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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For The Biological Clock Watchers In My Life

The majority of the girls I grew up with either have kids and are married or are single moms. I am 25, single, and have no children. This fact has not escaped my great-grandmother, grandmother, or my boyfriend who for some reason seem to feel the need to keep track of my biological clock. Obviously the have not read -->the list<--- I wrote a couple of years back.

Every time someone he knows drops a kid or he spends time with his adorable niece and nephew my boyfriend gets all wistful on me. “I wonder what our kids will look like?” he always says. “We’ll find out when I’ve accomplished some of my goals and you’re done with school.” I reply “Why is Mia still in school, why hasn’t she settled down with that nice boy? She’s the oldest of the grand kids and nothing from her yet. When is she going to have a baby?” my paternal grandma and great-grandmother mother constantly ask my dad. They know better than to ask me because I’ll just reply with a smart ass remark. I can do that only because they’re in Florida and I’m in New York and those arthritic hands can only reach but so far to smack me.

I think I have found the perfect Christmas gift and a great solution for the biological clock watchers in my life and that is--->Reborn Babies<--- The dolls are made out in the UK and have a big following with collectors. Oh sure they’re kind of creepy looking but they are realistic and should satisfy their maternal and paternal urges until I am ready to add my own branch to the family tree.


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