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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pop my cherry...

I was riding the subway home and there were a couple of teenaged girls talking about sex and babies. One girl in particular was talking really loud. I think she wanted the entire number 2 train to know she had lost her virginity. I guess someone was giving out prizes for announcing the loss of ones virginity. I remember once upon a time not too long ago when talking about the loss of your virginity was done over a bag of Cheetos and a cold Pepsi in your friend’s room. I guess they missed the memo on that one because this chick made it a point that everyone including the deaf guy standing by the door heard her.

The girls couldn’t have been older than 15 years old and because they were really loud everyone within ear shot of our section could hear them and were making the most uncomfortable facial expressions. Kind of like when someone farts really loud in a crowded place and people pretend not to notice. It was a priceless moment.

Girl A: He didn’t pop my cherry the first time I had sex. He didn’t pop it right.
Girl B: You gotta remember it’s just a muscle and will close again.

Girl A was Hispanic and her bf was African -American and she went on and on about what beautiful babies they would have. Girl B was African American and she expressed her desire in finding herself a “fine Puerto Rican papi” so she could have babies. Ahhhh to be young and stupid again…lol


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