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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Absent Mindness Is A Sign Of Genius

“Is it middle child?” the Barnes & Noble sales clerk asked. We’d been at it for several minutes. I couldn’t remember the title or the author of the book I wanted. Well actually I did remember that it had the word middle in the title. Score one for me, yea Mia.

I’ve always been absent minded. So much so that before I leave the house my mother recites a check list for me,still I always manage to forget something. “No.” I replied,"that's not ringing a bell." I looked up at the ceiling for some reason that always seems to help me think as if the answer it’s going to float down from the heavens and my narrowed eyes will allow me to see it better. “Hmmm middle of the road, middle ground, middletown, middle ages, middle lyrics, middle me this middle me that…” I said as I drummed my freshly manicured nails along my forehead. The clerk laughed.My mind wandered.Hmm I’m glad I cut my nails down they were getting too long. This polish the manicurist chose for me is nice. What did she say the color was again? Nude.

“Middlesex!” I shouted out startling the clerk. “Middlesex?” “You heard me sister. Middlesex, I think.” She laughed again and checked the computer "Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides" Is that the one?” “I can’t know for sure unless I see the book but it’s looking good.” She left and returned quickly with the book. “Yup that's the one!” She opened the book and glanced the liner notes. “Oh this looks good I’m getting it too.” We set the book aside and continued our discussion about recently read books and my attention was drawn to a stack of books near the counter. ooh hello what's this? The cover looks nice . I held up the book, Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” “That book is fantastic, I read it in two days. They’re making it into a movie. You’ve gotta get it." I looked over the cover again, opened the book and ran my fingers over the pages. I was sorely tempted but I didn't want to go over my budget. “Mia, It’s on sale.” she whispered in sweet temptation. I shivered. I deal with temptation by yielding to it “I’ll take it.”

I left the store with a little extra bounce in my step swinging the B&N bag over my shoulder.It hit me later on the way home while I star gazed out the bus window. Naturally I had forgotten to buy the one book that I’d been wanting for weeks, Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner

Damn this absent mindness of mine. Maybe I should invest in..what’s it called again the herbal thingy for memory loss? Geko...no wait that’s a lizard...geico..no that’s insurance.What is it again? Rocky Balboa! Hell no! That’s a boxer. Focus female…Ginko Bilboa! Yeah that’s it…I think. Absent mindness is a sign of genius my mom the woman with a 160 IQ is fond of telling me. Yeah sure mom if that were true I wouldn’t have failed college math…three times.

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