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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blonde Moment

A friend from Louisiana emailed me a photo of her modeling her soon to be wedding dress. The dress tightly hugged my Cajun curvaceous friend’s body. Coming from such a huge cultural melting pot like NY I tend to forget not all places are enmeshed as we are. The following “blonde” moment is a result of that.

Me: you need to buy a faja for the dress.
Friend: What’s that?
Me: my bad, that's a girdle in Spanish.
Friend: Ooh, I like that word better. I'm going to start saying that...so is that Cuban or Spanish?

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Dresser

Names have been omitted in order to avoid embarrassing the subject of this true life tale.

Stretched out naked in his bed he smiled at the thought of the woman of his dreams. As he went through the evening’s events with her he became aroused. Unable to reason his arousal away he decided to do something about it. He moved his dresser in front of his door as a precautionary measure against his roomies. He padded silently back to his king sized bed stepping over his discarded briefs and settled into bed. Deciding he needed a visual aid he fired up his mini laptop and opened up a PG rated photo of the woman he’d described as a walking wet dream. He placed the laptop on his stomach and went to work recalling her smile, the sensual sound of her voice and laugh.

Deep in the throes of his masturbatory fantasy he moaned the woman’s name loudly several times. Unfortunately one of his roomies just happened to walk past the young man’s door at that precise moment. Fearing that his friend was ill the room mate pushed against the door. Hearing the noise in the hall his second room mate rushed out to see what was wrong. Upon discovering that the door was blocked the roomie panicked and attempted to kick in the door. When that didn’t work he got a small ax out of the closet and began hacking away at the door and finally was able to kick the door in sending the dresser crashing to the floor.

It was an old dresser and the landing wasn’t kind and it was damaged. The young man on the bed was too far gone into his orgasm and yelled out the young woman’s name again. As he lay there on the bed shuddering, lap top on his stomach, sheets a mess, stomach and thighs drenched with this own seed the room mate ax over his shoulder stepped over the dresser and fully entered the room. The young man looked up and stared at the damaged door and dresser. He’d been so wrapped up in the moment he had not noticed the door being kicked in. For days he’s been unable to control the raging hard on that hit him at the thought of her. The door and dresser would have to be replaced but it was so worth it he’d thought to himself. He also made a mental note to tell his new crush about the door and dresser. Just imaging her embarrassed reaction to his teasing made him want her all over again.

The second room mate stepped in took one look at the scene and began yelling. He stalked over to the young man on the bed still holding his semi-erect member and stared at the computer. The young woman in the photo was a friend of his. Someone he had introduced to the great masturbator. The roomie reached out and smacked him on the head. “Don’t you dare!” he warned. The young man looked up at his room mate wordlessly then gave him a huge shit eating grin. The room mate stared back and shook his head, “Damn, I hope she is at least going to make an honest man out of you.”

Several hours later the young man’s mother arrived and surveyed the damage. “What happened” she asked. The young man shrugged and smiled sheepishly at his mother. Several days later a new dresser arrived to go with the nifty new lock on the new door.

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Ta dahhhhh!

Been wondering why I’ve slacked off on my blog? Well wonder no more!

I’ve been working on this deck of tarot cards inspired by Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series. I finally finished them in April and Karen previewed a couple of them on her blog.
Check them out…KMM Blog /Tarot Cards

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