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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bust a Move

Sometimes if you’re good I mean really good like Santa Claus “I deserve a red Corvette” type of good life hands you special moments like these...

My friend Guay, a neighbor and I entered my building last night tracking in slush due to the snow outside. We were all pretty proud of ourselves for having navigated the snow without incident. Just as we approached the elevator my friend slipped. In slow motion no less! “Nooooooooooo” I yelled, my neighbor looked horrified she ran for cover as if Guay was considering pulling her down with her. For her part Guay looked as if she was about to break dance. She had one leg crossed in front of the other her back slightly arched…one arm waving in the air the other arm behind her back. I backed up and looked at her and wondered WTF?! Is she challenging me to battle? Has she been watching Krush Kroove or Beat Street again?! I walked around her did a little free style dance move as she went down. I had a lot of time to dance the girl was going down slowly…. very slowly… she was going down so slow I had time to think and remark out loud about just how slow we was falling. Hell I had time to select a song on my mp3 player. Music to fall by….Planet Rock!

She landed on the on the cold marble floor in a reclining position, looking as if she were posing for the cover of a break dancing magazine. We looked at each other and burst out laughing. I guess my neighbor was embarrassed for her because she quickly ran up to my friend, “Quick get up! Get up before somebody sees you!!” Guay and I stared at each other for a quick second then at the lady and started laughing harder. The lady’s comment just killed us… Guay stayed on that floor for around 3 minutes because every time she tried to get up we would start laughing all over again. The lady looked at us as if were crazy the poor woman didn’t realize we have no shame not when it comes to stuff like this.

My stomach and facial muscles are still sore from all that laughing. Guay this one’s for you ‘cause this is the song I was singing while you were falling…

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