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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Staff Sgt. George T. Alexander Jr. is the name of the 2000th

Staff Sgt. George T. Alexander Jr. is the name of the 2000th American soldier to die as a result of the was in Iraq. He was 34 years old and the father of 2 children. Alexander's wife, Fina, said in a story in Wednesday's Killeen Daily Herald that an Army official praised her husband's efforts to save others when the bomb went off, saying that he attempted to remove all of his soldiers from the vehicle and secured the site - "saving a number of his soldiers' lives in exchange of his own." Even as chemical burns from the explosive device peeled away his skin he thought to save others. Amazing the selflessness of some people.

His mother Annie Mae Spence was at his side as he shed his mortal coil. The doctors had placed him on his stomach because sixty five percent of his body was covered with third degree burns. “I was rubbing his back, and I was singing," Spence recalled. At the bedside of her dying son, she sang him his favorite gospel hymn, "The Battle is Not Yours, It's the Lord's." she sensed the ending of his life was near and leaned in close to him. “George, if you are tired, you can close your eyes. I'm here for you." "He took his last breath," she said softly, closing her own eyes. "It was peaceful."

She was asked for her reaction to President Bush's comments that the best way to honor the war dead is to complete the mission. "I think it was a useless war. It's a waste of taxpayer money," she said. "They didn't find any weapons of mass destruction." Polls indicate that the majority of Americans feel the same way she does. I know I do. As of yet, the American public hasn't been given a clear and compelling reason for the US attack and occupation of Iraq. So far we’ve been given something like 9 reasons the latest one coming last week on NBC’s Meet the Press. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice claimed that rebuilding the entire Middle East has been the Bush Administration's mission ever since 9/11.

I thought it was about weapons of mass destruction then it was about fighting terrorism even though Hussein had nothing to do with the attacks on my city. WTF? Which one is it… please pick a reason and stick to it.
I know I am politically naïve I rarely write about politics because so many other blogs do it so much better it’s their thing. But if I recall correctly “rebuilding the entire Middle East post 9 /11” wasn’t what Congress voted for in the resolutions authorizing the use of force in Afghanistan or Iraq. “rebuilding the entire Middle East post 9 /11” is not what the American people were led to belive was our goal. Bush the Younger’s Administration is doing yet another 'bait and switch,' because Congress and the American people would never have supported an open-ended mission to remake the entire Middle East if Bush The Younger had said this was his goal from the beginning.

Bush the Younger and his funky fresh crew want to rebuild the Middle East… hello Mr., President, how about we rebuild over here first. We had this little ol’ hurricane called Katrina basically destroy NOLA not to mention the ones that followed her …we’re up to a record breaking 13 now… can we worry about our own first?
Oh yeah and while we’re at it. I don’t appreciate the amount of military recruiters parking their butts in my little brother’s high school all day. Handing out freebies, and trying to entice the seniors into joining the military. My message to Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice is this : If you won't send your daughters or nieces and nephews to Iraq, then leave my brother and his friends alone!! If you have so much confidence in this war send one of the twins in they’re not really doing anything special at the moment. Tomorrow yet another one of my cousins leaves for Iraq. Right now I have 5 relatives out there and Bush has none. My family was never in favor of this war yet they are out there under Bush the Younger orders…when is he going to send one of his relatives?


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