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Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Graffiti Building

There’s a building in Little Italy over on Spring Street that has been a mecca for artists for decades. The five-story, 19th-century brick building sits on the corner of Elizabeth and Spring Streets and may be the best-known unknown building in New York. It is not a protected landmark and doesn’t even have an official name. To street art lovers the world over it’s known by its address, 11 Spring Street, or simply as “the building with all the graffiti on it.” or the “candle building” because in each curtained window there was a candle. Well as you know time marches on and in NYC where there’s a building in a up and coming trendy ‘hood there’s money to be made. 11 Spring Street is about to be turned into condos by its new owners but in an ultimate act of tre coolness the owners are ending this chapter in the buildings life with grace. The owner gave artists who wanted to come and do their stuff free reign of the building. They were free to create art where ever they saw fit on the property.

I grew up surrounded by this stuff. My mom a talented artist was known for her tags and murals during her pre-mom days. As a mom the blank walls of our house became her canvas. I never knew what my room was going to look like when I came home from school. Once it was turned into a magical forest with all types of fairies and gnomes watching over me. Another time it was an under water kingdom with mermaids whales and dolphins. Once it was even a subway car with a huge tag of my name right in the middle of the car. I think one of my favorites was the time my mom made a 8 foot by 12 foot mural in our dining room called “Life” it showed the creation of life from conception to birth. It was awesome. The landlord begged my mom to let him keep it when we moved. I had hoped she would recreate it in our new place but she refused. She never paints the same thing twice. Enjoy…

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