known them forever... but then again i suppose when you spend almost a month , 24/7 together you're bound to form attachments.. lol I look forward to seeing all of them this summer...I'm supposed to be heading back out there with my aunt and her mom this time as a tourist ... I'm gonna do all the stuff I didn't get to do the first time...

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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Maxie's just checking on us to see how we doing... Posted by Hello

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Maxie the dove is still around. He's older now so he doesn't stay indoors like he used to. He's left the nest so to speak but he still comes around to be fed...sounds like alot of college students I know.. lol  Posted by Hello

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It was a snowy evening with nothing to do but notice the contrast in colors Posted by Hello

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