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Friday, December 29, 2006

We all grow up at our own pace

We all grow up at our own pace. Ever since I hit my mid-teens the women in my family have been trying to get me to girly up you know wear make-up, high heels etc. I’m a tomboy at heart my daily wear consists of lip gloss, sneakers, jeans, and casual blouses and it drives my Aunt Nora nuts.

While Christmas shopping I found myself seduced by a pair of inexpensive pointy toed(see photo above) stiletto heeled knee high boots.It was love at first sight. When I declared my love for the boots my mother looked at me as if I were crazy she’d heard this before. My closet is filled with high heels that I swore to love only to abandon them after one wearing due to the discomfort of walking in heels. However there was something about these boots. I could sense this pair of boots was different. I felt a bond between us.

I tried the boots on they felt as if they were made for me. Still my mother was not convinced. “Walk around in them.” she said. I guess now would be the time to mention that I don’t know how to walk in heels. I’ve never mastered the skill. As I took my first tentative steps I fully expected to bust my ass in the middle of the shoe store but I didn’t. I’m telling you those heels were made for me. I walked around the store shopping for 45 minutes in them heels. Several women even complemented me on the boots. When I asked them if I was walking like Frankenstein’s monster in them they assured me I wasn’t. I ended up purchasing the boots and their lovely cousin the matching handbag. Yeah people I actually purchased something besides a knap sack and a messenger bag and I actually found myself admiring some lipstick at the make-up counter, Aunt Nora pinched herself thinking it was all a dream. I feel like such a grown up now.

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