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Saturday, March 31, 2007

From The Makers of DUH!

My friend Nalini a non pet owner came over last night and was enthralled by my dog Cleo who was just a puppy the last time she’d seen her. She laid on her back offering Nalini her tummy to rub. As my friend petted her tummy something startled her, she jumped back and pointed to Cleo…

Nalini: What’s that?!

Mia: What’s what?

Nalini: THAT!
she was crooking her finger as if she had arthritis and was wagging it in the general direction of Cleo’s lower area. I was totally lost. My eyes followed her finger…

Mia: Oh that! That’s her “hoo ha”

Nalini: Her what?

Mia: Her vagina

Nalini: Dogs have vaginas?!

She sounded totally amazed and couldn’t stop staring it.

Nalini: I swear I never knew dogs have vaginas!

Mia: Are you serious?!

Nailini: Yeah!

Mia: Uh okay… only the girl dogs have vaginas by the way the boy dogs have penises… and when the mommy dog and the daddy dog love each other very much the daddy dog puts his penis into the vagina and that’s how puppies are made.

Nalini: I thought they did it through the back, through the butt.

Mia: Uh huh well just so you know they don’t. Well at least not the straight ones.

Nalini content with her newly acquired knowledge and went back to rubbing Cleo’s tummy when she felt something else…

Nalini: What’s that?!

Mia: What’s what?


I leaned in to see what she was talking about...as far as I knew Cleo only had one vagina so I couldn’t understand what had her so amped…

Mia: Ohhhh those are her nipples

Nalini: Dogs have nipples?!

My mom who had been watching television looked up and started laughing.

Mom:This blonde moment has been brought to you by the makers of DUH!

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