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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and Eid Mubarak!

I am actually looking forward to the new year with a sense of re-newed optimism and anticipation. The last hours of 2006 are dwindling down . As we make our way towards 2007 all I can do is reflect back on the year and the lessons learned .

1.January: People find love in even the weirdest situations.

2.Feb/March/April: No matter how many chances you give someone if a relationship is broken…You don't keep on trying to fix it!!!!

3.June: According to others, my blog can make or break friendships. Who knew my keyboard had such power? Now if only I could harness it for world peace.

4.June: Never be afraid to confront two-faced people. It makes you feel a whole lot better and gives them the message that you’re on a different level than they are you’re not one to take crap.

5.July/August: The most superficial person is always the person who can least afford to be. ( sounds like a tongue twister no? lol)

6.October/December: Friendships are tested AFTER your friends find themselves a boyfriend.

7.October: You can't live your friend's lives for them. They have to make their own mistakes.

8.October: The truth hurts and sometimes not all people are willing to hear it and accept.

9.November: The evil eye does exist.

10.November: Sometimes all is not what it appears to be.

11.November: People really are separated by six degrees and it takes an outsider to bring them together.

12.December: Sometimes people need to be told "it's not all about you".

**Honorable Mention: Always Respect Karma and Your instincts!!**

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Friday, December 29, 2006

We all grow up at our own pace

We all grow up at our own pace. Ever since I hit my mid-teens the women in my family have been trying to get me to girly up you know wear make-up, high heels etc. I’m a tomboy at heart my daily wear consists of lip gloss, sneakers, jeans, and casual blouses and it drives my Aunt Nora nuts.

While Christmas shopping I found myself seduced by a pair of inexpensive pointy toed(see photo above) stiletto heeled knee high boots.It was love at first sight. When I declared my love for the boots my mother looked at me as if I were crazy she’d heard this before. My closet is filled with high heels that I swore to love only to abandon them after one wearing due to the discomfort of walking in heels. However there was something about these boots. I could sense this pair of boots was different. I felt a bond between us.

I tried the boots on they felt as if they were made for me. Still my mother was not convinced. “Walk around in them.” she said. I guess now would be the time to mention that I don’t know how to walk in heels. I’ve never mastered the skill. As I took my first tentative steps I fully expected to bust my ass in the middle of the shoe store but I didn’t. I’m telling you those heels were made for me. I walked around the store shopping for 45 minutes in them heels. Several women even complemented me on the boots. When I asked them if I was walking like Frankenstein’s monster in them they assured me I wasn’t. I ended up purchasing the boots and their lovely cousin the matching handbag. Yeah people I actually purchased something besides a knap sack and a messenger bag and I actually found myself admiring some lipstick at the make-up counter, Aunt Nora pinched herself thinking it was all a dream. I feel like such a grown up now.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thank You!

To all of you who took the time to wish me a merry Christmas/Happy B’day on the blog Thank You! Thank you Emory, Cheeky, Chris and Oleg, your thoughtfulness touched my heart. As for you Mr. Emory you made me cry! I’m really emotional during this time of the year! Thank you so very much for your kind words they meant the world to me coming from you.

To those who took the time to call, send cards, and gifts. Words cannot express the gratitude that’s in my heart. You guys all managed to catch me off guard! Thank you Judy I am rocking the chain as I type this out! There will be a photo of said chain being rocked headed your way after New Years! Thank you Aisha there’s gotta be something special about the up coming year when our holidays fell into place the way they did! Dannie mi hermana de corazon everytime I look at your card I start to giggle. Gracias I love you ! Thank you thank you The Don your call was the icing on the cake!


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As I write this out the memory of Christmas day ’06 seems kind of blurry but still clear enough that the imprint of it remains in my heart. The evening was something else. It was filled with a traditional Boriqua culinary feast, booze, fantastic music, dancing, singing, booze, Aunt Nora’s butter cookies, booze, mom’s chocolate mousse cake, booze, friends, more family, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, booze, congratulatory phone calls , booze. Around 2:30 am with Nora’s encouragement I decided to serenade the crowd at the top of my lungs with Nancy Ajram’s E7sas Gedeed. I had no idea I even knew the song. I guess I memorized it after hearing it played so much while shopping with Nora a few days before. Oh yeah after that there was more booze, more of me singing lord knows what, and booze…did I mention there was booze?

The day started out sunny and unseasonably warm (61 degrees). As usual there were so many gifts under the tree it spilled several feet away from the tree on each side. It never ceases to amaze me how my parents manage to keep all those gifts a secret from us. As the morning slipped into afternoon the house started jumping. Dinner was being served at 6 pm but people had started arriving at noon, every now and then my mom would mutter, “I said Christmas dinner not Christmas Lunch!” only to have my dad dissolve into a fit of giggles. Why he found that so funny remained a mystery to the rest of us.

Dinner was fantastic! My parents out did themselves. The guests went back for seconds a few even had thirds. Shortly after the birthday cake was served Cousin Mahmoud winked at me gave a toast in my honor and gave the signal for us to get our drink on. It’s become something of a tradition for him and I to get a lil’ tipsy on my birthday. He sat on one side of the table with a bottle of Hennessey close enough to the stereo to control the music. The music was a mixture of Arabic and salsa. His choice of drink was Hennessey straight up. Mine was Smirnoff Sour Apple Vodka with sprite. The bottle had been a gift from my uncle Chino. The sour apple sprite thingy tasted like apple cider. Beware of drinks like that they have a habit of sneaking up on you! Aunt Nora’s mom Lila preferred my dad’s coquito (Boriqua egg nog). Life at that moment was beyond good it was nirvana. Surrounded by the most important people in my life I could sense the love in the room.

The conversations in the room flowed easily we talked of politics, education, friendship, love and in between there was a lot of laughter. We also discovered something new that when I am outrageously drunk I become trilingual. My conversations started out in English at some point switched over to Spanish and then into Arabic. Usually I am kind of self-conscious about my pitiful Arabic but rumor has it that lubricated by the sour apple vodka I became quite proficient. Mahmoud and Nora were quite proud.

This is the song I was singing….

powered by ODEO

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Goodfeathers

I was walking down the street when I spotted this group of pigeons chilling on a park bench. They reminded me of Squit, Pesto, and Bobby characters from a favorite cartoon of mine called The Good Feathers a parody of classic mob film The Goodfellas.

Check out the first one on the left he kept on looking at me as if to say,"You looking at me? You looking at me?"

For those not familiar with The Goodfeathers here ya go…

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ice cream sundaes

I was on baby sitting duty Sunday night and took my four year old charges Dareem and Tesneem to Mickey D’s for dinner. Time flew as we dined on Chicken Mc Nuggets and fries. The girls had a lot to tell me it had been several weeks since they had last seen me. I love four year olds they’re at that magical age when they’re still young enough to believe in dragons and fairies but old enough to articulate what they’re thinking. The topic of conversation included my new hair color (had just dyed it jet black the night before),dinosaurs,dragons and car troubles Tesneem's mom my Aunt Nora's cousin had been having lately. They were split about the hair. Dareem liked it while Tesneem seemed to prefer my natural color. However they both were in agreement that dinosaurs and dragons were related, except dragons were older they were from the times when it was safe for fairies to fly in plain sight. I agreed whole heartedly with their theory.

Being the “auntie” I get to spoil the girls in little ways their moms often don’t think of doing which along with my tattoos and piercings makes me way cool in their world. In this case “spoiling” involved ordering up a couple of ice cream sundaes to go. At that moment I was more popular than Dora The Explorer. During our walk home the girls insisted on checking out a shoe store display. Instead of oohing and ahhing over the festive decorations the girls lost their minds over a very expensive pair of red stiletto high heels. When I was that age the only shoes I can ever recalling thrilling me like that were sneakers that lit up when you walked or the ones with Velcro and sesame street characters. Times have sure changed. They both agreed they were going to buy those shoes when they grew up.

At home I set them up with their sundaes in the living room and we settled in to watch
Polar Express
. This got them started on a conversation about holidays. The girls are both Muslims except that my cousin Dareem is being raised more like a relaxed Americanized Muslim, all American holidays are celebrated in Uncle Hassan and Nora’s crib. Tesneem’s family is more traditional. Her grandfather is a mullah and she attends Muslim school so her upbringing is a little bit more rigid. I was on the phone when Tesneem approached me, she was very upset and needed me to verify something, “right Tant (auntie) Mia right Halloween is haram?” Tesneem then went on in great detail in Arabic thank you very much as to why it was haram. Her explanation involving devil worship had been obviously taught to her in school. Dareem was not having any of it after all we both live for Halloween it is our thing, “Right Mia it’s not haram? Halloween is not haram.” I looked at my cousin Mahmoud who had just arrived home from work for help and the bastard offered none. Instead he looked at me and laughed as to say, “You are so screwed now!” I explained to Tesneem that now a days Halloween is just about scaring the crap out of each other, trick or treating for candy and wearing costumes, “Halloween is cool.” Dareem smiled satisfied with my proclamation and turned to Tesneem, “ See I told you! Halloween is cool Mia said so!” Tesneem didn't seem fully convinced but she nodded her head anyway.

Then the girls started talking about Christmas. Again Tesneem yelled, “Haram!” “Christmas is haram!” she added. Oh man it was going to get ugly, Dareem took that as a personal insult. I stood poised to step in before any blood was shed but it was over as quickly as it began. “Christmas is not haram! Christmas is my Mia’s birthday!” bellowed Dareem. “Tant Mia’s birthday is Christmas?!” asked Tesneem stealing a glance at me and looking kind of confused. She then looked over at Mahmoud and he nodded his head in confirmation… “decorations, tree, Santa Claus it’s all for our habibi Mia.” Tesneem looked at him tentatively. I could tell she was doing some major thinking. She looked at me again and this time Dareem stood in front of her poking her in the chest with her finger, “Stupid head my Mia is not haram!” "Dareem be nice to your cousin don't call her names." I said to my cousin in my best "I mean business" voice. I looked at Tesneem and smiled. She smiled back at me and added “ Tant Mia is not haram.” and this time she seemed totally convinced. Yup those ice cream sundaes sure did the trick.

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Krispie Dixie Tag

Krispie Dixie tagged me for this. It’s pretty simple …
-Grab the closest book to you
-Open Page 123
-Scroll down to the 5th sentence
-Post the next 3 sentences on your blog
-Name the book and author
I’m supposed to tag three people to do this but we’ve done this one before so if you’re into it please feel free to do it and let me know.It's always nice to know what people are reading!

Title: Paradise Lost Author: John Milton

Still as they thirsted, scoop the brimming stream;

Nor gentle purpose, nor endearing smiles

Wanted, nor youthful dalliance, as beseems

Fair couple, linked in happy nuptial league,

Alone as they. About them frisking played

All beasts of the earth, since wild, and of all chase

In wood or wilderness, forest or den;

Sporting the lion ramped, and in his paw

Dandled the kid; bears, tigers, ounces, pards,

Gambolled before them; the unwieldy elephant,

To make them mirth, used all his might, and wreathed

His?kithetmroboscis; close the serpent sly,

Insinuating, wove with Gordian twine

His braided train, and of his fatal guile

Gave proof unheeded; others on the grass

Couched, and now filled with pasture gazing sat,

Or bedward ruminating; for the sun,

Declined, was hasting now with prone career

To the ocean isles, and in the ascending scale

Of Heaven the stars that usher evening rose:

When Satan still in gaze, as first he stood,

Scarce thus at length failed speech recovered sad.

O Hell! what do mine eyes with grief behold!

Into our room of bliss thus high advanced

Creatures of other mould, earth-born perhaps,

Not Spirits, yet to heavenly Spirits bright

Little inferiour; whom my thoughts pursue

With wonder, and could love, so lively shines

In them divine resemblance, and such grace

The hand that formed them on their shape hath poured.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Graffiti Building

There’s a building in Little Italy over on Spring Street that has been a mecca for artists for decades. The five-story, 19th-century brick building sits on the corner of Elizabeth and Spring Streets and may be the best-known unknown building in New York. It is not a protected landmark and doesn’t even have an official name. To street art lovers the world over it’s known by its address, 11 Spring Street, or simply as “the building with all the graffiti on it.” or the “candle building” because in each curtained window there was a candle. Well as you know time marches on and in NYC where there’s a building in a up and coming trendy ‘hood there’s money to be made. 11 Spring Street is about to be turned into condos by its new owners but in an ultimate act of tre coolness the owners are ending this chapter in the buildings life with grace. The owner gave artists who wanted to come and do their stuff free reign of the building. They were free to create art where ever they saw fit on the property.

I grew up surrounded by this stuff. My mom a talented artist was known for her tags and murals during her pre-mom days. As a mom the blank walls of our house became her canvas. I never knew what my room was going to look like when I came home from school. Once it was turned into a magical forest with all types of fairies and gnomes watching over me. Another time it was an under water kingdom with mermaids whales and dolphins. Once it was even a subway car with a huge tag of my name right in the middle of the car. I think one of my favorites was the time my mom made a 8 foot by 12 foot mural in our dining room called “Life” it showed the creation of life from conception to birth. It was awesome. The landlord begged my mom to let him keep it when we moved. I had hoped she would recreate it in our new place but she refused. She never paints the same thing twice. Enjoy…

Read More:
  • Last Hurrah for Street Art, as Canvas Goes Condo

  • Ghosts Amid the Graffiti
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    Saturday, December 16, 2006


    As a kid I’d always get excited watching the city decorate for the holidays. Last night as I walked around the city camera in hand checking out the bright lights the experience was bitter sweet. I found myself thinking of our soldiers, family and friends so far from home fighting in a war fueled by egos and it sucked out the joyful aspect of the decorations.

    The Iraq Study Group Report has confirmed what Americans have known all along, we’re in deep shit and the court jester leading this country refuses to accept it. The situation in Iraq has no quick fix. The civil war that has broken out will be an endless one. It’s not like the Shiites and the Sunnis are going to put their 1300 year old differences aside because democracy drove into town on the back of a hummer and Bush wills it. Bush needs to accept the fact that we are not wanted there. The time has come to bring our people home. Our resources are thin and there's been talk about re-instating the draft because of this. More lives to be sacrificed over a senseless war. Before anyone starts to accuse me of being unpatriotic let’s not get this twisted. I support our soldiers and the work they do all over the world not just Iraq. What I do not support is our presence in Iraq. Let’s not get the two things confused with each other.

    Our beloved leader has thrown money at this war like a drunk at a strip club. Meanwhile on the home front money for education, social services; health care programs are cut. Mira Bushy you want to liberate some people? Liberate us, liberate “we the people” the ones talked about in the constitution the one you swore to uphold. You want to make the world a better place, make democracy the battle cry of the world? Then take care of crap here at home. Give the citizens, give us the students of this country the tools we need to be the best we can be to take our place as leaders in this world and then you and your old school cronies need to get the heck out of the way and let us do our thing. I'd like to be able to enjoy the decorations once again without the bitter sweet ache in my heart.

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    Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    Another Mia moment

    I was on the subway when I spotted my friend a few feet ahead of me in the crowded car. I “Excuse me, excuse me please, and pardoned me” my way through the crowd to get to him. His back was turned to me and I decided to surprise him so I pinched his butt. It was no little girl wussy pinch it was a big healthy pinch I must have had at least ¼ of a butt cheek in between my fingers. He turned around with an indignant “Hey!” and then looked down and saw me…he gave me a big smile and changed his tone to “Hi there!”, only it turned out it wasn’t my friend. I pinched a look- a- like’s butt. Color me mega embarrassed. Yup it was another Mia moment.

    I could feel my face turning red. I quickly apologized to the big guy and explained that I had mistaken him for my friend. The guy offered to be my friend and asked for my phone number, when I wouldn’t give him mine he offered me his. I just laughed, apologized again and continued blushing furiously as the train came to a stop. I then quickly waved goodbye to him and practically ran off the train and down the platform onto the street.

    Later on when I spoke to my friend and told him what had happened and he started cracking up. “Dude he was an exact clone of you, face, body, height todo (all) ! The guy was the spitting image of you!” “Why didn’t you get his number?” he asked “What for?” “My dad had another kid. I have a brother I never met maybe that was him!"

    Oh man I've got to stop having those Mia moments.


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    Saturday, December 09, 2006

    Papillona Sky:December

    It’s a new month people and time for Papillona Sky’s monthly Post. A. No. Secret. Tag.

    Here’s the run down:
    1. Post it on your blog or just Email it to Papillona Sky.

    2. Link it to POST.A.NO.SECRET blog.

    3. Revealing your identity is optional

    Be careful not to share any information you wouldn't want the world to see.

    This is my better late than never POST.A.NO.SECRET contribution for December.

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    Wednesday, December 06, 2006

    Nadine was here...

    My youngest cousin ( 1 1/2 yrs old) Nadine was here for the weekend and when she left she took a piece of my heart with her but then again that’s nothing new she’s held my heart in her hands since the day she was born.


    Photo & video editing at onetruemedia.com

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    Monday, December 04, 2006

    Santa Claus

    My nine year old cousin Pico came home Friday heart broken, he’d been told by a friend that Santa Claus did not exist in disbelief he ran to his dad and asked him if this was true. My uncle decided it was time to tell his son the truth. The problem was that judging from Pico’s reaction he wasn’t ready to stop believing in Santa. As a former child I can tell you kids are not always ready to stop believing in the magical powers of Santa and the tooth fairy as quickly as adults think they are. Sometimes it’s not really the adult version of the truth kids are after, sometimes it’s the truth of childhood they want to be reassured about. The one in which magic beans, unicorns, and if you’re Latino el cuco and el chupa cabra really do exist.

    I still hadn’t recovered from Pico’s sad little face when I sat down to breakfast on Saturday morning and six year old Abigail informed me that her mom my other uncle's ex Liz had told her that Santa Claus had died of old age. I was crushed. My mom glared at Abby’s mom, “why would you tell her something like that?” “Have you seen her list?! I can’t afford all that stuff!” Liz shot back at my mom. Just then Pico came over and told Abby,” you know what this means? The tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny are not real either.” He looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders Abby didn’t look so happy either. She wasn’t ready yet either. That’s when I told them about the Santa photos, picture proof of a visit Santa made to my house when I was a kid.

    Pico obviously had forgotten about them. It was time to refresh his memory. The look of awe and amazement that spread over their faces as I slapped the photos on the table was priceless. Pico smiled at my mom and it was obvious to us that he knew . He would never believe again and I could tell he seemed saddened by it, I know I was. Then something happened. My mom winked signaling the start of a conspiracy between them. Just because he didn’t believe in Santa didn’t mean Abby had to stop. It is a right of passage in my family as we grow older and discover the truth we join ranks with our parents to keep the myth alive for the younger kids in the family. Pico was now an official Santa’s helper. Abigail jumped up and down in her seat and despite trying to play it cool Pico was obviously excited...

    Abby: Wow! I knew he was real I just knew it! Santa is real! Look mommy he is real!

    Her mother walked over inspected the photos and said, “Abby that’s Willie in a Santa costume !” Abby leaned in closer to inspect the photo of my then 20 something year old father.

    Abby:Uh uh that’s not Willie mommy!

    Pico walked over in a nonchalant way his eyes betraying his excitement began inspecting the pictures. “ Liz that’s not nino. My nino is not that fat!

    He’s called my dad nino ever since he could talk. Nino is short for padrino which means godfather in Spanish.

    Abby: You see mommy Santa is really real. He’s not dead mommy you lied to me!

    Liz: No Abby I didn’t lie to you I would never lie to you Santa is dead. I’m the one that buys your presents.

    My mom noticed the look of distress on Abby’s face she looked as if she were going to cry.

    Mom: Abby honey mommy didn’t lie to you, she would never do that. She just didn’t have all of the right information. Look Santa is not dead. He is real. He is just retired.

    Abby: I knew it! I knew it! Maggie what does that mean retired?

    Mom: That’s when a person stops working because he is old and tired.

    Abby: Santa was tired of kids?

    Mom: No baby but he was old and after years and years of climbing in through chimneys and fire escapes his knees and back were shot! His body was worn out!

    Abby: Did his wife make him stay home?

    Mom: Well she didn’t make him stay home but his doctor felt it was best if he did. He still supervises the toy making and goes over the naughty and nice list but he doesn’t deliver the presents anymore instead he has the elves take turns doing that.

    Abby: So mommy really buys all my presents?

    we all leaned in waiting to hear my mom’s explanation of this one…it was obvious everything was riding on the response to this question… Abby’s need to believe and her mom’s credibility as a parent…

    Mom: Yes Abby your mom buys all of your gifts…

    Liz let out a sigh of relief and Abby frowned…but my mom wasn’t done yet she wasn’t about to let Abby down…

    Mom: she buys all of them except for one special gift…

    Abby perked up when she heard this and began jumping up and down again.

    Mom: That one special gift Abby he leaves at someone’s house just for you…it could be at your grandma’s house…

    mom looked at Liz and Liz nodded no…we’d later find out that her mom is a Jehovah’s witness and doesn’t celebrate holidays.

    Mom: or.. or... or...

    (mom was trying to think of something, her brain was working fast and furious...)

    Mom: Sometimes Abby he leaves that one gift at an aunts or an uncles house like my house!

    (nice recovery mom! I thought to myself )

    Mom: As a matter of fact remember last year he left you a gift next to Nadine's?

    Abby:Yeah the baby Bratz dolls! Why didn’t he send it to my house?

    Mom: Because he knew you and Nadine were going to be coming to my house and he decided to save the elves a trip because my house is way closer to the route to the north pole than yours is.

    Abigail was satisfied with the answers my mom had given her and went off to play with the biggest smile ever, content that there really was a Santa Claus. My parents went through great lengths to keep Santa alive for us when we were growing up. Heck my dad even tripped on the window sill once while climbing into our apartment and crash landed on his face in the living room chipping a bottom tooth. Cries of “shit, shit, double flubbing shit, and some more colorful ones in Spanish punctuated the pre-dawn hours of one Christmas morning. I mean sure it made us think that Santa Claus had the filthy mouth of a bilingual sailor that needed to be washed out with soap but none the less it kept us believing.

    Hello my name is Mia and I believe in Santa Claus. True story.

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    Friday, December 01, 2006

    World AIDS Day

    Today is World AIDS Day …

    One autumn in what seems a lifetime ago I met Eric. Like me Eric was an 18 year old college freshman. He was funny, sensitive and just an all around great guy. We were both full of dreams; determined to leave our mark on the world. During mid-spring he started complaining that he wasn’t feeling well and finally went in for a check-up. The news he received changed his life forever. He'd lost his virginity in his early teens. Like too many kids he thought he was invincible, and didn’t give his unprotected actions a second thought. At the time his focus was on “getting’ some” not protection. Yet is was still a shock when the doctor told him he was HIV positive. Stuff like that is not supposed to happen to teenagers, especially during their first time. Stuff like that happens in bad late night movies.

    I lost my friend the day he got his diagnosis. On that day he died and an angry bitter man was born. I hung around as long as I could; as long as he allowed me to. Then one day he said good-bye and ended our friendship just like that. I sometimes think that the promise of what lay ahead for me angered him or hurt him so much he couldn’t stand to have me in his life anymore. He couldn’t accept my friendship. Years have gone by and I often think of him. I wonder how he is doing or if he is still even with us. The hardest part of his HIV diagnosis was leaving my friend, having to say good-bye because he didn’t have faith that I would’ve remained by his side holding his hand through it all.
    Learn more:World AIDS Day

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