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Monday, July 07, 2008

Reading A Book Is Like Making Love

We were people watching at an outdoor café and had just ordered a couple of mucho grande too expensive iced mocha somethings or other and some apple cinnamon muffins when Monica asked about a book I was reading. “Have you finished it yet?” she asked. “Na I’m taking my time with it.” I replied. She’d recently brought a book series and was tearing through them a book per day. As soon as she finished one book she’d start the next one in the series in a matter of minutes. Yet when I asked her about the characters she couldn’t seem to tell me anything substantial about them. I concluded that she wasn’t taking the time to really enjoy the books she was just binging.

“What’s the hurry” I said “you should take a day at least to read the next one give yourself time to absorb what you just read to think about it. Maybe even discuss it with someone who’s read it too.”

She looked at me like I was stupid for telling her this…

“Reading a book is like making love …the experience should be savored.”

“Your bugging Mia how is reading like fucking?"

I winced...God this female has so much to learn

“I didn’t say fucking. I said making love. There’s a difference you know. Boinking and making love are two totally different things. Boinking is like grabbing a burger at Mickey D’s as opposed to a home cooked meal when you’re hungry it takes care of the basic need but only on the surface. Like I said reading a book at least a good one anyway is like making love.

She arched her eyebrow at me as if thinking I’d lost my mind.

“Okay check it out….You’re attracted to the book by its' subject, the author, or maybe even the art work on the cover for whatever reason that book calls to you. You’re initially attracted to a man by his cover right?


“Okay so when you’re attracted to a guy what do you do? You check him out from all angles inside and out to see if he’s someone worth spending time with. You do the same with a book. You hold it in your hands caressing it, studying the front cover checking out the back pausing to read the synopsis, blurbs from other authors and reviewers about the book. All of it meant to draw you to the book to encourage you to take the book home with you. Just like a man’s flirting and courtship is done in hopes that you’re going to take him home with you eventually. You flip open the book glance at the type and size of font used in the book maybe if you’re like me and touch is very important so you rub your finger tips along the paper to feel the quality of the paper. You’re getting to know your book like you would a lover before taking him into your body."

The waitress arrived with our order hearing our conversation…she stepped back a bit from the table and looked at me as I continued…

“Were talking about books and how she thinks they’re like lovers.” Monica informed the waitress recapping our convo for her. I rolled my eyes at her and glanced at the waitress…"Seriously,they are.”

“How?” our friendly waitress asked. She looked around; it was still early the café wasn’t too busy she could take the time to listen to this besides she was the manager she said…

“The first few chapters are foreplay and as it goes on you really get into what you’re doing. You’re starting to lose yourself in the book, the outside world is forgotten all your attention is focused on what’s in front of you.You fly, you soar, your pulse accelerates, and your heart beats faster.It all depends on what’s in the book. You take your sweet time with it you don't want it too end to quickly. Then finally you finish the book, that’s your climax. The last thing you see before you close the book is the author’s picture and you smile….maybe you even stop and read the little blurb about him/her. That’s like the last the deep kiss you give your lover before collapsing after the love making is over ... a thank you for the orgasms, for the time spent worshipping your body.

After you close your book you lay it your lap and you just sit back and let the experience wash over you totally satisfied that the time was well spent and looking forward to it again. When you’re done making love you just don’t hop out of his bed and into someone else’s do you? Na man you lay back in the arms of your lover and revel in what just happened you may be a little sore a little tired but it’s all good and you feel peaceful. Reading a book for me anyway is the same way. I like to give it some time before I move onto another book because if the last book was any good it’s going to stay with me for a bit…just like a good love making session the memory and feelings still linger long after the act is done.”

I leaned over the straw sticking out of my mucho grande too expensive iced mocha something or other and took a sip. “Mmm this is really good. Anyway that’s the way it’s for me.” Monica looked at me and shook her head, “You are so odd!" she said as she reached out and slapped me on my arm.

I shrugged my shoulders and looked up and smiled at the waitress before breaking off a piece of my muffin and popping it into my mouth. She returned my smile and jerked her head towards the book store up the block, “I’m going to Barnes & Noble’s when my shift is over I am so in the mood to read now.”


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