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Sunday, July 23, 2006


After spending nearly two weeks with us my aunt Nora went back home today. Naturally I miss her she’s a lot of fun but mostly I miss my 3 ½ yr old cousin Dareem. The little girl is a trip. The things that would come out of her mouth have me in stiches! She speaks with a slight lisp and her facial expressions are just too dramatic. Nora says she gets her smart mouth from me. Here’s a few “Dareemisms” to prove my point.

Dareemism #1: Meeting my uncle’s wife for the 1st time
Dareem: Hey you what’s your name?

Stephanie: My name is Stephanie.

Dareem then looked up and down at Stephanie as if she were sizing her up…

Dareem: Stephanie? What the hell is a Stephanie?!

Dareemism #2: Kissing up to my mom My mom’s thick curly hair falls past her waist on this day because of the heat my mom was braiding her hair into 2 braids as she kept Dareem company watching cartoons. Dareem had stopped watching the television and was staring intently at my mother’s braid. She started stroking the finished braid as my mom worked on the other.

Dareem: Titi Maggie…

Maggie: Yes baby?

Dareem: Your hair is beautiful gorgeous .

Maggie: Thank you sweetheart! I love your hair it is beautiful goregeous too.

Dareem: Yeah I know

Dareemism #3: Kissing up to my mom Part Deux

My mom had prepared her famous southern fried chicken for dinner along with baked macaroni and cheese, corn on the cob, whipped candied yams, corn bread, and a green salad. Dareem is not used to eating this type of food unless she eats it in my house.

Dareem: looking up from her plate Mommy this is the bestest foody ever!

Nora: You like it habibi? Titi Maggie made the foody for you.

Dareem: Titi Maggie habibi this is the best foody ever in my life!

Maggie: It is? I’m glad you like it baby.

Dareem: Oh thank you habibi. Mommy don’t make bestest foody ever in my life. I love you!

Dareemism #4: Kissing up to my mom vol. 3

Dareem was torturing my poor dog Cleo she had been pinching her nipples. Totally amazed she had so many of them. My mom scolded her about bothering Cleo for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

Maggie: Dareem! Leave Cleo alone mami that hurts her!

Dareem: Don’t be ridiculous!

Maggie: What did you say?

Dareem: You’re a genius! Beautiful gorgeous!

Dareemism #5: Fighting with her 11 yr old sister

Dareem’s 11 yr old sister Delia loves to torture Dareem by calling her names which really pisses Dareem off.

Delia: You silly goose!

Dareem: You –you- you double U double U double U dot com!

Dareemism #6: On the phone with her 15 yr old sister

My cousin Tatiana was spending the week with her biological father who is not Dareem;s father. Dareem is very close to her….

Dareem: speaking into the phone I miss you Tati.

Tati: I miss you too habibi.

Dareem then took the phone held it close to her chest and hugged it for several seconds.

Dareem: I hug you!


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