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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dannie, You Rock My Socks!

Everyone has that one person in their life that they admire the hell out of, the one person that they consider their own personal hero. I’m lucky I’ve got a few of those in my life. My pseudo older sister Dannie is one of my heroes actually she’s the only person outside of my family to have that distinction. Seriously how can you not love someone who encourages you to hump your way across Europe before settling down and offers to keep you supplied in care packages of condoms so you can do it safely?

Several years ago at the age of 33 Dannie went into the hospital to have a brain tumor removed and suffered a stroke. I won’t get into the details of everything that happened afterwards that’s --> her story to tell<--

My job in life is a simple one…I am Dannie’s brat. I torture her with obscure pop songs that linger in her mind for days. I call her "oh great slanted one" and accuse her of “hittin’ the sauce” because of the limp that the stroke left her with. I’m forever telling her to “lay off the sauce lady!” I tease Dannie because I love her, a person like Dannie comes along once in a lifetime and I’ve been blessed with the gift of her friendship and do not take it for granted.

She went skydiving a couple of Sunday’s ago and recently sent me this video of the whole thing. All I could say as I watched the video was “Holy Monkey!” over and over again. The great slanted one is indeed my hero. I love you Dannie you rock my socks.

PS: Just because I know you “love” this song so much and I haven’t tortured you with it in a minute…besides it’s our song….

Wig Wam Bang

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