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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I guess she really did hate those boots

The mall parking lot was nearly empty when the elegantly dressed woman emerged limping from the store. The physical pain of every step she took was etched on her face.When she reached the edge of the steep side walk she seemed hesitant to step off.

She shifted her weight onto one leg and then the other looking like a ghetto fabulous flamingo in her straight leg jeans and 6 inch stiletto heeled boots.She looked up and down the sidewalk as if she were looking for something to lean on. She exhaled a deep breath when she saw the phone booth on the opposite end of the side walk she was standing on. The look on her face said it all there was no way she could make it to the booth.

Spotting me sitting inside my car a few feet in front of her she called out to me,“Miss?” she called jangling her keys in the air as she continued to do her flamingo stance. “Miss? Could you please help me ? I can’t get down from here. ” she said and held out her hands. She was breaking my heart she sounded as if she wanted to cry. “Sure thing M’am, let me lock up my car.” She slid her arms over my shoulder and I helped her step off the sidewalk. “Put your weight on me” I instructed her. “Could you walk me to my car ?”she asked, “it’s right there.” Her car was parked a couple of rows away from mine and judging from the condition that she was in she was in no shape to walk it alone. She handed me her keys and I walked her to the car leaning her against it as I opened the driver’s side door.

She flung herself into the sear and practically cried with joy, “Oh my god, oh my god I hate these fucking boots!” she shrieked as she began unzipping them. She threw them onto the ground and reached for something under her seat. After making sure she was going to be okay I headed back to my car. As I drove past her I saw her sitting on the ground pulverizing the boots with the crow bar she’d pulled out from under her seat. She looked up at me and waved.The look on her face was one of pure joy as she continued to smash the boots. I guess she really did hate those boots.

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