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Thursday, April 24, 2008

God Bless Her Little Antagonistic Soul

Psycho chick’s been a bit more antagonistic than usual, the lines been drawn in the sand and the school has requested that she leave the social work program voluntarily. Only her GPA is preventing them from out right giving her the boot and she is staying out of sheer tenacity. I admire that about her the fact that she is going to stick it out despite knowing her professors can’t stand her. Hell even the program director isn't too fond of her. Hopefully someone will take pity on her ass and get her an internship other wise her time here will be wasted because she won’t meet the internship requirement in order to get her degree. I’ve tried telling her she needs to tone her attitude down especially when it comes to disrespecting and threatening the professors. But does she listen to me? Nuh uh she doesn’t. Instead she seems to be taking great joy in being antagonistic with everyone around her except me. Case in point….

One of my fellow classmates is getting married this Friday to her long time live-in boyfriend. At the end of class tonight a bunch of us gathered around her to wish her well, making a big fuss about the nuptials. All of us except psycho chick “I don’t know why you are all making such a big fuss they’ve been living together for awhile and have a couple of kids….for God’s sake all they are doing is getting a piece of paper.”

If looks could kill psycho chick would have been struck dead on the spot. All the females in the group including the bride to be shot poison darts out of their eyes “patoosh” right at her. Me? I started to laugh and stood closer to her just in case they decided to kick her ass. Instead of taking the hint and shutting up which is what a sane rational person would have done she continued. “I’m saying why the hell even bother to get married they are already have kids and are living together. Shit. Makes no sense to get married!”

As the group of females moved towards her I put my hand on her back and started to guide her towards the door, “Alrighty then, time to get you back in your cage psycho chick. Time for us to be leaving now.” She turned and looked at me,"I’m just saying Mia. Damn!” I nodded my head, “Yeah come on it’s time to go.” The females continued to glare at her as we walked out the door I half expected for one of them to fling a chair at her they looked so heated. “We really have to do something about fixing that filter between your mouth and brain…and people think I’m bad ….sheesh.” I said and winked at her as we walked into the hallway. Her response was to laugh and throw her arm around my shoulder. Sometimes I think she gets off on pissing people off, God Bless her little antagonistic soul.

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