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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's Tearing Up My Heart

I literally popped up in my bed singing N’ Sync’s “Tearing Up My Heart at the top of my lungs. I have no idea what I was dreaming about but judging from what was coming out of my mouth at 7 am Sunday morning that song was part of the soundtrack.

Throughout the day I kept humming the song much to my boyfriend’s annoyance. He’s got issues with boy bands. At one point he even towered over me hoping to intimidate me into silence with his “Yuri Sonofabitchkovitch” stare (see photo above). Ha!I laugh in the face of danger! I fart in its' general direction!

Finally as the day slipped into evening the dam in my head burst and the flood of lyrics poured out of my mouth...

“It's tearing up my heart when I'm with you
But when we are apart, I feel it too….”

He jumped up and threw his hands up in the air... “No Mia no noooooo!” he begged. That just made it worse I started singing louder…

“ Baby I don't understand
Just why we can't be lovers …”

“Mia shut up!”

“Things are getting out of hand
Trying too much, but baby we can't win ….”

By this time my parents and my sister had started shouting out their encouragement. My BF just groaned putting his head in his hands. “Don’t encourage her!” My little sister started singing the chorus as she danced over to me…

“Baby don't misunderstand
What I'm trying to tell ya
In the corner of my mind
Baby, it feels like we are running out of time…”

My bf shook his head back and forth and covered his ears as if he were in pain. When my brother skidded into the room and started singing as well I thought Josh was going to have a coronary. I got up from my chair and stood next to my brother and sister and the three of us launched into N’ Sync’s signature choreography as I continued to sing with them backing me up…

“Let it go
If you want me girl, let me know
I am down on my knees
I can't take it anymore
Tearin' up my heart and soul
We're apart I feel it too
and no matter what I do, I feel the pain
With or without you …”

When we were done my parents broke out into wild applause as we took our bows. My bf sat as if in shock the poor guy didn’t know what to think. ”Mia don’t ever do that again please I beg you.” He finally said. “Keep messing with me big man and so help me God almighty I’ll start singing New Kids on the Block.” I shot back. “You wouldn’t dare!” he barked out. I threw my head back and to sing….

The right stuff
The right stuff
First time was a great time
Second time was a blast
Third time I fell in love
Now I hope it lasts
I can see it in your walk
Tell 'em when you talk
See it in everything you do
Even in your thoughts

You got the right stuff, baby

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