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Friday, October 28, 2005

Out the closet...

In the past two days two famous people have come out the closet one is the dude who played Mr.Sulu on Star Trek, and the other is woman’s basketball player and Olympic champion Sheryl Swoopes. I’m happy for them, may they live their lives in peace and happiness.I can’t even imagine having to live my life in such secrecy afraid of being discovered or shouted out.

I’ve got a lot of gay friends that I’ve know since HS, a couple of them lived in the closet. I remember how miserable they were. One of them a girl finally came out last year and all hell has busted loose. Her family (they are devout Christians) is up in arms. Her aunt keeps text messaging her on her cell phone and leaving her religious messages. She seems to think if my friend comes back to the church she can be purged of her “gayness”.

Until recently my friend attended church several times a week. Once she let on to a few of her church buddies that she was gay things started changing. She was relieved of her drummer’s position in the church band. The pastor started preaching against homosexuality at least once a week looking dead at my friend. She finally broke with the church and came out to her family, we her friends had known she was gay in HS but she came out to us in college. Now she‘s out to everyone. I see the difference in her life, now she seems at peace and confident. Not like before when all she did was sit home and contemplate suicide. She is free now and she is happy her family just has to learn to deal with it. The problem is that now I can’t get the Diana Ross song out of my head, “ I ‘m coming out I want the world to know… got to let it show.. I’m cominggggg”

I dedicate the following song to all of those taking their first steps out of the closet…baby steps, my friends’, baby steps…

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