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Friday, April 06, 2007

Thin Line Between Love & Hate

My friend out in the UK and I were talking via cell phones when his ex girl friend called him on his house line. He begged off their conversation telling her he was busy at the moment talking to me. She demanded to know who I was. I guess she’s the jealous type and not used to him putting her off to talk to someone else especially a female. Despite him repeatedly telling her that I was just a friend of his from New York she wasn’t satisfied with his answer and kept bickering with him about the true nature of our relationship. Meanwhile I am hearing the entire screaming match and wishing that they’d leave me out of their drama.

My friend at the end of his rope finally yelled into the phone, “YES! She’s my NEW girlfriend! That’s right she is my new girlfriend.” I knew that lie was going make things fugly for him and then I thought to myself that it was a good thing I was in New York otherwise she’d probably bitch slapped me. The next morning my friend went to his car only to find that all of his windows had been smashed …courtesy of his ex girl…all of his windows! He retaliated by keying her new car that same night. He and his artistic keys went to town on her car. He left it looking like a victim of scratchiti which is like graffiti sans the markers and paint.

Last night we were on the phone again and he confided in me that he thinks he is not over his ex girlfriend yet. Ahhh young love… The smashed windows would have done it for me but then again some relationships are more dysfunctional passionate than others. I told him that judging from her actions the feeling seemed to be mutual and that they really should talk about their feelings…but first he needs to make are no sharp objects around.

One thing for sure is they both hopefully learned a lesson out of this even if they don’t get back together. I’ll bet you he’ll never fib about the nature of our relationship to any chick ever again and I’m sure next time he tells her someone is just a friend she will believe him. Maybe they they need to be on meds or maybe there really is a thin line between love and hate, I’m not just sure yet.

It's a Thin Line Between Love and Hate

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