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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You want to watch homeless people strip Mia?

Guay was planning the up coming weekend’s activities bouncing ideas my way she was excited. This would be her boyfriend's introduction into our social circle and she wanted it to be off the hook.

--How about Webster Hall?

-I thought you didn’t like Webster Hall?

--Yeah well Pedro’s never been there.

I start thinking about Guay’s pocket; Webster Hall can get expensive and I know Guay will be covering her unemployed boyfriend's share of the tab.

-Guay the drinks in Webster Hall are mad expensive. There’s a really strict dress code down to the shoes. I've seen the way your man dresses, he doesn’t have Webster Hall gear.Does he?

-- Nope, so that's out. Okay let me think.

The hamster goes back onto the wheel in her brain and an idea emerges a few minutes later…

--Mia, how about a a strip club?


--Let’s go to a strip club this weekend

-No way Guay

--Why not?

-Your sister’s a prude.She won’t feel comfortable and to be honest it’s not my thing, it’s boring.

--I’ll handle my sister, come on!

-Guay why on earth would I want to throw money at a bunch of oily men? It’ll slide off of them anyway.

--No not men, let’s go see women strip!

-If I wanna see women strip I’ll throw on some music and look in the mirror.

--Ah man come on!

-Na. You go if you want to we can chill the weekend after.

--Please? It's no fun without you.

-Look dude if I’m going to be handing out money to strippers I’d rather hand it out to the homeless.

She paused for a minute and thinking about what I had just said.

--You want homeless people to strip for you?!


--You want to watch homeless people strip Mia?

Obviously she had misunderstood what I said,sometimes it happens.

-No, no, no… what I meant was…

--That’s what you said!

I couldn’t finish my sentence the look of utter confusion on her face was priceless. Instead I put my face in my hands and started laughing. Oh man why do I meet these people and why do they keep following me home?!

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