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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

6 Things

I saw this on 6 weird things about me thingy on Aisha’s blog and had been meaning to do it for awhile b/c lord knows you guys don’t know enough about me…lol

1.I wear colorful socks with everything. It doesn’t matter how casual or how dressy the outfit is. Lift up my pants leg and you will find a pair of psychedelic funky socks underneath.

2.I don’t like store bought birthday cakes I prefer my mom’s home made cakes. Every other item in the bakery I am cool with it’s just the birthday cakes don’t thrill me. I prefer home made cake it doesn’t have to be from scratch, a cake mix will do I guess it’s there’s just something special about all those mysterious and hard to pronounce artificial flavorings, colors, and preservatives that adds a little kick to the cake.

3.I laugh in my sleep. People have always told me that I must dream some pretty hysterical stuff from the quality of my laughter.

4.I can’t fall asleep unless there is music playing. I keep it at a respectable volume but if you walk by my room late at night you’ll be serenaded by my current favorites.

5. I don’t need an alarm clock to tell me it’s time to wake up. No matter how late I go to bed my body’s natural alarm clock wakes me up at 6 every morning whether I need to be up that early or not.

6.I love to dance. I often break out and dance regardless of my surroundings or who is watching.


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