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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My apologies to little people

Sometimes when you’re a tad cranky you should just avoid text messages. Case in point... I had arrived early at school in order to get in some studying before my final. I text messaged my friend to find out what time she’d be arriving at school because we met every day at different times and I wanted to know more or less what time I should be heading out of the library on that day in order to meet her on time.

My friend has a habit that whenever she is asked something instead of just giving you a straight answer she wants to know the reason you’re asking the question. Usually it doesn’t bother me but I wasn’t Little Miss Mary Sunshine on this day and the smart ass side of me took hold of my fingers and typed back… “ Because I fear for your safety. A band of crazed not so merry midgets has taken over the campus and I just wanted to warn you those tiny bastards are murder on the knee caps.” My apologies to little people every where.

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