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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I love the rain...

It’s been raining for a week here in NYC, it’s as if God’s turned on the faucet and NYC is taking a shower. All of the soot, dirt, and grime of this unbelievably long hot summer being washed away. All of the problems and drama that came along with the summer are being rinsed off and pouring themselves down the drain.

I love walking in the rain without an umbrella feeling the water on my face. I love the smell of the rain mingling with the scent of fabric softener on my jacket. I love sitting on the bus on the way home watching the rain wash over the windows, puddles of water forming in the streets perfect for jumping in or walking through. The streets are empty of people hanging out cluttering the sidewalks. When it rains like this you don’t even see people, all you see are umbrellas with feet hurrying to their destinations trying to get out of the rain. I never understand what the hurry is, slow down enjoy the rain. It’s nature’s way of cleansing the city. Smell the air notice how different it is I inevitably think to myself when I see people rushing to get out of the way upset that it’s raining yet again.

When it rains in the fall the air smells different, it smells clean. When it rains on a hot day during the summer when you can smell the sidewalks and streets in the air; and it becomes uncomfortable all the heat rising from the rain. In the fall the air smells crisp. You can smell the wet leaves that have fallen from the trees, the wet grass that soon will be gone; it’s a familiar and comforting smell. I love the rain, it makes me feel alive, renewed.


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