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Friday, October 10, 2008

Ram on a Mountain Top

My boyfriend was mad at me I mean he was heated. We’d just returned from the mall and had bumped into a group of his friends. One of them had invited me to a party and I was refusing to go. I wasn’t fond of his crew back in high school and now that I’d met them again as adults I recalled my exact reasons for not hanging out with them while in high school. I was saddened to see that they hadn’t changed.

My boyfriend and I have two distinctively different personalities. I love him deeply, he is without a doubt one of the kindest gentlest people I have ever met and he is a great boyfriend. The only thing is that he has a hard time accepting the fact that I am a fiercely independent person. I like having a life and friends apart from him and encourage him to do likewise. He on the other hand feels differently. “I hang out with you and your friends all the time!” he shot at me. He’s a very passionate when it comes to arguing. He comes from a family of drama queens. I’m more laid back we don’t do drama queen in my family. We make crack jokes on drama queens. I don’t argue I state my case and keep it moving. “Number one you like my friends, number two I never make plans for you when it comes to hanging out with us. I don’t force you which is what you’re trying to do with me. It’s on you if you want to accept my friends’ invitations or not. If you don’t I’m totally cool with it.”

He pressed his argument again, “Well you can go you know it is a Saturday.” “I don’t think so I just signed up to volunteer on the suicide hotline. My weekends are booked.” He looked at me and just totally lost it. I actually had to stifle a laugh when he said to me, “You know Mia you’re like that one ram on top of a mountain top.” People I have no clue as to what he meant by that but judging by his facial expression it was not meant as a compliment. However I can’t lie the visual in my mind was one of beauty.


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