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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dareem and the tighty whities display

We were shopping when my 4 yr old cousin Dareem stopped in front of a Calvin Klein underwear display. She seemed hypnotized by the male model in the display picture. She kept staring at his tighty whities. Other than her father she's never seen a man in his drawers so this was kind of facinating to her.

Nora called out to Dareem several times to get away from the display but she ignored her mother. People were walking by and laughing at the little girls obsessive staring at the semi-naked male model. “Nora your kid is a perv she won’t stop staring!” I teased… “Yeah what the hell is up with this child? All of a sudden she can’t stop staring at the guy’s crotch. Stop staring at the man’s under wear you damn freak!” Nora playfully yelled out to her kid.

I whipped out my cell phone and shot a picture of her being mesmerized by the undies….finally she points to the model but because she is so small she it looks as if she is pointing at his crotch and says, "Look Bubba (daddy)” I’ve seen my Uncle Hassan in his tighty whities and it hasn’t been by choice either. I looked at the bulge in the model’s underwear and without missing a beat said out loud “You’re mama can only wish honey, she can only wish.” and promptly got smacked across my head by Nora.

Bonus: Dareem singing her favorite song

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