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Thursday, March 15, 2007

PSA: Herpes

I’d like to do a PSA people… you know me I’ve always been civically minded I’ve told celebs to put on underwear before leaving their homes even taught a few how to get out of a car properly while wearing a short skirt. However this sign I saw posted in the street recently reminded me that some peeps need to be educated when it comes to the prevention of STD’s.

The sign sure is funny ain’t it? Sure it is unless you’re the one with the raging herpes. You know no matter how cool and fun those Valtrex commercials make it seems with the white water rafting, mountain climbing, horseback riding with the hot guy/chick. Herpes from what I hear is not fun at all. Herpes is like being in a gang once you down with it you’re down for life ese!

Spring is coming up and you know what that means hormones start flaring up and you may find yourself doing the horizontal mambo with that special someone or the flavor of the week and if you’ve got a touch of the freak in you you’ll be doing oh so much more. No judgments here buddy go for yours live and let live is my motto. just keep it safe! After all you wouldn’t go sky diving without a parachute would ya? If abstinence is not your thing for the love of a disease free life use condoms! We’re not even going to get into the importance of preventing HIV and the cornucopia of other STD’s waiting to frazzle your privates! By the way that condom advice goes for oral sex too. You know them suckers do come in flavors for a reason buddy!

This has been Mia with a PSA trying to keep y’all disease free in 2007.

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