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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A few WTF moments

I’ve had a few WTF moments these past few weeks but these are the ones I just haven't been able to shake….

WTF?! Politics

Way back in the days when it came out that Monica Lewinsky had played goddess on her knees for President Clinton Good ol’ eye of newt was demanding Clinton’s testicles on a silver platter ….along with his resignation from the presidency. Now it comes out that Newt Gingrich himself was having an affair at the same time. WTF?!!! Newt found someone willing to bang him…for free?! Get the heck outta here! Gimme a second here, the whole mental image is giving me the dry heaves.

Newt is claiming that Clinton wasn’t wrong for having the affair he was wrong for lying about it. WTF?! Ahem ‘scuse to me Newt but I don’t recall you offering up your adulterous history while attempting to run Clinton out of town. Isn’t the sin of omission just as bad as lying about something ?

Personally I don’t give 2 hoots and a condom as to who our political leaders married or not are boning while in office. That’s between them and their significant others. As long as they are not laying in bed with hostile nations all is good. Wait I take that back maybe a little lovin’ between the sheets would make everyone less hostile. This whole Iraq war couldn’t have been avoided if there had been some broke back mountain style of lovin’ between Bush and Hussein.

WTF?! Fashion

$42K Louis Vuttion Tribute Patchwork Bag

$38K Bag

Luis Vuttion presents the FRANKENBAG! Actually this hideous thing is called the Patch Work Tribute Bag… which is code for "Pick up the scraps from the floor Mario we can use them later!" The bag looks like something my little sister an aspiring designer by the way threw together when she was learning to sew in 2nd grade.

It’s made of 15 different patterns from previous Vuttion collections all sewed up, glued and morphed into one Franken bag. (Cue the villagers with the pitchforks and fire) The Frankenbag costs 42 thousand dollars…and it’s equally hideous sibling is 38 thousand. Supposedly they’ve only made 24 of them and they are numbered hence the limited edition claim. The better to hunt them down and destroy them all if you ask me. Only four of them are being released in the USA, thank God for small miracles…after all haven't we suffered enough with the Anna Nicole thing?

This hideous monstrosity of a bag was designed by Marc Jacobs. The very same Marc Jacobs that just went into drug and alcohol rehab for the 2nd time. I’m pretty sure he was drunk and high as kite when he was designed this sucker. Jacobs following the trend of acting stupid in public and then hiding away did a slick thing … he debuted the frankenbag then bounced to rehab. Smart move! He can blame the frankenbag on his addiction! Kind of like Mel "Sugar Tits" Gibson and the gay meth loving minister oh yeah and that politico who couldn’t keep his thoughts clean around the congress teen pages.

WTF?! Civil Servants

Can someone please tell me why a NYC puppeteer makes more money than a NYC rookie cop? WTF?! Puppeteers working for the NYC Dept of Parks & Recreation makes $ 32,275 -50,242 a rookie cop makes $ 25,100. They both have full benefits and union. Someone please explain to me how this is right? The biggest risks a puppeteer faces are blisters, some tangled string and disgruntled kids. The biggest risks a cop faces are criminals with weapons and crappy shifts. Although I gotta admit you if you threw a marionette at a criminal’s head you could give them a wicked bump and if luck were really on your side at least one splinter. No offense to the puppet masters it takes skill to rock them strings however to make more money than a cop? Pfffftt that's just not right.


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