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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Coming to New York...

A dear friend from Egypt is coming to New York, he's moving here. I worry that he may not like it here and I'm determined that he fall in love with the city the way he made me fall in love with Egypt. Mahmoud is my uncle Hassan's younger brother and he's moving out here to make his fortune. When I was in Egypt Mahmoud and I basically spent our time messing with Hassan. You see Mahmoud some ways is the male version of me. Uncle Hassan has a hard enough time dealing with us seperately but whoa hoa stick us in a room at the same time and we pretty much drive Hassan nuts. My Aunt Nora, Hassan's wife loves this.

I have lots of stuff planned for my boy, but I figure between all the relatives that are going to be swarming the house I won't get custody of Mahmoud for a couple of weeks. I see him as family and have so many hopes for him out here. I hope that he enjoys his life here and not just make it about work the way I see so many others doing. I want him to explore the city and learn about it not just to stick to his 'hood because it's an Arab 'hood and familiar. Hopefully he'll be willing to take the leap and become part of the city. I've already introduced him to the slang, and the urban music which he is really digging. It's a trip to hear him whip out the slang in his thick Egyptian accent...lol

As part of his induction into city life I plan on taking him to the Halloween parade in the village. He doesn't know my friends and I go in costume and i'm not telling him , he'll find out when I pick him up. Hmmm maybe I can get him to wear a wig or something. Stay tuned for our adventures...lol

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