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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

God I Love Kids!

God I love kids much like me they seem to have no working filter between their brains and mouths.

I was riding the bus and the cutest little girl no older than 6 was twisting around her seat taking in everyone and everything around her. The teenaged boy sitting next to her caught her attention. Her eyebrows furrowed as she studied the boy… “Mommy is that a boy or a girl?” The boy turned and faced the little girl and smiled at her. “He’s a boy sweet heart.” Obviously the girl didn’t get out much because she acted as if had never seen a man with long hair before. I inwardly chuckled imagining what her reaction to my brother’s hair would be; his jet black hair is past his shoulder blades.

“But he has long hair like you mommy!” “Some boys have long hair too” the mother explained. “Uh, uh” the little girl responded in a sing song voice. She was too adorable and obviously a child after my own heart. From the look of her she’s going to grow up to question authority. I thought. She stared at the boy trying to draw her own conclusions; she wasn’t just going to take her mom’s word. She got up on her knees and tapped him on the shoulder. “Are you really a boy?” she asked. The teenager smiled at her and nodded. “But your hair is too long!” she replied. “I like my hair long.” He then he pointed at the faint moustache and goatee growing on his face. “See I have a moustache and a beard. So I’m a boy.”

The little girl leaned in and studied his peach fuzz, her eyes narrowed as if she remembered something. She turned to face the seat across from her and I already knew where she was headed with this one. It was going to go down bad. Either our fellow passenger was a transvestite with a 5 o’clock shadow or a natural born female with some serious facial hair problems, either way she was about to get shouted out by the little girl. “So that don’t mean nothing”, she said as she pointed at the bearded lady “SHE has a moustache and beard too!” A few people laughed. The mother quickly yanked her daughters hand down, told her to sit down, and whispered something in her ear. Even though the bearded lady had pretended not to hear the little girl her face said it all, she wanted to drop kick that kid into the next borough. Like I said God I love kids!

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