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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Brown People, Drunken Irishmen, Bacon Cheese Burgers For All and One Vegetarian Omelet

I wrapped my mouth around a forkful of a vegetarian omelet after a long night of partying. For some reason we were all starving. I glanced around the all night diner and smiled. The New Year was off to a good start… people were smiling back! Even the uber busy waitress had barked out a laugh when my crew and I placed our order, “ Bacon cheese burgers for all…and one vegetarian omelet!” she'd called out to the cook. As I watched my friends dig in to their burgers I did a quick mental review of 2010 and off the top of my head here are the top 20 things I learned.

1. A sense of humor is always a plus when playing peace maker during a potential bar fight between a drunken brown man and a drunken Irish man.

2. Never ever judge a book by its cover. You never know your favorite author will announce to several hundred people gathered at a convention that the little chick with the camera (ME) that you were oh so very rude to is her “artistic soul mate” and responsible for the art you’ve been raving about.

3. Procrastination can be rewarding! Especially when your professor who had no faith in you admits that your paper was one of the best submitted gives you an “A”.

4. People are epic when given the chance. Thank you good Samaritans every where!

5. Apparently peeps in the South have different criteria for what constitutes as a white person. My friend was driving me to the airport when her car broke down on the highway. “My girlfriend would go crazy if she saw me with three white women in my car!” said the Good Samaritan as he drove my friends (a white girl, Asian, and me a tanned Hispanic) to the gas station.

6. Being a vegetarian isn’t so bad…if you can survive Thanksgiving and Christmas!

7. Patience is a virtue and getting into a top Graduate school is awesome!

8. Who gives a fig what you look like when it’s 119 degrees outside?! Thanks Arizona!

9. A college will stalk you for their money but not for a degree pick up. Psssst Mercy College I’m still waiting.

10. Never blurt out to an actor that you’ve never heard of him while doing a photo shoot with him. Especially if he had a show that’s a cult classic.

11. When hanging out with popular celebs be ready to run interference with female fans. If needed feel free to stick out your foot and trip a few of the over eager ones.

12. Always have your camera ready or you’re likely to miss some great shots.

13. Prior to attending any special event please inform your friends about any private "in" jokes. This way when your new actor friend spots you across the room and interrupts his autograph session to yell in his best New York accent, “Yo, I will gut you like a friggin’ fish… bitch!” no one will think there's drama.

14. Good friendships should never be about quid pro quo.

15. Its hard leaving good friends behind (love ya pookie !)

16. The love of awesome fiction can bring people together.

17. I have discovered that at 3 AM EDIT is a four letter word right up there with Sh* t

18. Everyone needs a muse and mines is the best.

19. Strangers give out the best candy and sometimes you just have to run with scissors.

20. “Sweet Caroline” brings people together (so good, it’s so good!)

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