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Friday, July 09, 2010

New Wallpapers for Karen Marie Moning

In honor of the 3rd anniversary of Karen Marie Moning's forum I was asked to create some new wallpapers based on the tarot cards I designed for her.

These wall papers and others are available for download on Karen's website

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Friday, July 02, 2010

Another Blonde Moment

I can never get enough of “blonde” moments especially when I’m not the “blonde” in question. A quick look at the caller ID let me know my sister was calling me which was kind of odd considering she was in the next room.

Caity: Mia, did ma remember to pay the phone bill?

Me: The house phone? Yeah, she paid it last week.

Caity: No, I mean the t-mobile bill.

Me: Uh yeah she did.

Caity: Are you sure? Maybe you should ask her cause my friend just instant messaged me and told me she’s been calling my phone and got a message that it was disconnected.

I thought about what she told me and removed the phone from my ear to look at the number she was calling from once again. Sure enough she was calling me from her phone. I also remembered that her computer is out of commission so any instant message would have had to come via her phone’s data plan.

Me: Caity….*snicker* ahhh …*snicker* think about what you just asked me.

Caity: What?

I gave an exasperated sigh and allowed her to think about what she was telling me. When she still seemed clueless I proceeded.

Me: Uh Caity…where are you calling me from?

Caity: My room.

I just had to shake my head at that

Me: I’ll just give you a minute to think about what you just said. Where are you calling me from?

Caity: My….oh!

obviously the fact that she had been calling me from her supposedly disconnected phone just hit her and she started giggling.

Caity: Oh…I feel special.

Me: As well you should. *snicker*


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