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Monday, April 14, 2008

Tank for Prez!

A couple of friends and I were discussing the up coming presidential elections. After giving it much thought I decided that I want a ‘hood thug for president, a gangsta’ I’d want one just like my uncle Tank one with a heart and a sense of justice.

One whose physical presence inspires fear for self-preservation, but whose kind spirit, gentle smile inspires loyalty and respect. Tank is a man born out of his time centuries ago he would have been a Knight, a warrior. As a teen neighborhood people nicknamed him “Tank” a name that totally suits him; he is built like one, strong like one, and will mow your ass down like one.

This is the type of person I want as my president. One who shuns Hail to the Chief as his theme music preferring Warrior because that’s song describes him to a “T”. He eschews designer suits and fancy hair cuts even though he can afford it because he’s a man of the people; of all the people and not just a chosen few. He dresses like the working class people back in the ‘hood because he’s never forgotten his roots and doesn't want to, he's proud of them roots.

He’s a man of few words, soft spoken and book smart and street educated. No one would ever expect that underneath the bad boy exterior lays the soul of a poet, a sensitive man. He lives by his own code, one of honor. His word is his bond and he expects the same from everyone else. He isn’t afraid to speak his mind and stands by what he says. He doesn’t believe in half-truths because that’s not how he was raised. If he has something to say about you he will approach you and only you with it. No one needs to know your business or his.

Talking crap about my country, calling my president names shades of Hugo Chavez? Expect a visit from President Tank. He’ll roll up deep with his posse on the steps of your capital and call you out. His posse won’t interfere unless yours does; he handles his dirty work solo and expects you to do the same. He’ll look at you from head to toe with his narrow eyes giving you one of his dimpled smiles offering you the chance to explain yourself and apologize. If you can’t or refuse you will get catch the only beat down, one that will ensure that you will think twice before taking his name or the name of his country into your mouth again.

We owe you money? Expect that debt to be taken care of promptly President Tank hates owing money or favors to anyone. He likes to keep the books balanced. You owe us money? Well unless you’re a third world nation because he doesn’t take money from the poor, he’s going to expect to be paid back in full with the interest as promised. He doesn’t stress what he calls Honda Civic money however Hummer money is something else. Don’t make him have out there and get the money. It didn’t go down too well for the last guy that tried that crap.

If you’re in charge of looking out for his peeps he will expect you to think of them before you think of yourself, to line their pockets first before you line your own. Before he heads out into the world to help strangers he will look out for his own first, not to say he won’t look out for strangers he’ll just want to make sure his peeps are taken care of first. He knows what it is to struggle to put food on the table, afford health care and education and he doesn’t want them to struggle the way he had to.

You’ve got beef with us? He’ll sit down and talk it out with you person to person try to make things right. A few blunts will be passed around and by the end of the meeting peace will reign supreme. You a hard head and won’t listen to anything but force? He’s down for it but he will lead the way, he’ll get his hands dirty. He won’t be sending his people off to do something he wouldn’t do himself, side by side he’d fight with them. He’s man enough to admit when he’s made a mistake and take care of it. "There’s no shame in making a mistake" he says,"the shame is in not being able to admit to it and take the burden of your errors unto yourself."

Tank for prez I say!

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