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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Death Watch...

BHOPAL, India (Reuters) - Hundreds of Indians flocked to a village in the central state of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday to see if an astrologer who forecast his own death would die as predicted. Kunjilal Malviya, 75, who lives in Sehara village, about 125 miles south of state capital Bhopal, was meditating in his house after announcing he would die on Thursday between 3-5pm.

Hello the man is 75 of course he's going to die... eventually. When I read the story a few hours ago he was still alive and kicking, not even a death prattle was being heard. So i'm wondering if he doesn't die will the people be happy or disappointed? He's 75 yrs old, if you ask me much like my father's hamster he's living on borrowed time.

UPDATE: I just read he didn't die and that his family says that
the prediction failed because of the prayers of those who prayed for him to live. I bet you now that if they'd known their prayers would have been answered today they would have been praying for some winning lottery numbers.

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