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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Crouching Drunk, Giggling Mia

I was waiting at the bus stop in Queens with a friend when I spotted this drunken guy not too far from where I was standing. It was a really nice night and a lot of people were out and about. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have given the drunk a second look there was nothing remarkable about him. Except that every single time an oriental looking person walked by the drunk guy would go into a Kung-Fu stance, and since the neighborhood I was in has a large Asian population he was doing this a lot. As soon as he’d spot an Asian headed his way he’d raise one leg in the air , lift one arm over his head and hold the other one in front of him as if he were in a martial arts movie then he’d do a snaking action with his head and yell out “ Wahhhhh!” and do an air kick.

The people being typical New Yorkers would just ignore him and walk around him. Of course because I have no shame I thought it was hysterical and burst out laughing. I could not hold it in no matter how hard I tried. My friend didn’t find it amusing she kept looking at the guy with a “what the hell?!” face. As soon as I’d calm myself down he’d start up with the next passerby and I’d be on a roll all over again. I owe a big ass apology to the oriental community of Queens. So ahem if you were in Queens on Friday by the #44 bus and saw the little Latina chick laughing hysterically as the drunk guy did his best Bruce Lee imitation… I am so so veryyyyyy sorry!

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