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Friday, July 25, 2008

“Please Don’t Vote For A Democrat" WTF people WTF?!

I’m mad as hell in fact I am so mad I’m spitting steel nails…pattoo…pattoo… pick those up and save them for later you never know when FEMA is going to mess up and we’ll have to build us an ark or something to save our asses next time a national disaster strikes

When it comes to my politics I tend to be on the liberal side I defend the first amendment no matter how idiotic or twisted the point of view may be because in the end I’m defending my freedom of speech as well and that includes the right to ridicule the idiotic and twisted.

However nothing not even the two cups of coffee I had early this morning prepared me for this… some self-proclaimed patriotic man of God you know the sad thing is it’s always the jerks of the world that claim to be down with the G-O-D has paid for an anti-democrat billboard in Florida.The fact that it’s an anti-democrat message doesn’t bother me. Come on this is an election year after all and there’s been more crap flung around by both major parties than what those crazy chimps fling around at the Bronx zoo. What really irks me is that Mike Meehan the businessman that paid for the billboard is using 9.11 as a backdrop for his message. The billboard shows an American flag with a photo of the burning twin towers superimposed over it and the message reads “Please Don’t Vote For A Democrat" WTF people WTF?!

The company that owns the billboard,Beech Outdoor Advertising,sees the situation as a first amendment issue and for that reason didn’t censor the ad. The company said that the billboard will stay up until after the presidential election in November. Ultimately they are right it is an issue of free speech. However I do take issue with Mike Meehan because there was no need to make 9.11 the focal point of his message. Where is his sense of decency? Holy monkey! Man if you don’t want democrats in the white house feel free to campaign against them but don’t use the attack on my city as a basis for your message’s implication.

Hello Mike Meehan let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we? The attack on 9.11 happened under a right wing president, a right wing majority both in the senate and the house and to date has gone unpunished. To add insult to injury the same right wing government shut down the CIA unit dedicated to catching Bin Laden back in 2005. The Bush administration claims they have been unable to find him. I doubt they’ve been looking very hard seriously people how hard are it to find a 6ft 5 Arab? Well okay his actual height is subject to debate. People who actually know him insist he’s only 6ft tall.The fact that he surrounds himself with smaller Yemeni bodyguards makes him look taller than he actually is. Still I’ve been hanging around Arabs all my life and have yet to meet one 6ft or over so spotting Bin Laden in a crowd should be a no brainer. I’m pretty sure my short ass teetering on a pair of stiletto heels while drunk out of my mind would have found the behemoth already. Come on he’s got jacked up kidneys he can only go so far.But I digress this post is not about the so called hunt for Bin Laden this is about using 9.11 to further the republican cause and Mike Meehan's “career”.Oh yeah Mike is a musician with his own website that is advertised on the billboard he’s paying for.

If I could I would bitch slap him senseless on behalf of friends who lost family, of lost friends, and of my own lost family members. I’d bitch slap him silly and do a Lord of The Dance jig while doing it too. I’d bitch slap him because the pain of it all still lingers in my heart and this insensitive jack ass has the nerve to trivialize it with his billboard. Shame on you Mike Meehan I hope your little republican gets caught in your zipper next time you get dressed.

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