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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Stuart Little II dad's hamster...

We have a hamster; well actually he’s my dad’s hamster one of my brothers gave it to him as a birthday gift three years ago. His name is Stuart Little II. The average life span of a hamster according to our vet  is 2 yrs and since Stuey is 3 you can see he’s living on borrowed time.  His fur has started falling out I am told it’s due to old age, but other than that he seems fine he’s just moving slower that he used to. He still comes out to greet me whenever I approach his tank and call his name.  I was cleaning him up the other day and suddenly it hit me he may not be around much longer and I felt like I wanted to cry.

Can you imagine that a 22 yr old woman getting teary eyed over a hamster? With all the things going on in the world the imminent death of this tiny rodent moved me to tears.

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