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Saturday, December 16, 2006


As a kid I’d always get excited watching the city decorate for the holidays. Last night as I walked around the city camera in hand checking out the bright lights the experience was bitter sweet. I found myself thinking of our soldiers, family and friends so far from home fighting in a war fueled by egos and it sucked out the joyful aspect of the decorations.

The Iraq Study Group Report has confirmed what Americans have known all along, we’re in deep shit and the court jester leading this country refuses to accept it. The situation in Iraq has no quick fix. The civil war that has broken out will be an endless one. It’s not like the Shiites and the Sunnis are going to put their 1300 year old differences aside because democracy drove into town on the back of a hummer and Bush wills it. Bush needs to accept the fact that we are not wanted there. The time has come to bring our people home. Our resources are thin and there's been talk about re-instating the draft because of this. More lives to be sacrificed over a senseless war. Before anyone starts to accuse me of being unpatriotic let’s not get this twisted. I support our soldiers and the work they do all over the world not just Iraq. What I do not support is our presence in Iraq. Let’s not get the two things confused with each other.

Our beloved leader has thrown money at this war like a drunk at a strip club. Meanwhile on the home front money for education, social services; health care programs are cut. Mira Bushy you want to liberate some people? Liberate us, liberate “we the people” the ones talked about in the constitution the one you swore to uphold. You want to make the world a better place, make democracy the battle cry of the world? Then take care of crap here at home. Give the citizens, give us the students of this country the tools we need to be the best we can be to take our place as leaders in this world and then you and your old school cronies need to get the heck out of the way and let us do our thing. I'd like to be able to enjoy the decorations once again without the bitter sweet ache in my heart.

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