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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Old School is new school...

My little bro kills me. At the age of 16 he is now discovering “old school” music and tries to share it with me. For him old school is new school and right now he's just discovering the music I grew up with. The look on his face when ever I tell him that I know the song is priceless. He’s beginning to think of me as a musical encyclopedia. Right now this is the tune he’s been running, “Pump up the Volume” by Eric B. and Rakim. It took me back to being a little Mia when my parents would have parties and my mom would take over the turn tables. He saw a picture recently of mom at her tables surrounded by all her equipment and he was totally amazed. He never knew about her past life. I’d thought I’d share the song with you…maybe it will bring back some memories or be a new jam for those who never heard it before… either way it’s a good thing… Enjoy!

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