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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nothing like a good laugh to start out the new year.

I was walking down the street in between a young woman and a really distinguished looking upper class lady in her 70’s when the young woman tripped on the side walk head over heels. As she sailed past me she looked as if she were superman about to take off in flight. Luckily for her she had the reflexes of a cat that day managing to keep her balance and not fall. As she “flew” by me I yelled out,”Oh damn that’s going down bad and it’s gonna leave a mark!”

The old lady looked at me then at the young woman and just started laughing hysterically. I guess because of her age and what appeared to be her station in life I was surprised at her reaction to the situation. “Oh snap!” I told I said out loud as I attempted to stifle my laughter. Meanwhile the lady had turned beet red from her laugher and showed no signs of stopping. “Damn woman that lady has no shame! She just laughed in your face!” and as the young woman stood there totally unappreciative of the comedic moment I proceeded to wheeze and gasp my way into my own hysterical fit of laughter. The old lady and I ended up practically hugging each other. Nothing like a good laugh to start out the new year. Amen.

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