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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another Mia moment

I was on the subway when I spotted my friend a few feet ahead of me in the crowded car. I “Excuse me, excuse me please, and pardoned me” my way through the crowd to get to him. His back was turned to me and I decided to surprise him so I pinched his butt. It was no little girl wussy pinch it was a big healthy pinch I must have had at least ¼ of a butt cheek in between my fingers. He turned around with an indignant “Hey!” and then looked down and saw me…he gave me a big smile and changed his tone to “Hi there!”, only it turned out it wasn’t my friend. I pinched a look- a- like’s butt. Color me mega embarrassed. Yup it was another Mia moment.

I could feel my face turning red. I quickly apologized to the big guy and explained that I had mistaken him for my friend. The guy offered to be my friend and asked for my phone number, when I wouldn’t give him mine he offered me his. I just laughed, apologized again and continued blushing furiously as the train came to a stop. I then quickly waved goodbye to him and practically ran off the train and down the platform onto the street.

Later on when I spoke to my friend and told him what had happened and he started cracking up. “Dude he was an exact clone of you, face, body, height todo (all) ! The guy was the spitting image of you!” “Why didn’t you get his number?” he asked “What for?” “My dad had another kid. I have a brother I never met maybe that was him!"

Oh man I've got to stop having those Mia moments.


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