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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Energy Vampire

The last group therapy session over several of the clients at the place I intern at stayed behind socializing. The topic of discussion was an article one of the clients had read on negative people and how emotionally and physically draining they can be on others. She had just finished reciting the tell tale signs of being a victim of the energy vampires when I added my two cents.

Mia: I know those feelings well.

Client: You been through that too Mia?

Mia: Oh yeah. I knew this girl once and every single time I spent time with her the air seemed to get sucked out of the room, time moved slower... the earth’s axis seemed to stop revolving and the thought of poking eyes myself in the eyes with a red hot poker actually seemed appealing. After a couple of hours with her I’d feel all out of it and in need of a serious nap.

Client: You see that’s what I’m talking about! She was an energy vampire!

Mia: Na she was just incredibly boring.

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