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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Goth Chick

There’s a Goth chick at school that always looks as if she is in need of a pint or two of blood and is one Prozac prescription away from extracting said blood in the most violent way possible from those who dare look upon her.

People are visibly uncomfortable around her,intimidated by her brusque attitude; she's aware that behind her back she's called “psycho chick”. I don’t scare so easily and can be quite intimidating myself, I call her "psycho chick" to her face and tell her to have fun with the title,"it only has as much power as you choose to give it." Naturally we’ve bonded.

A couple of weeks ago we teamed up to work on a class project. I picked up on the fact that my professor seemed uneasy about me working with Goth Chick, as if she were afraid for me. She kept hovering over us asking, “Mia are you okay?”,casting nervous glances at GC as if she were going take me over to the dark side. Eventually GC caught on,“I think she’s scared I’m going to hurt you or something.” I looked up and found the professor looking at us slightly frowning. “Na she’s just not too sure we've got the hang of this.” GC shook her head and went back to work,ignoring the professor’s stares. “I scare the shit out of people. People don’t like me.” she confided as if I hadn't picked up on this already.

I studied her for a second,“You don’t scare me and I like you.” she smiled at me and replied, “Yeah but you’re crazy. Crazy is attracted to crazy.” I pretended to be offended and arched an eyebrow at her, “Hey,hey,hey there my friend I am NOT crazy. I just know crazy and hang out with crazy." And then I pointed at her and winked,“I know a lot of people like you.” at that she laughed rather loudly. We worked in silence for a few minutes well she did anyway. I was typing our project notes into my laptop reciting them in a sing song voice wiggling my fingers over the keyboard as I paused between each paragraph. I looked up from my screen to find her looking at me intently, there was genuine warmth in her voice when she exclaimed, “You are so cute!” “Hush yo’ mouth psycho chick you’ve got a reputation to preserve! Quick rip a wing off of a butterfly or something before people think you're going soft.” I shot back.

Last night after class she stopped me, “Hey Mia are you’re going to be taking night classes at the upstate campus next semester?” “Yup” I replied. She seemed to hesitate for a second,“Want to car pool with me? We could split the cost of the gas.” I sensed she was offering me more than just a ride she was inviting me into her world,and I knew it was something she didn’t do often. “Okay.” I replied, she draped her arm around my shoulder as we walked towards the exit ignoring the looks people were giving her, “Come on I’ll give you a ride home I’m headed your way.”

"Thanks...yo psycho chick if you make one move towards my neck I'm staking you right through your heart with this here highlighter marker." I held the marker up and as we stepped outside the night air echoed with her laughter.

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