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Monday, October 17, 2005

Feathered Friend Vacations At Club Casa Mia

(My New room mate)

(Last year's vacationer:Max)

Somewhere out in New York there must be a rumor being circulated amongst the bird population that I have an unlimited amount of free bird seed in my house. In what seems to be becoming an annual ritual  birds fly into my house and set up their winter digs.

Last year around this same time I had a dove that I named Max adopt me.
(Max getting ready to leave for the day)

He flew into my room one day and made himself at home. Every midmorning he would leave but by dusk he would be back inside of my room.
(Max decides to stay in on a rainy day )

On really cold or wet winter days he wouldn’t even bother to go out he’d stay in my room all day. Eventually he got bold enough to start sleeping on my bed sometimes I’d find him perch on my footboard a few times I even found awoke to find him perched on my shoulder or hip. Max finally left the “nest” during the beginning of summer but he’d still come home to eat then one day he never came back and I haven’t seen him in the neighborhood since.

Last night I was writing a story on my computer when something flew right by me. I looked up and saw this little itty bitty bird perched on my living room curtain rod. I have no idea where he came from or even which window he flew in through. At first I thought it might have been a butterfly we’ve been known to get some beautiful ones fly into my house on the way to who knows where.  I thought maybe it was someone’s bird that had gotten away because he seemed okay with my mother. She approached it and began talking softly to it and it just stood still it seemed to have no fear .  the bird seemed to have no interest in leaving my house but my cats were very interested in it if you get my drift. My mom decided it would be safer for the bird to be in a cage since he made no attempt to fly out the windows.  Jason was dispatched to  fetch the bird and for the next several minutes he and the bird had a work out. Every time he would approach it the bird would fly away.  The bird is now safely tucked away from Elvis the cats claws in a bird cage. He seems to be doing fine. My mom wants to find out what type of bird it is. If it’s a “wild” bird we’ll set it free because it will be able to fend for itself if it’s a “domesticated” bird then we’ll keep it because my mom doesn’t want to send it out into the cold cruel city if it’s used to people feeding it.

So if any of you guys know what type of bird this is let me know…In the meantime my unnamed feathered friend will be vacationing at Club Casa Mia .

Spot my new birdy tenant amongst the fauna of my window: he's on top in the middle

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