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Monday, March 26, 2007

Career Choices

Have you ever wondered about what motivates a person in their choice of career other than the need to eat and pay bills?

I chose psychology because of my desire to help people. One of my friends wants to help people as well in her own special way. God Bless her we need more selfless people out there is all i'm saying. My friend wants to be a professional dominatrix. You know the leather wearing, whip wielding, paddle your butt bad boy no sex involved type of chick.

At first I was totally perplexed by her choice I always thought that a career like that was something you fell into not planned on. Plus in my opinion she didn't fit the criteria of what I thought a dominatrix would be like. She’s too sweet, too subservient but then again I don’t know her behind closed doors if ya get what I’m saying (wink wink). I still had my doubts about her ability to be a professional dominatrix and then I read how dominant or submissive a person is in their every day life is no real indication of what role they play when it comes to the twisted world of BDSM short for Bondage & discipline (B&D), Domination & submission (D&S) ,Sadism and masochism (or sadomasochism) (S&M). I learned something new and that's what life should be all about learning not judging. I'm assuming that once she's encased in leather from head to toe, riding crop in hand she'll be perfectly able to smack fire out of some middle-aged man's behind.

After telling me of her career goal she asked me to be her room mate. She had three bedrooms and two of them were empty. She planned on converting one into her "dungeon” and offered me the other one. I turned her down not because I’m a prude but because I know me and my temper. The penal system does not need yet another Hispanic serving jail time. Heaven forbid one of her customers would try something with me. Hell I wouldn’t need to step into a leather corset to whup him out. I’d do it in my Sponge Bob pj’s wearing the funky socks Dannie got me with a bat and for free no less.

In retrospect I guess being a dominatrix allows her to give back to the community of the human male. She can channel all of her pent up rage and really go off on some guy who wants to feel her wrath and will gladly fork over the dough for it. Maybe I should consider setting up a practice next door to her that way when she is done they can come over and we can discover the root of why they feel the need to be punished as I hand them a pillow to sit on.

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