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Thursday, October 20, 2005

A dog, a duck and a Chinese menu...

That’s it I’m going to hell and I know it and right now don’t care. Yesterday I was maudlin over the impending death of my father’s hamster. Today I read 2 animal related stories that made me laugh hysterically and left me searching for a Chinese menu.

1)Daphne the duck is the star of a West end comedy in the UK. With just 2 days til opening the duck has been duck napped. The funny thing is that the theatre is in walking distance of Chinatown which is famed for its Peking Duck. I don’t want to point fingers or nada but maybe Daphne’s trainer should be looking in that direction. The police seems to be taking the case very seriously. Daphne’s owner ain’t no dummy, he knows the deal. In a side splitting quote (to me) he said , I am distraught , I found it too upsetting to walk through Chinatown afterwards in case there is any recognition.”, “It’s not often you have a west end star stolen.” Yeah right he’s just afraid he’ll find Daphne hanging in a restaurants window.

Story Link:Fowl play suspected in theatre abduction This particular story made me hungry and in deep need of some takeout from my local Chinese restaurant. I wonder if they have any duck today?

The second story was about Skeeter the Narcoleptic toy poodle. Just typing that out cracks me up. I know, I know I’m messed up but I cant help it I have a twisted sense of humor. It seems Skeeter's owners have to take him out for walks in a stroller because he falls asleep mid walk. On top of that he has to be hand fed and massaged while being fed in order to keep him awake while he’s eating and prevent him from choking. I dunno it seems to me that Skeeter is playing his owners. But never fear fellow bloggers now a days there’s a pill for everything. Skeeter is being treated with Ritalin and a anti-depressant, hopefully he’ll return to normal.

I found this story particularly funny because the president of our tenant association has Narcolepsy. Outside of the movies I had never seen this condition. One day there was a tenant meeting in her house and she was going off, I mean she was so angry at management. One minute she’s sitting at the table pounding her fist and the next thing she’s out like a light. With a bunch of zzzzzzzzz’s coming out of her mouth. Everyone just looked at each other, they all knew she was Narcoleptic but for the majority it was their first time seeing it in action. No one knew what to do so my mom walked over to her, rolled up her sweater and placed it under her head so she’d be comfortable. Then my mom took over and continued with the meeting. Narcolepsy is triggered by strong emotions and I guess she was emoting that day.

Story Link: Dog diagnosed with Narcolepsy

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